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Facing the Facts

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"What exactly are you asking me Amber?"

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On the day that marks the first day of my third trimester we decide to celebrate. It means that the chances of the baby surviving are much higher. Unfortunately this also means the chances of me making it have lowered. My stomach grows larger everyday and pushes up on my lungs making it harder to breath. Although I can tell Frank really doesn’t feel like celebrating I force him to. Our baby could survive this. That is a cause for excitement.

Frank makes dinner and serves me grape juice in a wine glass. We sit on the bed and talk about baby plans as we eat. I want to name him James Michael. Frank doesn’t argue about the name, actually he seems to like it. James Michael Iero…it fits. It’s just who he is.

We also talk about the old days before we fell in love. We wonder if we would have done things different had we known we would have a kid together. Frank says he would have treated me better in elementary school and that he would have asked me out in middle school. I feel like if we had done anything different we wouldn’t be where we are today.

When we finish dinner Frank takes the dishes back to the kitchen. I lean against the wall. Frank joins me a few minutes later, lifting up my shirt so he can look at my stomach. He runs his fingers over my bulging tummy.

“Frank?” I ask.

“Yeah, baby?” Frank replies as he kisses my belly button.

“If… If something happens to me… make sure the baby is okay.”

Frank looks up at me from over my stomach, hiding half of his face behind it, “What exactly are you asking me, Amber?”

“Just make sure the baby is okay first… then take care of me.”

Frank just nods.

We both know that the doctors are going to take care of the baby before me. He has a better chance of living. His heart is getting stronger. He can pull through. I might not. I just want Frank to be prepared. Even if I don’t make it I want him to take care of James and love him as much as he loves me.

Frank’s silence scares me. Sometimes I wish he’d just say what was on his mind. Sighing I run my finger’s through his shaggy black hair. He’s strong. He’ll make it through. He’ll raise our baby. Frank will make a wonderful father.

Note: Sorry it's so short.
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