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One last Kiss

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He was awake!
"Oh Frank! babe! Finally!"
Gerard squealed, throwning his arms around the smaller boy in some awkward hug.

"Gee.. Get off..!"
He sat up quickly, blinking as a blush tainted his pale cheeks.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be."

Gerard smiled at his best friend, eyes glistening with love.

He was so happy he was awake.
It was torture seeing him so still, so unresponsive.

But he was awake now, and that was all that mattered.

"So Mikes finally popped the question?"
Frank giggled weakly, smiling up at his love.

Gerard nodded, sitting in the chair and taking his hand, running his thumb over his fingers.
"Yea, He did it at a McDonalds."
He laughed.
Frank giggled.
Things seemed to be looking up.


It had taken months of physical therapy for the young guitarist to gain back his strength.
He was staying with Gerard for support.

Little Bandit squealed, squirming around on Frank's lap.

"Yes B?"

The toddler giggled, pointing towards the door where a shirtless singer stood.

All he could say, was wow.

"You're nlt wearing a shirt."

"Thank you Captain Obvious"
He sniggered.
All smug in his sexiness!
The things I want to do to him.. or he could do to me..
I lift Bandit off my lap, setting her on the floor and walked over to him.
Why does he have to look so good?
His arms slip around my waist and it takes everything I have not to rid him of the rest of his clothes and make him scream my name.
This secret affair was deadly.
Why won't he just kiss me already?
'Because you're a whore.
Shut up!
I am not!
'Whatever you say whore.'
I held back the whinper and simply cuddled into him.
"I love you, Gee."
"I love you too, Frankie."
He's leaning closer!
What do I do?!
Silenced with a kiss.
Stop playing mind games with me!
Oh god his lips taste so good.
I want more.. Need more.

He must be trying to kill me.

I let out a shakey moan as his tongue slips into my mouth.
He tastes like coffee and skittles and heaven.

I pull him closer, attempting to take this to the bed when a slam of the door announces her arrival.
'Kill her.'
I don't want to!
'Gerard will be yours.']
I can't do it again, please dont make me!
[/'Whore! Kill her or kill yourself! You are nothing without Gerard!'

Please, no.
I can't take this anymore!
I don't want to kill.
I don't want to die!
I just want the voices to stop.
"Gee, I think I'm going crazy.."
I whimper, wincing when they screamed.
'What?! You fool! You can't do this! We own you! Stop talking this instant!'

I nodd meekly, looking down as he walks away.
He didn't even care.
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