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It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Death Wish

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For what you did to me, and what I’ll do to you, you get what everyone else gets: YOU GET A LIFETIME!

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Annelise looked around her. Men scratched at their collars, women nonchalantly picked their wedgies, and people looked at art. This is so not a party. A party would be fun and exciting. Mom must have been joking when she said that this was going to be a party. Where are the girls? I need them! I’m tired of being by myself.
~ ~ ~

“Triana hurry up! We’re going to be late and we promised Lyn-z we’d be there to support her on her big night.” Ray complained

“Ray be quiet! You nag worse than mom. I swear you’re a freakin’ chick. I’ll be down in five minutes. Chill your freakin’ balls man!”

“Christa! Did you just hear what she told me? She told me to chill my balls. Where does she get these sayings come from? Gah she is so-

“Like you? Face it Ray; she is a mini Ray minus the ‘fro.” Christa cut him off.

“Yeah well it sucks arguing with yourself. You never win.”

Triana came downstairs in her Hell Bunny red halter dress, causing Ray to wolf whistle. The dress showed all of her tattoos much to her joy. She loved showing them off.

“I’m going to have to pry guys off of you with a stick tonight TNT. You look amazing!”

“Thanks Ray. You don’t look so bad yourself bro!”
They got into their car and drove off for the Way mansion, eager for the party to start.
~ ~ ~
Hayley looked in the mirror for the millionth time that night, checking her perfectly applied makeup again to make sure it hadn’t smudged.

“Hayley, relax. It’s not going to smear off in five minutes. Our house does have AC you know.”

“I know Tierney but I don’t want to look bad. What if Blake is there?” she worried relentlessly.

“You look beautiful. If he’s there, he’ll be drooling all over the floor like a dog. I promise.”

Tierney turned back to the mirror and finished curling her hair. When she finished and every hair was hair sprayed in place, she and Hayley went down the hall to meet Mikey and Alicia. Tierney looked stunning in her Hell Bunny Cross Black dress and Hayley in her tube dress was sure to turn heads. After looking his girls over and deeming their dresses appropriate, Mikey announced that it was time to go. He hailed a cab and they drove off for the other Way mansion.
~ ~ ~
The mirror reflected Kirrah’s worried expression. She was worried she looked a mess; worried she’d say the wrong thing to the wrong person and offend them. There wasn’t a need for her to be worried though. She looks gorgeous. Her hair is perfectly pulled back in an elegant bun that had two loose strands framing her face. Her dress, a black sleeveless ruffle dress, hugged her body in all the right places that was sure to cause double takes. Her makeup was perfectly applied down to her cat eyes. Looking back in the mirror, she sighed before turning out the light in her bathroom. Slowly, ever so slowly she walks to meet her parents and go to the party.

“You look amazing sweetheart. You’re going to get tons of numbers tonight!” her mom winked at her. She inwardly groaned at her mom’s attempt to be cool and put on a smile.

“Thanks mom. You look very pretty! And daddy you look so handsome!”

“Stupid monkey suit is what it is.” Bob growled, tugging at his collar.“Well, are we ready? Good let’s go.”
~ ~ ~
Angela sighed. This is going to be a long night. Aunt Jamia isn’t even ready yet and it started thirty minutes ago! Angela has been ready for over an hour, hair straight as a board to make her purple highlights stand out, and just a bit of mascara to make her beautiful eyes make a statement. Finally, Jamia and Frank emerge from their room looking like a million dollars. Ang self-consciously picked at her Hell Bunny black and white polka dotted dress, feeling out of place. “Aw Ang you look beautiful! So grown up!” Jamia cooed

“Okay, okay enough of the mushy stuff. How do I look Jamia?”

“You look like a hot mess Frankie!” she giggled

“Just the way I like to look sweet cakes! Alright gang let’s get this party started
~ ~ ~
Once everyone had arrived at the party, the girls seemed to gravitate toward one another.

“This thing blows. It’s so boring! Let’s spike the punch.” Triana smiled devilishly.

“TRIANA NO! Ugh if you knew how much trouble we’d be in you wouldn’t want to.”

“Lighten up Anne. It’ll be fun!”

“Anne’s right T. We don’t need to be in anymore trouble. Mikey hasn’t said anything about grounding me or Hayley yet but it’s only a matter of time.”

“Spoilsports.” Triana muttered

“Annelise, sweetie come here for a moment please!” Lyn-z called from across the room. With a sigh, I walked over to her

“And this is the newest addition to my little family, Annelise. We’re going to adopt her as soon as our lawyer gets back with us. Annelise, meet my business associate Roger. Roger, meet Annelise.” He had a creepy look about him. His little brown eyes were beady and darted all over the room. His hair was slicked back with gel and it looked disgusting. His teeth were yellow and crooked like he smoked and didn’t take good care of his teeth.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Roger.”

