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Do you really want me?

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Amy has the best plane ride of her life when she and Jess realise their heroes are on board...

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A/N: I do not own any of the characters or anything, it's just a bit of fun. I don't really know where it's going... Also it's my first fic so let me know if it's any good!

The two girls had seats as far forward as you could get, without being in first class of course. They sat down and immediately started an excited rant, much to the annoyance of their fellow passengers. Once the plane had taken off, Jess fell asleep almost instantly. She was so tired – she had stayed up all night looking after her nephew. A steward with a trolley came out of first class and asked Amy if they wanted any drinks. She got cokes for both Jess and herself, then sat back into he chair, already bored. She looked through the films showing but didn’t want to watch any.
That is when she noticed that the air hostess had left the curtain to first class half open. She peeked through, to see what it was like as she had never been in anything but. There was someone relaxing in what looked like a leather bed; the entire part of the cabin was full of them. Amy leaned her head into the aisle to see more. Then she saw something, or rather, someone. They were leant back on their chair with sunglasses on in a white vest top and black jeans, his expensive black and silver shoes disregarded on the floor. She froze and her mouth hung open. She suddenly felt very scared, in case it was who she thought it was. He took off his sunglasses. This only confirmed her suspicions. His beautiful baby blue eye stared back at her kindly. He took in her t-shirt and smiled. Amy was finding it hard to breathe. Jared Leto was on the same plane as them and she was looking straight at him with her mouth wide open like a fucking fish. Shakily, waved at him. He mirrored her with his own dorky hand-wave and winked. She shot straight back upright and punched Jess hard on the shoulder.
“Ow!” she complained, waking up.
“JESS!! GUESS WHO I JUST SAW!?” Amy squeaked quietly, in case Jared could hear her. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!”
“Who?” she asked, yawning.
“JARED!!!!!” she screeched. Her expression didn't change. “No, I am actually fucking serious here. Look!” she grabbed Jess' arm and pulled her over so that she could see him too.
“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” Jess swore loudly. Jared looked at them both, smirked, and stood up. They both sat up dead straight again and smiled and squealed at each other like stupid idiots, not quite sure how to handle it. Seconds later the curtain was pulled back and Jared stepped through, beaming. Amy felt her stomach tie itself in knots.

“Hey guys” he whispered, kneeling down by Jess’s chair. They were both too shocked to speak. “I’m Jared”
“We know that!” Amy said too quickly. “I’m Amy”
“And I’m Jess” Jess added.
“Nice to meet you. You're Echelon I take it?”
“Ohhhh, yeah!!” Jess exclaimed “we absolutely love everything about you and the band and the music and we've been to a billion shows and have a ton of merch and oh my god I love you so much!”
“Well, that’s nice to hear!” Jared said sweetly. “Were you the ones singing?”
“Yeah, we don't really do your songs any justice” Amy admitted nervously.
“No, no. it was good!”
“Thanks” Jess grinned “Are Tomo and Shannon there?” she gestured to the curtains.
“Yeah, you wanna come meet them?” Jared offered.
“Really?!” Amy asked in disbelief. Shannon Leto was the one person she lived for. He was the one who had inspired her to start drumming, who inspired everything she did in life, the one who she would always defend in an argument no matter what. He was the one that kept Amy’s heart beating. She would go to concerts and spend the whole time watching him. she loved him. She had met him once before and that day had been the best in her life.
“Yepp” Jared chuckled at their excitement.
“Yes, of course!” Jess said. Amy nervously got up and followed her and Jared into the front of the plane. Jess turned to give her an unrecognizable expression.
This couldn't really be happening... could it?

There were a few people she recognized, like Emma, Tim and a couple of the crew. Tomo sat furthest forward but facing away from them. Amy’s heart skipped a beat when she saw him, so she thought that she would have a heart failure when she found Shannon. It was if her brain knew exactly where he was sitting before seeing him. That’s why she supposed she subconsciously saved him to last. Amy slowly turned to him. She often said that every moment of your life had a suitable song, but not now. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Someone else was talking but she didn't care what they had to say. It was if they were the only things that had ever existed. He was writing in a book, away from the others, in his own little world listening to his music: he was perfect. She took a massive breath as she seemed to have forgotten to breathe.
She went up to him, running a shaking hand through my hair. Unfortunately it didn’t ease the sick feeling in her stomach.
“Hi” Amy squeaked. He looked up and, after a second, he took off his headphones.
“Hey” he said in his deep, attractive voice, only adding to her nerves. She tried to gulp but it was stuck in her throat.
“Hi, I’m Amy! Uhh, I'm a massive fan. I love your music. I love you so much. I owe so much to you and 30 Seconds to Mars, I can’t even begin to explain. Sounds like a stupid cliche but yeah, I wouldn't be here without you” she rambled, but paused when she realized he was just staring at her through his sunglasses. “I'm sorry! Seriously though, you are, in my opinion, the best drummer ever on the entire planet, probably the most talented person to ever exist. Or even to not exist. You're amazing” still no reply “You’re the reason I started drumming! Not that I'm any good. Because I'm really not. But you’re music helped me through a really difficult time in my life and – I'm so sorry, I'm not good at talking! I’ll go if you want” she told him, slightly downhearted that he didn’t seem to be paying attention. she turned to walk away when something caught her arm. She looked down at Shannon's hand on her bare skin. Her breath caught in her throat, making her choke.

“Don’t go, sit!” he instructed, smiling brightly. She sat in the seat next to him and watched him take off his sunglasses to reveal his beautiful golden eyes. “Thank you, for what you said. Believe it or not, not many people say things like that. Most say that they love the music, you know, but it’s nice to hear that you’ve helped and inspired someone. In fact, they usually just go to Jared. Some people don’t even know who I am, even though they say they love the band. But not the Echelon though, you guys are great” he stopped his mini-rant and looked up at Amy, who had slightly amused smile “Sorry”
“Oh,don’t worry!” Amy told him. He gave a nervous laugh and if he had been any other human being, Amy would've said he looked how she felt. ‘Pfffft’ she thought ‘Shannon Leto, nervous around me?!’

“So what are you headed to London for?”
“Well, I live in a town near London, and also me and my friends are going to the show tomorrow”
“Oh really? Cool! I'm sure I could get you guys some special backstage tickets if you want?”
“No way!” Amy refused to believe it.
“yeah, you seem really nice. I like you”
“hyuuufffighhg” She replied intelligently.
“You know what a golden ticket is?”
“It'll be like that but better” he said coolly.
“What! No?!” Amy shouted with shock.
“Shannon why are you threatening our guests?” Jared asked.
“no, I was just telling her about our special tickets” Shannon clarified.
“ohh” said Jared slowly. “Well, I think they're the right, erm, people”
“Yes” Shannon agrees and beams at Amy.
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