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I promised you and here it is. Chapter 4!

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Frank's POV

Gerard hooked my arm around his neck, and carefully placed his hand around my hip and pulled me up off the sofa. My knees were weak and trembling but the strong hand at my side helped me to stay upright. My head was thumping and it made me dizzy as I took a few steps forward with Gerard holding me up on my left.

"Are you okay to go on, Frankie?" I could feel him looking at me as I looked down to the floor to get my barings once more. I just nodded in response and I heard a small sigh as a reply.

We reached the bottom of the stairs. I placed one hand on the banister and started to haul myself up the first step, but then I felt something against my legs and I couldn't feel the stairs underneath my converse anymore. We were traveling up the stairs faster than I could have done.

We turned left into my room. It was filled with band posters, comics, cds, old guitar books and basically shit that I didn't need. Gerard lay me on my bed and he sat next to me his hand still on my hip as he grinned ridiculously at me.

"I see you've got another strap for Pansy." Gerard said running his hand through his hair.

I turned my head to look at my white guitar leaning against my wall, the light falling perfectly on the strings making her look even more beautiful.

"Oh that? Nah, my old one broke and it was a spare so I used it until I can go into town to go and get one."

"Ah. You should have just stole some of Mikey or Ray. Hey Frank?"


"..want a drink? I'm gonna get myself one since I live here most of the time anyway."

I smiled at the comment. It was true, he spent most of his time here, hell, he invited himself around most days. He eats my food, uses my shower, wears my t-shirts, everything you can think of he has done. Not that I don't enjoy having him here, he can come around whenever he wants, I don't mind.

"Yeah, coff-"

"Got it!" Before I could fully answer he was already half way down the stairs.

I need to talk to him, about downstairs, am I over reacting but he kissed me. Ha, he did. While my mum was there. Oh, shit..she'll think nothing of it and think it was just because Gerard was so worried about me, hopefully. Which it was, I was passed out for God's sake, I don't know what I would have done if it were me who had to look at Gerard passed out on the sofa. I mean, he can't like me; he has a girlfriend, he's not gay. I mean, if he was he would have told me. But, he didn't deny it when James said we were together..

"I'm so confused."

"'bout what?" Gerard walked into my room with two mugs of coffees in his hand.

Gerard sat down on the bed next to me again and gave one of the mugs to me as he took a sip out of his.

"What's up?" he asked as he put the coffee on the table behind me.

"Nothin' I'm just a bit confused that's all. I'm alright though."

I bit my lip ring and took a swig of the liquid, it was so lovely, warming up my throat as it went down.

"I don't believe you. I'll ask again: What's up?"

"I was just thinking...about..the..the kiss, downstairs."

Gerard's eyes didn't hold any emotion as he stared at me biting my lip.

:ooooooooo cliff hanger! ;) I'll try to update soon and thank you so much for the reviews, omg. I love you guys, okay? Good. Update soon!

-Jess XO
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