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Second Round

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Ai and Yu begin their second round of experiments.

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Chapter Seventeen: Second Round:

The next morning, the next round of experiments began. Ai and Yu headed to the nearest high school. She was confident about this. But he…

Ai turned and glanced at him. “You look nervous.”

Yu shook his head. “No…”

“You sure about that?”

“Yeah…” He paused for a second. “Okay, maybe a little.”

“What for?”

“Well…” Yu took a minute to form his words. Ai held his wrist. His eyes trailed towards her. She smirked at him.

“If you’re worried we’ll get caught, don’t,” she whispered. “It’ll be okay.”

“How?” Yu whispered back. She nuzzled his neck.

“There, there,” Ai replied. “I’ve got it. Just take it easy.” Yu kept quiet. She won’t listen. Once Ai had plotted something, that’s it. She’ll do it or everyone else suffers. Yu dropped his shoulders.

“Fine,” he sighed. Ai smiled at him.

“Good boy,” she said. Then, she patted him on the back. Yu shuddered at the touch.

“Please don’t touch me,” he mumbled. Ai didn’t listen at all. She drew in a deep breath.

“Right,” she said. Ai walked into the building. Yu shook his head.

/I don’t like where this is headed/, he thought. But, she won’t listen. Best to humor her for now. Yu followed close behind.

Ai had it all worked out. The supplies came in early this morning. She got the boys straight away to work. This mid-morning, the team was ready. First round? Ai turned to Yu.

“You get the first floor and I’ll get the second,” she said. Her colleague nodded.

“Right,” he said. And so work began. Each one selected six students, two from each age group. The teachers didn’t trust them. Ai did her best to charm through them.

“We have permission from the school,” she lied.

“Do you have the paperwork?” one teacher asked. Ai showed them the form. Good enough. Both Todai students prepared the shots.

“I’m scared of needles,” a freshman said.

“Shhh,” Yu said. “It’ll be okay.” She looked at him with big eyes.

“You promise?” she asked. Yu nodded as he forced himself to smile.

“Yes,” he lied. “I promise.” The freshman began to smile.

“Okay,” she said. Yu rolled up her sleeve and injected her. His dignity died again.

I’m so sorry.

This is the arm of the girl who volunteered like the college students did for the money offered to carry out the experiments to unlock the id in the human brain
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