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You Better Get Out, While You Can.

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Gerard has to put up with really stupid people.

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so, hello again. please don't think that im gonna be updating every day, its just that i couldn't sleep last night, and i figured i might as well carry on with this. oh, and i promised someone on twitter i would update. thank you for the lovely reveiws, its so kind of you! title from My Chem, if you dont know it, why are you reading this?

It was the same as it always was, the trip to the reception, the middle aged lady asking your name before handing out your lesson timetable, the distracted and disinterested smile they always wore. The fact that I noticed these things showed how fucked up my life was. The school looked like any other high school- dull, run down and generally the kind of place that sucks the life out of you. Half arsed attempts of bringing colour to the walls were scattered around the place, but instead of brightening the atmosphere, they just made the school look even more forlorn.

Scanning my lesson timetable, I found that I had maths first, a personal hell of mine. Using the map I tried to make my way to the class, room 13 to be precise, flinching violently every time a body came too near mine. Yeah, it was going to be difficult for me here. A shrill bell rang, and immediately everyone started rushing around even more frenzied than beforehand. I figured this must be the bell for lessons to start and looked back at Mikey, smiling slightly, before pushing off into what I hoped was the general direction of my class.

Five minutes later, I finally found it, late. I was breathless as I opened the door to a full class and a slightly disgruntled male teacher staring at me. I hated being the centre of attention. This probably would have been around the time where I would have hidden behind my hair, but I couldn’t because my mother had made me fucking cut it off. Argh.

“Hi, err, my name is G- Gerard Way. I'm new here. Errm… Sorry I’m late?” I didn’t intend for the last sentence to come out more like a question, but I didn’t really know what the teacher wanted from me. All I knew was that I wanted him to stop staring at me. It was freaking me out, big time.

“Ah, yes, Mr Way. Apology accepted. Now go sit down before you disrupt my class any longer.” And with that he turned and proceeded to carry on down the register he had undoubtedly started before I had arrived. Turning, I scanned the room for a seat. There was only one, near the front, admittedly, but it was by the window so I didn’t mind it that much. I walked over to it, shrinking away from the small girl with highlighted hair in the seat next to mine, and sat down on the hard chair. You would’ve thought by now that schools would make chairs that people could actually sit on for more than two minutes before their arses fell asleep, but apparently not. sorry, but this is what its like for me at my school. surely they would want people to grow up without their buttocks falling off?! jesus christ

The girl sat next to me leaned over as I was getting out my old battered pencil case. Apparently, she had no regard for personal space whatsoever. She also had lip-gloss smeared over her teeth, and that was disgusting.

“Hi,” she breathed, glancing every so often at the teacher to make sure he couldn’t hear her. “I’m Katie. You’re new.”

The urge to shout ‘No shit, Sherlock,’ coursed through me, but I tried to be as polite as possible, even if I was leaning slightly away from her.

“Gerard.” Yeah, that was another thing about me. I didn't speak much, I didn't see the point. It wasn’t like I had anything to talk about anyway. Nevertheless, Katie carried on talking; her heavily made up eyes blinking at me in a way that she obviously thought was sexy, but really just made her look like she had a problem.

“You’re like, cute. Really cute. How come I've, like, never seen you before?” oh my lord, my brain cells were slowly dying.

“I, uh, moved schools.” Her eyes widened and she leaned forward even more, pushing me up against the window. This was so freaking uncomfortable for me. The proximity issues I had were blasting in my mind and I nearly whimpered, though thankfully I managed to hold it in.

“Why?” she whispered, as if it were a crime for me to move schools. This was fucking ridiculous. It wasn’t as if I was gonna blurt out my life's story to a girl I sat next to in class, Jesus. Even the maths class was better than this.

“Because I did,” I replied shortly, and turned to face the front, where the balding maths teacher was trying to show how to find the area of a trapezium.

If the rest of the school had the same mental capacity as this girl, I’d be bald by the end of the day.

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