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Was I Right?

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Atlanta, thinks about if she made the right choice about her love life.

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Was I Right?
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Cronus was defeated at least for now. But that's really not it right now I'm lying here thinking about if I did the right thing, did I make the right choice? Yeah sure I ....Loved him, but would it last? But what about Archie, could he handle this, could he take this for more than a few days, or weeks? Had I destroyed any chance of having a real relationship with him?

Lying here I'm not so sure I'd just slept with him, and yeah it was good,... really good. The others probably heard us, but some how I don't really care what they have to say. Jay will say "It is fine as long as it didn't wreck the group dynamic" as he looked at Archie, Theresa would be ecstatic. Neil will say "That he saw it coming, and that anyone that didn't was a fool" as he looked at Archie. Herry will laugh in an attempt to cover up what he is feeling, Oddie will smile, but not say anything, but look at Archie in a worried way, and then me the same look showing.

As for Archie ha says nothing just smiles his support, and after a few minutes him, and all the guys will go to play football, even Neil, and Oddie one complaining about breaking a nail, the other about leaving his computer. The guys will quiz Archie, leaving me, and Theresa.

Theresa will give an excited giggle, and ask " How was it was he good, big, what I thought he would be like, did it hurt, did I still feel the same way?" And lastly in a quiet voice, "How did Archie take it?" I will answer " What I didn't get that too fast" Theresa will repeat what she said, but slower. I will say, "Very good, very big, better than what I imagined, only a little, and yes I still.. love him. And why don't you ask Archie your self."

Things will only be slightly different between me, and Archie, but our ability to work together won't suffer. The gods will say it was fate, and that they saw it coming, but they were happy for us. Hera will ask only one question " Did you use protection?" the only embarrassing question that is. I will answer before he has a chance to he's still in shock" Yes we used protection!" I will say angrily.

Coming out of my daze I know it will happen like that, not because, I'm clairvoyant like Theresa, but because I know them all so well. Now I look over at my new love, and lover. The moonlight is bouncing off of his purple hair, which is messed from our earlier activities. His pale, but not unhealthy looking skin ,and his well muscled chest, was bathed in the light giving him an almost ethereal beauty(not that I'd ever say that to him he'd just say, guys aren't beautiful Atlanta, but you are.)

I cringe at the thought of what I must look like my hair is, " Hey Atlanta what's the matter..." he asks genuinely concerned for me, " you don't regret anything, do you?" Quickly I answer, " No no no it's I was just thinking about what the others might say" I am surprised by the way he visibly relaxes when I say I don't regret anything. Archie laughs , and says, " Don't worry they'll be fine." " Hmmm I suppose so." I say as I lean in for a kiss. " Again," Archie says" Yes" is all I have to say. As we kiss I feel the sparks still there, and I smile, and say, " I love you Arch," and he says " I love you too Atlanta."
I know I didn't make a mistake, and that we will love each other until the end of the world which could be soon if we don't win.

Down stairs

" I can't believe they're at it again , who wants to go see a movie?" Jay asks " I do everyone," says. As they quickly leave.

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It's a one-shot.
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