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"In your dreams Frank Iero."

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After math Mikey and I part ways. While he heads towards the gym I make my way to the art room. I love art. It’s the only class you’re allowed to be creative in.

I take a seat at one of the work tables, trying my best to ignore the whispers and glances people give me as they enter the classroom. I bet half of them don’t even really know what happened.

Suddenly, a boy with dark hair and a lip piercing appears in front of me. His hazel eyes sparkle with that smile set on his face.

“Hey Amber…do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” he asks.

“I have no idea.”

“Enough to break the ice, baby.”

“In your dreams Frank Iero,” I answer pretending that I don’t find his signature smirk adorable.

“She wants me,” Frank says to a taller boy before moving to sit at the table behind me.

I laugh. Frank is adorable. We spend a large amount of time poking fun at each other. He always has some ridiculous pick up line. It’s cute. Although I’ve had a small crush on the dark haired boy and even though I’m pretty sure he likes me too nothing will ever happen. Neither of us are brave enough to act upon our feelings.

“Make magic,” the teacher says as she walks in.

This is why I love art. We are left alone to do whatever we want. As long as we have something to turn in on Fridays the teacher leaves us alone. Putting my ear buds in I let the music flow through me, my pencil dancing across the blank page in front of me.

Forty-five minutes later a cartoon looking polar bear crashing through ice stares up at me. Slipping the picture into my folder I glance over at Frank. His paper is still blank, hazel eyes set on the drawing of the taller boy. I look at his paper. There is a girl sitting on the ground, a boy standing behind her, hand reaching towards her. It’s really good.

“That’s amazing,” I muse.

The tall, dark haired boy looks down, avoiding eye contact, “Thanks.”

Something in his manor reminds me of the blonde, “You’re Gerard.”

“How do you know?”

“I have classes with your brother,” I answer before heading out into the crowded hallway.

Mikey is already in French. I slide into the seat next to him. He smiles at me, sliding his glasses to the end of his nose. I don’t understand how he can stand having his glasses almost falling off his face.

“I met your brother,” I announce as the professor writes some verbs on the chalk board.

“Oh yeah,” Mikey answers, raising an eyebrow.

“Yup, he’s in my art class. His picture was amazing,” I comment as the bell rings.

A hush falls over the room. Having missed almost three months I’m very behind. Nothing the teacher says makes any sense. I feel lost. Resisting the urge to zone out, I take notes and ask about a million questions. No one in this class whispers, making me feel a little more comfortable.

Fifth period is lunch. Mikey leaves me to go find his brother. As soon as he leaves Amanda shows up.

Amanda Thomas is the most stuck up bitch I know. She only cares about herself and her squad. I happen to be on the squad…that makes my business hers. She’s one of those blonde girls with long, tan legs, a nice ass and big boobs. Guys fall over themselves trying to get her in their beds. It’s stupid. Sometimes I wanna punch her.

“Amber, glad your back. Will you be able to cheer?” she demands as I walk towards the steps where I normally eat lunch.

“Yeah, I can cheer,” I answer.

“Yay!” Amanda cheers, clinging onto her boyfriend’s arm.

Nodding I sit down, pulling my grapes out of my school bag. Amanda goes on and on but I ignore her. Instead I watch as Gerard tries to get rid of his sandwich. No one seems to be interested in it.

“That weird kid is staring at you,” Amanda’s voice breaks through.

“Frank’s not weird,” I respond lazily.

“Yes he is Amber. Normal guys don’t let their bangs get that long, they don’t have tattoos, they don’t pierce their faces and they don’t paint their nails,” Amanda rambles trying to force her opinions on me. “I don’t understand why you even talk to him.”

Grumbling I stand up. I’m so fed up with Amanda and all her shit. It’s just not who I am…not anymore. The blonde looks at me with big blue eyes.

“Look I’d love to stay and bash on people but I’ve got better things to do,” I announce showing the cheerleading captain my middle finger. “See you at practice bitch.”

Pulling out a cigarette I light it as I head towards a little secluded area behind the gym. Sure Amanda will be upset and confused for a few hours. By the time practice rolls around she’ll have forgotten the whole thing. It’s just how she is. Taking a long drag I hear footsteps.

“Go away Frank,” I say.

The dark haired boy pouts as he sits next to me, pulling out his own cigarette, “I just though you’d want some company.”

“And what put that absurd thought in your head?”

“I saw what happened with Amanda,” Frank admits after taking a drag from his cancer stick. “That was pretty neat.”

“It wasn’t anything. I just flipped her off. It happens…see,” I hold my middle finger up for Frank to see. “No big deal.”

“She’s gonna drop you at practice today.”

I laugh, “I don’t think so. The team sucks when I’m not their flier, everybody knows it.”

“That is true; the other girl isn’t as attractive as you.”

I stand up, flicking the butt of my cigarette at the boy, “You just ruined it.”

“Bye baby.”

“Fuck you, Iero…fuck you.”

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