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Chapter 4 - The 'Party'

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Gerard goes to Fran'ks party..

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I suddenly get too many butterflies and want to turn back to my house, but i can see Frank's house and i can't turn back, i've been looking forward to this very moment for so long, i just cant give up, not now anyways. Deep breath

I reach the pathway to Frank's house, Umm, it doesn't look like his other parties did, the house is just, plain? Maybe he doesn't want his parents to know? i take another deep breath and walk upto his front door, number 25. I fix my t-shirt down and knock twise on the door, and waited. and waited. nothing, so i knocked again, this time Frank anwsered the door. The smell of his house drifted out when he opened the door, and his face, his perfec---
'Hey' he smiled
'Hello' i reply, stepping inside 'Uh, where is everyone' i say looking around.
'Thats the thing..' he said, closing the door and pulling me gently over to the sofa and sitting me down
'wha- what thing?' i ask.
'Gerard' he says taking a breath 'I need to tell you something'
i feel my face going red and i start to feel hot, even though im only wearing a shirt 'Umm what is it?'
'We've been friends, what is it? like 6 years?' he asks
'Yeah well..i broke up with Jamia, becuase...' he stopped
'Becuase of what, Frank?'
'I..I don't like her'
'ohh' i say, trying not to sound like i got my hopes up.
'i mean, gerard, i don't like HER, i don't like..' he swallows 'i don't like girls'
i look up at him 'What? are you sure?'
Frank nods 'Jamia was a cover up, i like someone..someone else'
'Oh jezz Frank, why didn't you tell me'
'Because.. i like you'
I freeze and find it hard to catch my breath.
Frank Iero, this beautiful man, likes me? Out of all the boys and girls he could like, its [/me.
'What?' i ask
'I like you Gerard'
'Holy crap' i swallow.
'im sorry, i just couldnt hide it anymore, we havent been hanging out these few months and i just nee---'
'Stop' i cut him off, and he looks up at me and i can see tears welling in his eyes. 'Frank, i like you too'
He looks shocked, but he smiles and i pull him into a tight hug. I hear him snuffle. then i let go of him.
'So, what about this party?' i ask smirking
'Ugh' he looks down 'i needed to tell you, and it would be weird if i just asked you over out of the blue again'
'D'aww, you have this planned out' i smile
'of course i do' He smiles.

We watch a copule of movies and then my mom calls me back at 12am. We both stand up and he pulls me into a tight hug again, then kisses my cheek before i walk out.

best. night. ever..
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