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Operation A.I.L.F.

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He had a crowd of women around him, young like us and old.

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Shopping with a former angel was very interesting. He wasn't embarrassed to just strip his shirt off right in the middle of the store. “Andy......” I murmured, looking around.

“Yes Des?” he smiled at me as he pulled one of the shirts out of the pile. “This one? I had one like it before I moved.” We'd taken to referring to him dying as him 'moving' and everything he liked had 'gotten lost'.

“Um, yeah. That looks cool” I murmured as I held his shirt in my arms. “You know every girl in the store is drooling over you, right?” I leaned closer to tell him this. No need to tell him I kept stealing glances at his naked torso and the 'tattooed' wings on his back.

We'd found out about two hours or so ago that his wings, when he didn't have them out, were tucked into his being and looked like elegantly done, very detailed black wings tattooed on his back, from his shoulders down to the waist of his jeans. “Does that include you, Des?” he looked at me as he pulled the shirt on. “Well?” he looked down.

The shirt hugged his toned chest perfectly. “Looks good. And who on Earth told you I was a girl?” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Um, you did. When you wore that tight shirt when we met that just showed every little curve of your top half.” he smiled and pulled me against him.

“T-that has nothing to do with this now! You wanna get the shirt or no?” I pushed him away and looked at the tag. How the hell can he fit in a medium with those muscles?!

No fair! His shirt size is the same as mine. “Oh look! You can borrow my shirts!” I teased him as he took it off.

“Now why would I take your clothes off just to put them on? Well...” he thought over what he'd said, a smiled pulling at his cute red mouth.

I slapped his arm. “Ya little nasty!” he laughed quietly as I slapped him again. “I can't believe you, of all people, can even think of something like that!” I took the shirt from his hands. “Put your shirt back on.”

The lady who rang me up glared at me the whole time. When I thanked her, she grunted and shoved the bag into my hand. Her eyes kept flicking over my shoulder.

At Andy, probably. Had he put his shirt on yet? I turned and froze. He had his shirt on, alright.

And, to my relief, his pants. He was listening to music on the wall, singing to it. I smiled and moved over to him.

“Hey!!” he didn't hear me. I pulled one of the muffs away from his ear. “HEY ANDY!!!!” he jumped about a foot in the air.

“Holy fuck, Des! Don't do that again!!” I laughed and took the head phones off his head. With a smirk at the bitch behind the counter, I took his hand and pulled him out of the store. “Where are we going now?” he looked down at me.

“To make you one of the hottest guys to ever walk the face of the planet.” I pulled him into the salon. “Hey, Tami! Wanna do something for me?” I looked at my very best friend hopefully.

She turned and froze, dropping the scissors in her hand. A heavy silence passed as she stared at me and Andy. Though Tami was about five years older than me, she was the only one I could openly talk to.

Her hand closed around my free wrist and she pulled me to the back of the salon and into the storage room. She slammed the door shut and locked it. “What the hell, Destiny?! You got a hot piece of guy like that and didn't tell me?” she exploded in a whisper.

“Well, we're not really a couple....” I looked at the stock piles of shampoo and other products. She laughed and crossed her thin arms over her black apron.

“Looked like he was liking your hand in his a bit more than a friend would.” she smirked at me.

“Tams, we just met yesterday.......” I couldn't look in her eyes. “Okay, I've kinda seen him partly naked but – OW!!” I jumped as Tami smacked my arm.

“You've seen this boy naked?!” she gaped at me.

“Not really. Just shirtless. So did the rest of the last store we were in.” I rubbed at my arm. “That really hurt!” I smacked her arm in return.

“Okay. You still got that card right?” she leaned closer, looking at my neck. I waved my hands at her and nodded.

“Now come on! I wanna get him outta the mall before I get in a fight with some stupid bitch.” I shoved her out of the room and flicked the light off behind me. “He kinda draws attention in a good way. From everyone, pretty much. See.”

He had a crowd of women around him, young like us and old. Like, Grandma old. “Girl, you ain't kiddin'” Tami pulled him to a chair.

“Andy, this is my friend, Tami. Tams, this is Andy.” I told him as she shoved him into a chair. “Now, Andy, ya gotta trust us. Tami is a master with scissors.” she spun them around on a finger and smiled at him in the mirror.

“Don't worry, babe. I don't go Sweeney Todd on the hot ones.” she murmured as she pulled the black cloth around his neck. “Unless ya piss me off.” she muttered darkly at me.

“Turn him around, Tams! I want him to be surprised!” she spun him to face us. I pulled her closer, my hand on the back of her neck gently. “Do what ya want. Our goal is sex god on Earth.” we shared an evil smile and cast a quick glance at him.

“Does he really need any help with that?” she whispered in my ear. I laughed and sat in an empty chair next to his. “So, free reign?” she looked at me with curious eyes. I nodded and smiled at Andy when he looked at me. “Okay. Let's get started then.

