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Frank is not happy when the guy who used to bully him in Primary School, transfers to his Secondary School. :FRERARD IN LIKE THE MIDDLE:

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“Frankie, what are you doing?” My best friend Gerard laughed, looking over my shoulder.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I asked “I’m drawing!”

“Yeah but what are you drawing?”

“That’s you, that’s me, that’s Ray and that’s Mikey.” I pointed to each lumpy, bad-drawn person in turn “Lend me your felt tips or something, I wanna colour them in.”

“No way, you’ll ruin all the points!”

“I will not!” I pouted “Fine then. Looks like you’re having grey hair like an old man.”

“That doesn’t really bother me.”

I rolled my eyes and started shading Gerard’s hair. He couldn’t help looking every so often. I saw the look in his eyes. He was thinking of the ways he’d draw or shade or whatever. He couldn’t help it. Maybe it was just an artist thing. I wouldn’t know since I’m so crap at art.

I looked up and saw someone I hadn’t seen before. Well for a moment I thought I hadn’t seen him before. But the longer I stared at him, the more familiar he seemed to be. I stared at his thick, blonde hair, blue piercing eyes and silver lip ring. Could it really be him?

Gerard looked at me “What’s up Frank?”

“You see the new boy sitting opposite us?” Gerard peered in the direction I was pointing and nodded “What’s his name?”

Gerard shrugged his shoulders. I sighed heavily. Unless I asked a question about art, song lyrics or science, Gerard was never any help. So instead I turned to Ray who hadn’t said anything for the entire English lesson. He was too busy working. I poked his arm “Ray, what’s the new guy’s name?”

Ray blinked at me for a second. He’s always like that if you interrupt him when he’s working. I pointed in the direction I wanted him to look and he turned his head. “His name’s Bob Bryar. I met him in Maths. He seems okay.”

My heart started pounding “He seemed okay?” I spat.

Ray looked at me again “Umm yeah. Why?”

“Have I never told you about him?” I asked. Ray shook his head and so did Gerard, both of them looking rather interested. I took a deep breath and began “We went to the same Primary School. He joined around Year Five I think but we weren’t in the same class so we never really knew each other. But then in Year Six we were put in the same class. It was a mixed class of Year Five and Six, and there were only three Year Six guys in there. Me, Bob and this guy called Bert.”

“What’s this gotta do with anything?” Ray asked, raising his eye-brows.

I glared at him “Shut up and you’ll find out.” I continued “Bob and Bert soon became friends. They were both really popular and had loads of friends. For a while I didn’t really have any friends because they were all in the other class and soon stopped talking to me. Then I made friends with this guy in the year below me called Sam. He was okay but I didn’t really like him.”

“I still don’t see where this is going.”

“Ray, shut up. I didn’t really like Sam but since he was the only friend I had, I started spending all my time at school with him. We sat by each other in lessons, hung around at break and lunch times and stuff… We practically did everything together. We even went to the bathroom together.” Gerard snorted and I shot him an evil look “Only because the popular guys would hang round in there and if you went in on your own, they’d start picking on you. So anyway, Bob noticed we spent all our time together and he decided to make a joke out of it.”

“Just because you were friends with someone?”

“Ray, Sweetheart, please stop interrupting. He kept saying all this stupid stuff about how he’d seen us holding hands and that whenever we went to the bathroom together, we’d make out with each other. The more I told him to shut up, the more he kept saying stuff like that. Soon the whole school was calling us gay. Sam was okay because when he told his Mom, she insisted he moved schools so Sam got away from it all. But when Sam left things got worse. I got really depressed because I was by myself which of course just made Bob ask ‘Aww, missing your boyfriend?’”

“So you’re saying that Bob’s a bully?” Ray asked. I nodded “I’m sorry but personally, I think he’s changed. He was being really nice to Peter when I got in. And come on, nobody’s nice to Peter.”

It was true. Even though me, Ray, Gerard and Mikey thought we were pretty unpopular we weren’t as unpopular was poor Peter. He had no friends at all and nobody liked him. Nobody left him alone either so he was constantly being picked on and insulted.

“Is it true Frank?” Gerard asked.

I nodded “Yeah he always used to make me feel like shit and-“

“No, I mean, are you gay?”

“No!” I went bright red “Why would you think that?”

“Well it’s just…” Gerard stopped “No, it’s nothing. I was just wondering.”

I looked back across the room at Bob “Look guys, I’m telling you. He’s really mean. I think we should all just stay away from him. It won’t be long till all the gay jokes start up again.”

“I’ll believe it when I say it.” Ray replied smoothly “Now if you don’t mind, you’ve taken up enough of my time and I need to carry on with my work.”

So Ray returned to his English work. I looked down at my English book. I hadn’t done any work apart from my crap drawings. Gerard had done a little work. It was a stupid lesson anyway. We were supposed to be writing a couple of poems or something like that.

I glanced at Gerard “You believe me, right Gee?”

Gerard sighed and said “Look, maybe you should just give this Bob one more chance. You never know what could happen.”

Irritated, I looked back at my work and started writing. I didn’t make up a poem of course. I just wrote down a few song lyrics. Last time I did that I got a merit for excellent poem.

[A/N] – Based on a true story with elements of fiction :3 Hope you like it!
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