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i woke up and stef was laying nent to me already awake,playing with my hair again.
"morning beautiful."
"morning hansom you ok?"
"yeah im great how about you."he winked
"no better still sick and a really bad stomache."
"let me make it better."he started to rub my belly
"awww thanks stef."
"shall we get ready and go doctors then?"
"do we have to,i hate the doctors."
"well its better than you being ill sint it?"
"supose so."
i went in the sower really quickly when i got out stef was dressed
"your sooo beautiful you know."
"im not you are."
"no you are."
"no..yo"stef grabbed me and gave me a massive kiss
"i need to get ready."
"what you gonna wear today then."
"i dunno what should i wear?"
he walked to my wardrobe
"hmmm how about this?"he pulled out a pair of denim shorts and a red vest.
"yeah if you want me to."
"so off your sext legs."
"their not sexy!"
"well they are."
"right im gonna get dressed and im not beautiful and i dont have sexy legs!"
"you are and you do."
"stef please dont say that."i got dressed and stef just sat there and watched.i went to sit next to him but he pulled onto his lap again
"why did you do that for."
"i felt like."
"im gonna squish you."
"your not"
"i am...oh thats why you want me on your lap."i felt a buldge
"what are you onnabout"
i sorta looked down at it.
"that there."
"what?" he went bright red
"babe i dont care,just admitt it well you dont need to."
"ok your looking sexy-er that normal your legs are out and the vest is quite low,...and i like it ...alot."
"awww come here." i gave him a kiss
"shall we go then."
"are you sure you wont get a ..."
"yes i can just about handle it...i think."
"ok lets go."
we walked to the doctors.
"what if its nothing?"
"but what if its is something."
"we'll have to see wont we?"
"yeah, hopefully its not bad."
"i dont know what i would do if it was bad."he looked really upset.
"dont be sad babe."
"i wouldnt be able to take it."
"dont start ill proberly start crying."
we entered the doctors and got in the que
"umm my girlfriend has been really ill and needs to see a doctor."stef said worryingly
"can you take a seat you will be called."
we went to a seat as usual stef made me sit on his lap
"thourt you could handle it."
"handle wha..oh i can i havnt got 1 i just wanted to hold you in my arms."
hw was staring ito my eyes
"i love your eyes."i whispered to stef
"i love your everything." he said back.
"lily...lily and stefan."the doctor said
"thats us."
"hello so whats the matter?"
"umm well its been two days and ive hada really bad belly ache and ive been vomiting alot and not eating anythinh."
"oh ok. hmm."
"what is it?" stef said anxously
"is this your partner?"
"yes this is stefan."
"wel do you wanna come and lay on here for me?"
"yeah sure."stef helped me up and on the bed."
"please lift your top up to your bra."she was female so i didnt mind that much
i held out my hand and stef took hold of it.
she felt around my stomache.
"ahhh i think i know your problem."
"what is it."stef asked
"you'll see right lily this might be cold."
"ok."she rubbed some jel on my stomache and pulled a machine over she put it on my stomache and turned the screen
"thats what the problem was.... a little baby.
"stef im pregnant,your gonna be a daddy."
"oh my god."he gave me kiss."
"so how old are you lily."she asked.
"umm im only 14 nearly 15."
"ok im gonna have to do a few checks like blood pressure and stuff."
"ok ."
stef had a massive smile plastered on his face.
she tested my blood pressure.
"right this might hurt its a blood test."
"oh shit i cant hadle needles."
"right just look at me and hold my hand ok gergous."
"ok."a tear rolled down mt cheek.
"dont cry."he wiped the tear.
the needle went in
"fucking hell."i shouted and squeezed stefs hand.
"calm down its all done now."
"well i dont know what your gonna be like when your giving birth."
we left the doctors and went home.
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