I watched as she bleached part of his hair to a wispy gold, thinned out his hair and cut it to perfection. She brushed hair away from his shoulders and onto the floor. When that was done, it looked like a hobo shaved his pubes everywhere.

“Ugh, are you nearly done?” I asked, sliding down on the chair. She laughed and turned him around to face me. My heart stopped all together in my chest.

Not only had she cut and styled his hair, she'd put guy-liner, man-scara and lip-balm on him. My heart raced in my chest and I stood slowly. “So? Mission accomplished?” Tami smirked at me.

All I could do is nod. “What mission?” Andy looked up at me. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming in joy as I silently turned him to face the mirror.

He gasped and stared at himself. “Holy. Shit!!” he stood up and moved closer to the mirror. He looked at me in it. “Really, what mission?”

Tami and I laughed. “Sorry. It's a secret.” we laughed again. I pushed Tami's head playfully. She gasped and mock-slapped me.

“Come on, Andy. We gotta go before all the girls in here start creaming.” I grabbed his arm. “How much, Tams?” I looked at her quickly.

“Nothing. On the house. It's my gift to the world.” she smiled pointedly at me. I gave her my Look and she stuck her tongue out. “Besides, I still have that anklet.” she started to lift her leg up to show me.

“Okay, okay! We're going!” I pushed Andy out into the open walk way of the mall. “The nasty......” I muttered under my breath.

“Why do women carry cream with them?” Andy asked, confused. I looked at him and smiled.

“In case we need to bake something or come across a cat.” he nodded. “I'm kidding!” I tightened my arm around his and laughed.

“Oh. So what did you mean about them creaming themselves, then?” he looked down at me.

“Um....I'll tell ya when you're older.” I grinned up at him. He nodded again.

He hung on every word I said. It was kind of sad, in a way. I was his only person who knew about him and I was messing with him. But, he was making it easy.

He's like a kid, sorta. Innocent, I guess is the word. “Hey Des?” he looked down at me, his blue eyes questioning.

“Yeah?” I looked back, forcing myself to keep breathing.

“Do you know where I can get my lip pierced?” I raised my eyebrows at his question. “What? I had it before I moved but my dad made me take it out.” he'd fallen into place with talking about moving and his dad as god and all that quickly.

“Okay, yeah I do. Hope Tattoo Steve doesn't scare ya too bad.” I smiled at him. He tilted his head.

I tugged him out of the mall, passing the store with the counter bitch on again just to piss her off even more. “Just trust me. He's okay if ya know him but....... He's a bit odd.” I said as we walked a bit out of down town to sketchy part of the city.

His hand tightened around mine. “I don't like this place. It's dangerous here.” he started to walk faster. I used our locked hands to slow him back to a steady pace.

“I know. I've lived here a long, long time. Nobody's gonna mess with us. I have street cred around here.” I murmured as I pulled him into Steve's tat/piercing parlor. “Hey, bro!” I smiled as he looked up from a sketching he was doing.

“OMG look who finally decided to drop by!” he stood up and hugged me. “My insane little sister through awkward friends and family!” he looked at Andy. “And some random hot guy!” he looked at me.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “Steve, this is Andy. Andy, this is my kin brother, Steve.” Steve started forward to hug Andy, who froze. “Um, Steve, he's kinda new to town. He's only met you and Tami so far....” I murmured as he hugged Andy awkwardly.

“Oh! Well, welcome to our little piece of bullshit land. Haven't been attacked by anything wild yet, have ya?” Steve smiled down at him.

“N-no.” he looked at me. I just smiled and patted Steve's shoulder.

“He came to get his lip pierced.” he smiled up at me. “Yep. No idea what side he wants done, though.” we looked at Andy, who was watching us.

“Left.” he murmured, not taking his eyes off of Steve. Steve nodded and gestured to a chair.

“Okay. Just let me get the stuff. Hey, Destiny, have you thought about coming back yet?” he looked down at me and smiled, pulling his needles out.

I sighed and sat next to Andy. “Nope. Just cause I was here before doesn't mean I can just come back.” I tilted my head. “And what a random thing to ask, Steve.”

He laughed. “I ask you that ever time I see you, my dear. Why won't you come back? Everyone's been asking for you lately.” he pouted at me slightly. “I've been losing business cause everyone wants to be done by you.” Andy opened his mouth but Steve barreled through. “She's the best tattoo artist I've ever seen. Amazing, just” he sighed “amazing.”

I rolled my eyes. “I'm no Kat Von'D, Steve. And you're way better than me.” I tried to sell myself down. But, he was right. I'm the best around, and unfortunately, I knew it.

