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Chapter 2?

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The next morning Arrow was awoken by voices, comming from outside the tent. "Oi, poison! i
think theres someone or somthing outside... Im gonna check it out..." she said, poking her
sister in the face as she scrambled around the tent for her 'yellow with flowers' ray gun.
Once she had found it, she carfully exited the tent, holding her gun out infront of her.
She looked around outside, she saw nothing. "Must have been hearing things..." she muttered
to herself. Just as she turned to walk back into the tent, suddenly she felt arms wrapped
around her, she screamed and held her gun to the head of the person behind her. "Hey! Don't
shoot! I'm innocent!!" Shouted a voice, in a jokey kind of way. Arrow paused for a moment...
she new that voice... "PARTY POISON!" She screamed, dropping her gun and spinning round.
She saw all her old friends, the four boys in the photo... Party Poison, who was tall with
just-under-the-shoulder legnth, crimson hair and brown eyes, Kobra Kid, the brother of Party
Poison, who was also tall, with long-ish brown/blonde hair and brown eyes, Fun Ghoul, who
was as short as Broken Arrow and had long-ish dark hair, and brown eyes, and lastly Jet Star,
who had a dark afro and was tall with brown eyes. "OMFGYOUGUYSS!!!" Arrow screamed, hugging
shouted Poison running out the tent with her ray gun out infront of her, before trailing off
when she saw the guys. She promptly dropped her gun, ran over and hugged all of them. "OMFG,
IMISSEDYOUGUYSSOMUCH!!" She giggled. "Oh girlyysss..." Laughed Party Poison. "You guys gonna
invite us into the tent? We have been sleeping in a car since we lost you..." Smiled Fun
Ghoul. "Oh, yeaah! I mean, no, we are gonna nick your car and make you all sleep outside"
replied Poison sarcasticly, with a wink. Arrow motioned for eveyone to follow her inside the
tent. "So, how did you guys find us?!" Arrow questioned the boys, once everyone was settled
"Well, honey..." Party started "We saw your transmittion!" Said Kobra, finishing his sentence
for him. "But before that, we went on a raid!" continued Ghoul. "We brought MARSHMALLOWS,
BABY!" added Jet. "...I love you all, you idiots" giggled Posion happily. "RIGHT. Campfire,
guys?" Sudgested Party. "Sure! We got a load of wood recently, from hijacking a drac van!"
Replied Arrow.
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