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They say love conquers all...

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May 17, 2011
Hey diary. Well, since this is my first entry, lemme introduce myself.

My name is Alexandria. Most people call me Alex, or Lexa. Or Lex. Anyways, that's not really important, is it? Anyways, I'm 17 years old. I have steel-grey eyes. Bright-red hair, like Hayley Williams, only not dyed. I go au naturale. I love any type of rock. Especially Nevershoutnever! and Paramore. I'm just a Parawhore with the Drew Flu (lol I seem to be rambling, huh diary?)

Um, let's just say I'm not the preppy type. Actually, I'm the complete OPPOSITE of preppy.I try to aviod them to the best of my ability. It's pretty tough, considering I go to SanFran High, the birthplace of prep. Tanned, blonde whores who stuff their bras in order to impress the dumbass jocks who work out everyday after school. Chliche huh? At least I graduate next month.

I got dressed in an Angry Birds shirt and neon pink skinnies. I put on my torn Converse, the black ones, with the most writing on them. I teased my hair, straightened my bangs, and put on my eyeliner. I put on my fingerless Christina Grimmie-like glove, put it on my right hand, and walked downstairs to have me some breakfast.

"Hey honey. You're wearing THAT to school?" My mom always wanted a preppy whore for a daughter. "Mom, I've told you before, I can wear whatever I want, after all, you stopped buying me clothes ever since I stopped wearing sparkles." She gave me the evil eye and threw me an apple. "Bye, mom." I stepped out the door, and stopped. Damn. I forgot my guitar. I ran back inside, up the stairs, into my bedroom, grabbed the black guitar case, ran back down the stairs, threw away my whole apple, shut the door, and down the 3 blocks that lead straight to hell.

Alexandria Smith

A/N I finished the first chapter! I'm working on the second chapter right now! Lol review please!
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