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The Get Together

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Do I really need to tell you???

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Storm's POV

~Time Lapse~


The loud and irritating bell sounded signaling lunchtime.

Me and Ryan walked out of our classrooms laughing our asses off. We were talking about the time when we were 4 and I crashed into a wall while talking with him, Katari, and Andy and when I got up I slipped on a puddle, fell, got up, and tripped on a boulder-like rock and didnt cry once.

Yeah, I was a klutz. I still am.

Like just now, I bumped into a tall, lanky guy who looked oddly familiar...

"Hey! Watch where your go— Holy shit, Storm!!" the guy said.

"OMG Andy!"

"Hi Ryan!" Katari, who was walking with Andy, greeted.

"Hi Katari!" Ryan replied back.

"GUESS WHO'S IN ALL OF MY CLASSES?" Me and Katari said in unison while walking to a deserted area and climbing on a tree, with Andy and Ryan on the branch next to us.

"Ryan!" Katari guessed at the same time as I said "Andy!"

We all started laughing.

"We dont eat lunch..." Me, Katari, Ryan, and Andy say at the same time.

"Cool!" we all say simultaneously.

"What is with us talking at the same time?" we ask out loud in unison.

"What the hell? Do we have some kind of telepathy or something?" we all say at the same time yet AGAIN.

An eerie awkward silence came over us.

"Soooooooooo........" we all say.

"What the heck?!" we all shout simultaneously.

"Unicorn!" I say randomly to break the simultaneous conversation.

"Finally!" we all say.

"Oh my freaking gosh, this is freaking me out we really need to stop this!" Katari says.

"So, we need to celebrate us reuniting." Andy says.

"Yeah, maybe we could go to the mall." Ryan suggests.

"Yeah!" we all agree simultaneously.

"Afterschool." Katari says.


We exchanged phone numbers and said for them to pick us up at 4 giving us 30 minutes to run home and get ready.

~Time Lapse~

Me and Katari ran home as fast as we possibly could. When we got home, we saw Andy and Ryan get out of their car, Andy entering the house across the street from us and Ryan looking over at us and laughing.

"You guys couldve hitched a ride with us! Haha" Ryan calls out.

"Nah, we need excercise!" Katari calls back while going in the house with me.

~Time Lapse~

By 3:45 I was ready. I had my bright red skinny jeans on with my Fall Out Boy top, my old and worn out black converse matching perfectly with my red and black striped fingerless gloves and my eyeliner.

I sat on the couch and downed a red bull, drinking it with some skittles.

After a few minutes, Katari came down into the living room.

She had her knee high converse on with her neon green skinny jeans and her Gir shirt and her grey hoodie, her eyeliner just like mine.

I checked the clock, 3:59. One more minute.....

Not a second before or after 4:00, there was a knock on the door.

I open it seeing Ryan and Andy in their band tees, converse, skinny jeans, and guy-liner

"I guess timing is important for you guys. Not a second early OR late!" I say.

Ryan was staring at me.

I smirk. "You guys wanna come in? Katari is still in there doing goodness knows what!"

"I was putting on my hairclip!" Katari said, appearing next to me.

"Shall we?" Ryan asked, taking my hand while Andy took Katari's.

We all hopped in the car, Ryan was driving.

~Time Lapse~

By the time we got to the mall, Katari was shaking, I was all O_O and Andy was relaxed.

"Is this how you drive all the time?" Katari asks, dashing out of the car scared for her life.

"Yeah. I guess I'm used to it." Andy says calmly.

"Then you sir are a terrible driver." Katari tells Ryan.

"No, I'm a pretty good driver, I just dont follow most of the proper rules regarding driving." Ryan replies, stepping out of the car and slamming the door.

"Your lucky the cops didnt pull us over." I say as we enter the mall.

"Okay, Mission: Cause as much mischief as possible!" I tell them.

We all look at each other.

"Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Katari says.

"HOT TOPIC!" We practically shout and take off running in the general direction of Hot Topic ignoring the stares we got from people.

We stopped halfway there to catch our breath.

Just then someone bumped into me.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I apologize to the guy who bumped into me.

Another guy helps the guy who accidentally bumped into me up and I realize they're identical twins.

The guy that bumped into me regained his balance and checked me out, the other twin checking Katari out. Uhhh, creepy...

Ryan and Andy seemed to notice because Ryan put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him while Andy snaked his arm around Katari's shoulder.

"Hey cuties." the twins say to me and Katari.

"Uhmm, not interested." I say.

"So these two dudes are your boyfriends." the twin checking Katari out says curiously.

"That's none of your buisness. We barely even know you two." Katari says.

The twin that was checking me out opened his mouth to say something but we ran over to Hot Topic before he could say anything.

Those dudes were creepy, but I had a weird feeling in my gut they wouldn't just leave it at that.
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