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New Story with auditions

by Syphiel 10 Reviews

A new story with auditions

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/01/12 - Updated: 2012/01/13 - 114 words


  • New Story with auditions

    (#) ShakeyHatred 2012-01-12 07:21:41 PM

    Real name: Denise Julianne
    Killjoy name: Burning Diamond
    Appearance: Short, skinny, long dirty blonde hair. Wears eyeliner when she can, and mascara.
    Personality: Hialrious, always knows how to make people smile. Crazy, super hyper and fun to be around. She always knows the right thing to say and can brighten up any mood! She's also tough, and will fight back. She also doesn't like being stetiotyped against.
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): Black skinny jeans, black combat boots. A grey v-neck t-shirt with a dark red jacket. On the back of the jacket is an orange diamond with orange flames around it. Her mask just covers her eyes. It's orange with black outlining the eyeholes, as well as a yellow lightning bolt over the left eyehole.
    Clothes that you would wear to work: Dark skinny jeans, band tee or solid colour shirt. Converse, sweater that matches outfit (usually black or grey)
    Anything else of importance: Not really, add anything or change anything if you need to. I would prefer the personality staying the same though. Like tough attitude.
    Do you care if your character drinks: As long as she doesn't have a drinking problem.

    Good Luck on your story!
    xoxo Diamond
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) drfeelgood 2012-01-12 07:33:21 PM

    Real name: Leslie Johnston
    Killjoy name: Northern Lights
    Appearance: Male, 5'2, naturally dark red hair that's pretty shaggy, blue eyes, very thin
    Personality: Very shy, withdrawn, has a hard time opening up to people, super sensative
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): Black, baggy jeans, a dark blue shirt with a long-sleeved dark green button up over it, horseback riding boots. Mask is a surgical mask with MAKE LOVE NOT WAR written on it
    Clothes that you would wear to work: Probably dark suit pants and the same button-up with a tie.
    Anything else of importance: Has a twin brother, bisexual
    Do you care if your character drinks: Not really no :)

    (Also doing one for my brother)

    Real name: Ryan Johnston
    Killjoy name: Cyanide Killer
    Appearance: 5'8, longish dark red hair cut into layers that's shoulder length, blue eyes, toned
    Personality: Very bubbly and outgoing, friendly, protective, does have some anger issues
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): White t-shirt with multicolored paint splatters, dark red skinny jeans, fake leather thigh-high boots. Mask is a dark red spiked gasmask.
    Clothes that you would wear to work: Probably dark blue suit pants with a white button-up and a black tie with brown shoes
    Anything else of importance: Very openly gay
    Do you care if your character drinks: He won't care

  • New Story with auditions

    (#) Simple_Plan_ 2012-01-12 07:43:43 PM

    Real name:(This isn't my real name, sorry,) Benjamine Conneley
    Killjoy name:Screaming Earthquake
    Personality:Outgoing, hard core
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun):Yellow zebra printed sunglasses, yellow and black bandanna (worn from nose down)
    Clothes that you would wear to work:Camoflauge Army Jacket (waist length),Teal t-shirt, black spots, knee high Red converse, Neon Green Laces, Skinny Jeans, Red, torn and ripped, fingerless grey and black gloves
    Anything else of importance: She has shoulder length black and red hair that is usually spiked up, blue and gold eyes (gold around the edges),
    Do you care if your character drinks:I don't care

  • New Story with auditions

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2012-01-12 09:21:18 PM

    Real name: Candace Black
    Killjoy name: Burned Hurricane
    Appearance: Dark teal eyes, pale skin, mid-back length straight brown-black hair normally worn in braids. 5'5, fairly thin. Wears a lot of eyeliner.
    Personality: Outgoing, perverted, bubbly.
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): Red tank top, black jeans, black knee-high boots. Mask is red with a black diamond pattern.
    Clothes that you would wear to work: White blouse, lemon-coloured skirt that goes to her knees, white fishnets and white heels.
    Anything else of importance: Bisexual.
    Do you care if your character drinks: Not really, as long it isn't too much.
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) Keep_It_Ugly 2012-01-12 10:10:34 PM

    Real name: Aven Frain

    Killjoy name: Nite Killer

    Appearance: Slender. pale skin. black hair. blue gray eyes.

    Personality: guarded but out going

    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but
    not a gun): tank top under a black leather jacket that has nite killer stitiched in the hem. black skinny jeans and biker boots with a black mask with gold trimming around the edges.

    Clothes that you would wear to work: leggings with a skirt and a tee shirt. (Like a care free kinda eork place if possible)

    Anything else of importance:

    Do you care if your character drinks: Nope. Not at all.

    I think that is everything.
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) TheLittleSinner 2012-01-12 10:40:40 PM

    Real Name: Linnea Hawethorne
    Killjoy Name: Crystal Crow
    Appearance: Orangey red hair, with yellow streaks carefully worked in. Big gray eyes. Choppy mid length hair. Bangs are ALWAYS in my face, and a,ways worn diwn. (think, haley williams esque cut.) Rusty red eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner. Scarily pale. Pretty thin. Heart shaped face.
    Personality: Morbid, and cynical to no end, sarcastic as FUCK. Very wise. Quiet. HIGHLY mischievous. Disturbed. Dry sense of humor. Tries very very hard to be unromantic. Truth be told, she is an absolute HOPELESS romantic. (but only few people know) She is also very poetic and deep with her choice of words. Little patience. Very intolerant to stupid ignorance.