“The pleasure is all mine, my sweet.” He smirked at me, giving me an immediate chill up my spine. This guy gives me the creeps!

Gerard looked very uncomfortable and shot Roger a warning glare. I figured it was okay to go now so I walked back to the girls.

“That Roger guy seriously gives me the creeps. He just looked me up and down and called me his sweet. What in the actual fuck?”

“He definitely gives off this pedo vibe to me. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.” Tierney sniffed.

“Me either. We all need to stay away from him.” Kirrah agreed.
Angela walked up then with six cokes and gave us each one which we gladly accepted.

“You girls interested in modeling? I do represent modeling agencies as well as artists.” Roger had managed to creep up on us!

“No, we’re not. So if you don’t mind, go the fuck away perv.” Tierney smirked.

“No, I don’t think I will. I enjoy you girls’ company too much. You are all so beautiful.”
He whispered the last sentence. We tried ignoring him and it didn’t do us a bit of good.
He’d butt into our conversations, try to talk to us, and try to flirt. What’s more pathetic than a grown man flirting with a bunch of teenagers?

“Oh wow I wish I could get her tattoo. It’s awesome.” Hayley motioned towards the woman next to us. Her tattoo was a wolf scratching out of her skin with blood dripping from the claws.

“You don’t need to befoul your perfect little body with tattoos, Hayley.” He tsked.


“Have you ever seen such pretty hair? I want to die mine purple like his!” Angela pointed at a man.

“Your hair is already pretty but it would be so hot purple babe.” Roger smirked.

“Ugh go away you disgusting pig!” Triana yelled.

“Only if you go with me.” He tried to give us puppy eyes. Soon we just stopped talking all together but then,

“I’m thirsty.” Kirrah complained

“I’ve got something you could quench your thirst with gorgeous.” Roger winked and Kirrah slapped him. He skulked away finally.

“Oh my gosh girls look at that woman’s dress! It’s so breath-taking!” I squealed.

“Nothing is as breath-taking as you are, my sweet.” Roger purred and ran his hand down my back and squeezed my butt. The other girls looked on in horror.

“Daddy!” I screamed.

“Tut, tut dear. Gerard can’t hear you in this crowded room. He’s too busy fighting his inner demons to much attention to you anyway.”

This time we all screamed at him to make him go away. This finally attracted the attention of Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Frank and Bob. They came running as fast as they could without knocking people over and reached us, breathless.

“What’s wrong girls? I heard you all scream.” Mikey panted

“Let me take one guess. Roger.” Gee sneered. We all shook our heads yes and that was all our guardians had to know.

“Wait, what happened?” Mikey and Frank asked, confused. Quickly, we told them everything he had done right up to running his hand down my back and him squeezing my butt.

“Get the fuck out of my house. And don’t you ever come back. Lyn-z will contact you in the morning on your terms of employment.” Gee growled while Bob popped his knuckles menacingly.

“You lay another hand on any of our girls, and we’ll beat you senseless mother fucker.” Frank threatened him.

“As if I’m scared of you mighty mite. I don’t think you could even reach my fa-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before Bob knocked him out cold. Together, he and Ray picked him up and threw him outside. Lyn-z watched in horror and ran over to Gee. He quickly explained what happened and I saw her face go from white to purple to red with rage.

“If that mother fucker was fucking awake right now I’d beat the hell out of him for even thinking about touching my damn daughter. His ass is getting canned first thing tomorrow. And to think that I trusted him!” I had never heard her get this angry!

“Lyn-z it’s okay baby we scared him off. He’s not coming back. Bob knocked his ass out! You shoulda seen it! He was out with one hit.”

“Good. I’m glad you all saved our girls. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to the party. Girls, you can go upstairs if you want to. Lock your doors and put Bandit in your room with you please Annelise.”

We went upstairs and got a sleeping Bandit out of their room and took her into mine. We locked the door and started talking.

“We need to learn how to better protect ourselves. And we need to start carrying mace or pepper spray around.”

“You’re right Tier. Either that or a knife whichever one y’all prefer.” I agreed.

“I hope that pig dies.”

“Triana! Take that back! You wouldn’t want anything to happen to someone you love don’t wish it on anyone else!” Hayley almost yelled.


“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired. We can sleep in here if you want. Some of you on my bed, some of you on my futon. I call bed!” I got them all some clothes of mine and we quickly changed.

We decided that Triana, Bandit, Hayley and I would sleep on the bed and Kirrah, Tierney, and Angela would sleep on the futon. We fell asleep until a knocking noise woke me up. Dad and Mom had come to get Bandit and kiss us good night. I awoke the next morning with a note taped to my window.

I’m coming back for my beautiful girls. You will be mine.

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