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Chapter 2

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What happened Frank and Jamia?

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Dayum, Its Friday, Frank's party tomorrow. I have this odd feeling of excitment mixed with nervousness.

I walk in the front door of the school just as Mr.Leto was clearing a group of people away, when they were all cleared i could see Frank walk out of the group, i think he was crying? He walkes by me and gives me a little smile before heading to the bathrooms.
Should i follow him? .. Hes probably meeting Jamia there
So i head to first class, English. I sit into my desk and take out my books and just sit there waiting for Mrs.Black to come in, but i couldnt help over-hearing Jake's conversation with Tony.
'Why'd he break up with her?' Tony asked
'I don't know, who cares, Jamia is single now' Jake says getting up and going to sit on Jamias table.
Frank, broke up with Jamia? Whow, i lean over to ask Ray, but then Mrs.Black walks in and bangs the door.
'Okay guys, its you're last day, do what you want' She says, sinking into her seat and reading the newspaper, just as Frank walks in and takes the empty seat behind me, he seems to have cheered up anyways.
'Pssst' I hear frank hiss.
i turn around 'Hey, you okay?' i ask
he nods 'Still on for tomorrow'
I smile 'Yeah, i am'
'Good' he says, smiling like he always used to.
I turn back in my seat and think about it, but i turn back around 'What happened you an---' he's talking to Ray, great.

School went surprisingly fast today, my last day of school ever. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and as soon as i walk out the door i can hear everyone screaming, i cant help smiling. I say goodbye to everyone and walk out the gates of Bellevill Highschool for the last time. I take my time walking home, you know, its weird, i can see Frank's house from my house, its only 2minutes away, maybe i should take a de-tour and see if he's okay.
Just because him and Jamia are over it doesnt mean he loves you.. I shake my head, and just continue my own journey to my own home.

I get home and my mom is just leaving for work, she kisses my cheek and says she will be home soon and my dinner is in the oven. I wish she didn't work so much, and her and my dad split up ages ago, so usualy its just me and Mikey at home untill 8pm or so..

Mikey doesnt come home till' 5pm and he walks in, throws his bag on the ground and jumps on the sofa. 'Geraaaaard' he shouts
'What?' i ask
'Gimmie some coffee please' he begs
'urgg, sure' i reply, and head into the kitchen to make us both coffee.
My mom got home at 8pm excly and i tell her about Frank's party tomorrow.
'Mom, Frank asked me to his party tomorrow night' i say
'Oh, Lucy (franks mom) never mentioned a party when i met her today' she replied
Oh, she usualy mentions these things, it must have slipped her mind.

We all sit down and watch a movie before bed, this is the first time i've wanted to go to bed, cause' when i wake up, it will be the day of Frank's party...
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