    Killjoy outfit: Nothing special. Black and gray striped tank top underneath and opened, cropped, red and black plaid blouse, with a ripped Jean vest over. Ripped black jeans, and battered combat booted with neon green laces. As for a mask, I have this tiger mask. It has x's spray painted in black over the eyes. It's so delightfully creepy. :)

    Clothes I would wear to work: Well, seeing as I'm still a highschooler, probably just my same combat boots, a dark gray Misfits American Psycho tee shirt, ripped skinnies covered in little bits of my own lyrics. (very dark shit) Maybe my black Anthrax hoodie on top.

    Anything else: Hell yeah! I'm a faggot. Lesbo. Dyke. Gay. A chick who likes chicks. "worthless scum" is the most used word though. Right next to "sinner"

    Do you care if your character drinks: Preferably not. I prefer keeping my senses about me. However, I smoke so much it's ridiculous. Same with my consumption of black coffee.
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) Vengefulscout 2012-01-13 03:00:13 AM

    Real name: Emily Toye

    Killjoy name: Vengeful Scout

    Appearance: long brown hair, silver-blue eyes, pale, no make-up, 5'5, rather curvy body

    Personality: shy, quiet, kind, self-concious and caring. Can get easily offended, can cry really easily, is ruthless when killing dracs

    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): dark blue sleevless tee, dark blue jeans, black converse with red stars, black leather jacket with scout symbol in blue. Mask is red with black lightening down the sides with the words "Be prepared for revenge" in white across the top.

    Clothes that you would wear to work: White shirt, black and grey skirt, black tights, black knee high boots, black blazer.

    Anything else of importance: Has a metal plate in her arm after an accident on a motorbike. Is straight.

    Do you care if your character drinks: Up to you :) But does drink a hell of a lot of coffee and Baileys.

    Hope thats all okay! Happy story writing!

  • New Story with auditions

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-01-13 08:10:34 AM

    Real name: Rosie Walton

    Killjoy name: Blood Bunny

    Appearance: shoulder length straight purple hair, hazel eyes paleish, 5'5

    Personality: nice but can be an utter bitch when needed, always sitcks up for fellow killjoys and is quite a jokester

    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): red mask with purple triangles above and below the eyes and black diamonds all over it, white skinny jeans, purple vest top, yellow belt, purple converse, red leather jacket with ripped off sleeves that says blood bunny on the front

    Clothes that you would wear to work: black skinny jeans, black biker boots, purple t-shirt and black blazer. (smart casual)

    Anything else of importance: has a scar on her left hip after a fight

    Do you care if your character drinks: nope :) but she loves vodka and whiskey

    hope you like it
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) EmsJayify 2012-01-13 08:57:33 AM

    Real name: Emma Hayes

    Killjoy name: Poison Revolver

    Appearance: Waist-length bright red hair (which is always down. She hates pony tails in her hair), bright hazel eyes, pale skin, 5'5 & an hourglass figure c:

    Personality: Bright and bubbly, she loves to laugh but can be serious when needed to be. She's quite self-conscious, and People come to her first if they need to talk. She's a hopeless romantic.

    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): Black skinnies, studded belt, old band shirts, fingerless skeleton gloves, purple Doc Martens and a purple jacket like Kobra Kids that says 'Revolver' on the back in loopy black writing.
    Her mask is yellow, with green toxic dripping down it from the top. Triangles are on either side of each eye in black.

    Clothes that you would wear to work: Black skinnies, Biker boots/Black Converse, a white blouse and a black tie & Blazer.

    Anything else of importance: If you're pairing people with the band, then maybe she could like Frank? I don't mind, just a suggestion haha (:

    Do you care if your character drinks: She's all for a good drink, but she doesn't get drunk after a bad experience... She's also the sensible one that'll stay sober so she can take her friends home safely.

    I hope that was alright! Can't wait to read the story!~
  • New Story with auditions

    (#) MCR_Vampire_321 2012-01-13 02:02:15 PM

    Real name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
    Killjoy name: Artistic Accident
    Appearance: Bluey black hair wavy shoulder-length, blue eyes, pale skin, long nails that people think are fake they're currently painted red with black dots so they look like ladybugs :D, size 6 feet :)
    Personality: Really shy around new people. Will open up more around friends. Gullibe. Will do anything she's told to do unless she knows it's wrong. Blushes A LOT, especially if someone compliments or insults her. She can't really stick up for herself.
    Killjoy outfit (including a mask but not a gun): Pink tartan jeans, David & Goliath 'Toasty' tee-shirt, pink Doc Martins, rainbow leg-warmers, grey fingerloss gloves that go up to the wrist. Mask is pink with yellow eyes.
    Clothes that you would wear to work: Black baggy jeans, a plain tee-shirt, white converse.
    Anything else of importance: Scared of the dark. Knows sign language.
    Do you care if your character drinks: She doesn't drink or smoke or anything :3 Because her Dad/Step-Dad used to drink and smoke all the time and she didn't like either of them. She doesn't mind other people drinking or smoking but doesn't like breathing in the smoke.

    Hope I get in and good luck with the story :3 ~ Hozzie

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