He snorted. “Like hell I'm better than you! Maybe with a pencil, but not a needle. Well, in that form.” Andy's hand grabbed mine as Steve pushed the thick needle through his lip. “That, and I usually just sketch from what the people want. You bring it to life.” he put the cork on the sharp end of the needle. “Don't move.”

“Look, I don't wanna argue with you, bro.” I sighed.

“And why didn't you just pierce him?” he looked at me as he slipped the black ring into the bleeding hole. “You know how.” he handed Andy the rinse.

“Cause if I got blood on the carpet, my Mom'd kill me. Oh, that and I don't have the stuff anymore. Asshole threw it away before he left.” I huffed and chewed the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming in anger.

Andy watched my reaction with his sharp blue eyes as he swished the nasty liquid around in his mouth. “You okay? Not gonna be sick, are ya?” I scooted away slightly. He shook his head and spit into the sink built into the wall.

Some came out of the hole in his lip, making him hiss a little. “I'm good. It just stings at the moment.” I nodded and started to hand Steve the a folded twenty when the door flew open.

“Well look who dropped in!” one of the three burly men yelled. “Little Destiny the Sniper!” the two laughed. “Let's see just how good she is!” they pulled out guns and pointed at me.

I gasped and grabbed Andy's shoulders. Using all my muscles, I launched over the bench and flipped it. Four shots hit the black leather and Andy gasped. “What the hell?” he shouted, covering his head.

Steve was on the floor next to me, pulling his gun out of his pocket. He took a calming breath and snapped up onto his knees. There was a gasp from the other side of the room.

He fell back next to me, his face red and a smile plastered on it. I held Andy back as the shooting stopped. Footsteps coming closer.

I snapped up and pulled the trigger twice. With sure movements, I hit the two men remaining in the chests. They gasped and dropped their paint-ball guns.

“We win!” I shouted, standing up. Andy and Steve stood next to me.

“We never fucking win!” one tossed his gun on the ground. The others hung their heads in shame.

“Yeah now get the fuck outta my territory.” I gestured with the gun for the door. They held their hands in the air and backed up. “Keep goin'.” I pointed the gun at the head of the leader.

“You really are a heartless bitch in this game.” he said curtly. I laughed and shot him in the chest three more times.

“And? It's not my fault you suck.” I said as he let the other two out first. “I'll be nice. Ya can come back for ink or pins, no more war for you, though. If you come armed, Steve here'll take your sorry asses out.” I patted his shoulder.

He left, slamming the thick glass door. Once he was out of view, Steve and I burst into laughter. “Oh my God! Did you see the look on his face when I shot him? Epic, truly epic!”

“Not to mention they're all scared of a little fuckin girl!” Steve laughed as he put his gun back in his pocket. I returned mine to my boot.

Andy watched us with wide eyes as we flipped the bench back over and wiped the red paint off. “Paint ball?” he shouted? “ I thought I was gonna die again! For the love of the holy father, PAINTBALL?!?!”

Oh........fuck. I dropped my head as Steve froze and looked at a fuming Andy. “What do you mean, die again?”

“I-” Andy started but I cut him off.

“He's a fallen angel, okay? He's died before.” I said through tight lips.

“Des!” Andy gasped. I turned and looked at him with steady eyes.

“Well, I kinda had a feeling that we'd have to tell him anyway. He's the one who's gonna pose as your guardian and you'll be staying with him.” I sat back down and crossed my arms.

“Fallen angel?” Steve laughed. “You? Aren't you supposed to be, ya know, dressed in all white and have big white wings and a halo?” he snorted and looked at me. “You fell for this guy's lie?” I rolled my eyes and nodded at Andy.

He sighed and his wings unfurled in the small space. “Look at him.” I said, staring past Steve at Andy. Steve looked over his shoulder quickly then back at me.

Then he froze and looked slowly this time. And passed out.

Oh, just great! Andy and I helped him up onto the bench. “Steve?” I patted his cheek. “Steve!” I slapped him across the face.

“OW! Fuck!” he pressed his palm to his face and sat up. His eyes fell back on Andy. “Oh, hell no! You get the fuck away from me!” he fell off the bench onto me. I could feel his heart pounding like crazy.

“You think this is weird? I saw him fall. Yesterday morning. Look, I need your help, Stevie.” I used his old nickname. He looked at me with huge eyes.

God, please let this plan work.

And chapter two, DONE!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!

So, my birthday yesterday was weird, on so many levels. Just, don't ask. I was finally able to finish this chap for all my crazy fuckin fans, and I GOT A FUCKIN DOMO HAT!!!!!!!!

LOVE IT!! On the other hand, no BVB or MCR CDs for me. Sadface time.

End sadface time! And a lot of Japanese candy. Yep, my sisters epic and got em a shit ton! Anyway, my brother's here for just a bit longer, then he has to go back to KC, so I'm gonna go hang with him.
Later my little ficwad whores!!!!

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