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Nancey finds more about Tate and wonders off into some cave. Meanwhile Julie and Ed relax into their new home.

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Tate. I haven't heard a name like that before.

"I'm Nancey, nice to meet you" i said as i stared into his dark eyes.

"Its not nice" he replied. I looked down at the floor. What is wrong with him?

"Sorry, wanna come see this place i found? Its pretty cool" he said and smiled. He smiled. He does have emotions after all.

"S-Sure" i said. He put out his hand and looked at me. I raised my eyebrow and he giggled. His hand flew down back to his side and he walked out of the kitchen, i followed after him.
We both sneaked out the backdoor, like little kids going out to buy some sweets. He was.. Interesting. We walked down the road..

"Where is this place exactly?" i said.

"Why? You scared yet? They always get scared"

What does he mean? Up ahead i could see a dark forest, with massive trees. Suddenly, he started running through the forest. I tried to catch up but i couldn't. I'm not that athletic. He disappeared.. I couldn't see him anywhere.

"Tate?!" I yelled. All i heard was trees rustling in the wind. I looked all around me, no sign of him. I started running, i felt scared.

"TATE?!" i cried out. I don't even know how to get out of this place. I stood still. What shall i do? Just that moment, i felt someones breath on my neck. I turned around to find someone standing there. I screamed.

"Thought you wasn't afraid" said a familiar voice. Tate.
"You scared the hell out of me! Don't do that" i shouted. He laughed. He started walking up to me and then sat on the floor. i sat down with him.

(Back at whats happening at the new house)

"Isn't this house lovely?" said Julie. Ed nodded. It was a beautiful house. It was huge though.

"Hello, I'm your neighbor, i would introduce you to my son but he wondered off somewhere. I'm Jack" said the man.

"Nice to meet you" said Julie.

"Stay away from my son" he whispered as he walked off. Both Julie and Ed's eyes widened. What did he mean?

(Back in the forest)

"Ever been suicidal Nancey?"

"Yeah have you?"

"I was, and I still am"

"Don't kill yourself yet" I whispered

"Why? This world is a disgrace. I don't have anyone important to me anymore" said Tate.

"Any family? Any friends? I kinda feel the same way too. My mother and my dad are so happily in love, and my sister, she never speaks to us anymore. She used to slap me and call me a ugly whore. I don't have any friends, never do, never will" i said. I felt a tear in my eye.

"Its okay. My mum died and she left me to live with a shit head, he abuses me, and iv'e never had a friend. This is my first time talking to a person that i kinda like.." he said as he trailed off.

"I'll be your friend" i said as i looked into his sad, dark eyes. He smiled.

"Ever cut yourself?" said Tate. I nodded, and slowly showed him my arm.

"Last time, One week ago" i said.

"Same, but i haven't since about a year ago. Promise me, as your friend, not to cut anymore?" he said.

"Sure" i whispered.
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