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5. breathe

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Warning: Contains sex, though not graphic.

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5. Breathe

The sound of Robin panting and moaning in his ear, whimpering and begging for more, almost sent Josh over the edge. He quickened his pace, wanting to hear more of the tantalizing sounds that escaped Robin’s lips every so often. She positively shuddered beneath him, and Josh found himself whispering in the redhead’s ear, his breath tickling as he did so.

“Are you gonna come for me, sweetheart? Come for me.”

The noise that escaped Robin’s lips could only be described as the most beautiful and erotic sound that Josh had ever heard, and he never wanted to stop, but as he snapped his hips against Robin’s, the redhead arching up to meet his every thrust, he felt the familiar heat beginning to pool in his belly and his legs were beginning to shake, signaling his impending orgasm. This time, Josh shuddered, before his body stiffened and he moaned his lover’s name, while one hand gripped her auburn locks tightly. He could feel Robin shaking beneath him, and he could hear her still panting as she rode out the waves of her orgasm. Josh placed a kiss to Robin’s collarbone, and moments later, pulled out and spooned up behind her on the bed.

“I love you,” Josh whispered in Robin’s ear, nuzzling her neck after, and Robin felt a blush creep up her cheeks as she whispered back,

“I love you too, Tiger.”
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