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Do You Know?

by DisenchatedDestroya 5 Reviews

I just want you to like me. I just want you to be my friend. Short bullying one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2012/01/07 - Updated: 2012/01/08 - 1082 words - Complete


  • Do You Know?

    (#) snake56tongue 2012-01-08 12:20:05 AM

    That was just .... Uh .... I can't even find a word to describe how amazing it was.
    I loved it, every single word.
    And dont apologise for being depressing!! We understand :)
    And, I am quite the morbid person, so it made me love it more :)
    Definetly one of my favourites ^^

    Author's response

    Thank you very much, that really does mean a lot coming from you! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice review! :)
  • Do You Know?

    (#) LoveLustAndPixieDust 2012-01-08 02:51:39 AM

    YAAAY Gerard being a nice big brother C: Hmmm that sounds like an odd way to start a review for this fic. What I probaly meant to say is I love how you made Mikey still a lovely person that can see who he is... if that makes sence? Beautifuly written don't worry about being depressing I love morbid fics best. Top notch as always C:

    Author's response

    I felt the need to write Gerard as a nice big brother for a change, I felt kinda mean for making him kinda like the bad guy in most of what I write. I totally get what you mean about Mikey still seeing who he is, and I'm really pleased that you liked that part of it.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a nice review! :)
  • Do You Know?

    (#) KobraBlaze 2012-01-08 02:42:18 PM

    Your stories... I just don't know anymore. They're indescribable ( I think that's a word). Your my favourite author on this site. On any site in fact. This story was a little sad, yeah, but it was still excellent. You made it a bit more happy though because when you wrote about Mikey having one more person that cares about him than the bullies. It was purely flawless. I came on this site to look for sad one-shots about Mikey and Frikeys and you have been giving me exactly what I want! Point being I love this story! Thats all I can say! Keep it up.

    Author's response

    Thank you so very much for being so indescribably lovely about what I write! It really does mean the world to me to hear that someone likes the crap that I write.
    I'm really glad that this gave you a little bit of what you fancied!
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a complimentary and kind review; you've made me smile! :)
  • Do You Know?

    (#) GallonsOfBlood 2012-01-09 12:48:36 PM

    Me and your other stalkers are back again, I see xD

    I have to say, reading brotherly love type fics always makes me happy, and though you have a few others, this one made me the happiest. The way Mikey went through all that, and Gerard stayed with him and didn't abandon him.

    It was an amazing fic, and since I've completely run out of adjectives to use for your stories, I seem to have given up and instead keep just redescribing what you wrote xD A great thing to read while I was off school 'ill' (I took that sick day I mentioned in a review the other day, though I wasn't necessarily ill)!

    Author's response

    I'm really glad that this made you happy, I wanted to finally write something that isn't complete doom and gloom.
    Thank you very much, I'm really pleased that you think this is alright! I hope that you had a good 'sick' day... XD
    Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)
  • Do You Know?

    (#) tortillachip 2012-01-09 02:04:55 PM

    I really liked this, and I must say that the ending is not lame at all. Mikey relies so heavily on Gerard's opinion, and that line really shows it. It's like his opinion is more important than what the bullies think. This may be a little depressing, but not at all boring. There's nothig wrong with depressing fics though. I really like them, and this one in particular really expressed Mikey's thoughts and feelings with so much emotion. Anyway, I really liked that this was brotherly. I always like those kinds, but I really liked how it was more than just being a brother. It was about being a friend and being a shoulder to cry on. Gerard was so caring and loving and he would do anything to keep Mikey safe. He would even kill. You portrayed just how far Gerard would go just as good, if not better, than someone who would have used dialogue. I really like your dialogue, but the fact that there was no dialogue in this just added to all the emotion. I liked how this was written. It was written in a very powerful way. It means so much more when he's speaking to the bullies about it  all an I thought it was a really creative idea to do that. I really liked it. I also liked how Mikey let himself believe all of the things that the bullies said and when Gerard said otherwise, he instantly believes that he isn't any of the things that the bullies said he is. Well, at least not all of them. He's still insecure, but if he's learned anything from what Gerard told him is that he's not as bad as people believe him to be. The bullies are just as bad as him, maybe worse, but at least he has someone that cares about him.  Well, this is fabulous. I thought this was really clever and creative, and I thought it was really interesting. Extremely great job. I loved this. 

    Author's response

    Thank you soooo much; I'm really happy that you liked this and didn't find the ending lame. I really wanted it show how much Mikey and Gerard care about each other, so I hope that came across.
    I love brotherly fics, despite the fact that my current chaptered fic is kind of anti-brotherly, and haven't really written one for a while so I thought it'd be a nice change.
    I was really worried that the lack of dialogue in this would make it boring and have little/no plot, so to hear that you think it worked alright without is really encouraging, especially as I murder any kind of dialogue.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a friendly, detailed review; your reviews really do help me to write! :)

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