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Whisper a Little Lullaby to Me

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Tsuzuki sneaks away to spend the night with Anna. Surreal lemon for everyone.

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Chapter Fifteen: Whisper a Little Lullaby to Me:

7:00 p.m., Kimoto Manor.

Finally! Tsuzuki managed to sneak away to visit Anna tonight. “Go check on her” as he called it. He snuck into Anna’s room. She sat in futon waiting. Tsuzuki smiled at the doorway.

“Been up waiting for me?” he asked. Anna smiled at him.

“That depends,” she said.

“On what?” her fiancé asked. She shifted around a bit.

“Why are you here?” the woman asked. Tsuzuki straightened up some.

“I came to check on you,” he lied. Anna shook her hand.

“No,” she said. “That’s not why you’re here.”

“Okay,” he said. Anna leaned in closer.

“Why are you really here?” she asked. Tsuzuki chuckled.

“I came to see you,” he said.


Tsuzuki tried to keep a poker face. “Make love to you.” His lover smiled at him.

“Good answer,” she said. Tsuzuki slid the door closed behind him and walked over to the futon. He knelt down in front of her. The man kissed her on the lips. Anna kissed back. Her fiancé gently pushed her back onto the futon. His lips lightly brushed her left ear.

“We have to be really quiet,” he whispered. “We can’t wake them up, can we?” Anna shook her head. Tsuzuki gave her a naughty little smile.

“Good girl,” he whispered. The Shinigami kissed her on the throat. Anna softly whimpered. She reached up and slid off his jacket. The woman wasted no time unbuttoning his shirt. Tsuzuki let her slide it off of him. Anna put up her arms as he rolled off her red and white blossom pj top. Her lover threw it to the side. Tsuzuki took in a moment to behold her plump, well-rounded breasts. Her hard nipples flirted with him.

“Beautiful,” the Shinigami whispered. His breath grew heavy. The feeling of his member stirring awake drove him to unzip his trousers. Tsuzuki rolled off his boxers and threw them out. Anna slowly spread her legs for him. Tsuzuki softly chuckled at her.

“Hang on,” he whispered. “It’s coming.” He rolled off her red and white bottoms and threw them out to the floor. The man nuzzled her on the neck as his fingers found Anna’s lacy white panties. He played with the lace before sliding them off. Tsuzuki let his fingers stray down to her warm wetness.

The young man awoke in the misty wilderness after chasing his red-haired river nymph. He found himself lying in the tall grass in front of a warm, foggy lake. The pine trees blocked out the sun in the cooling mist. Two cranes took flight across the dim morning sky. The young man looked around.

Where did she go?/, he thought. The lad paused when he heard singing./

Who is that?/, he thought. Curious, he crawled through the tall, wet grass. The lad peeked over the tips. A young woman lied on her back, singing an old forgotten folk song of innocent youth. Her soft, airy voice put must songbirds to shame. The damp reeds blended in with her long, stringy black hair. Her pomegranate red lips begged for a kiss. Her open white dress revealed a healthy developing chest. The young lad blushed./

Suddenly, she stopped. The young man noticed a pair of greenish-brown eyes staring up at him. His heart stopped still.

“Hi…” he mumbled. The maiden smiled at him.

“Good morning dear,” she whispered. That sentence alone switched on something in his brain. He himself couldn’t piece it together. The girl reached up and caressed his cheek.

“Kiss me,” she commanded. His knees would not bend. Yet, his mind wasn’t in control. Her lips felt like fresh lotus petals. He could not give himself to her. Yet, she drew him in deeper.

A cold draw woke up his senses. He opened his eyes and looked around. Dark warm water surrounded his body. Fear and excitement intertwined with each other before him. A figure lit up inches from his young body. The light took form into a woman. The bubbles danced around her curves. The woman drew open her eyes. The young man’s heart leapt in joy.

You found me!/, he said in her mind. You actually found me! /She didn’t speak. Her body lied onto her back and began floating to the surface. His nymph emerged from the lake like the naked Venus being born in the sea. He floated in the water enamored with her.

Tsuzuki used Anna’s breasts as a pillow to guide him to more erotic dreams about her to tide him over until their next date.
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