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Jane Doe

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Alex's POV

January 5

Dear Diary,
I woke up to the smell of bacon. The moment I smelled bacon, I started freaking out. "Okay, little Chris-monster. I am NOT coming downstairs so you can eat me. If I'm going to die a horribly painful dream-death, you're gonna have to come upstairs and fucking get me yourself. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and waited.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

Should I go downstairs? I'm sitting in the corner of my bedroom, writing my final thoughts.... what if it's just Luke? Is this a dream, diary? Am I freaking out over nothing? Only one way to find out....

an hour later

Thanks diary. It was just my dad, cooking the bacon. Not the Chris-monster. Is it sad that I was disappointed it was just my dad? I'm such a masochist.

I got a text just after breakfast was over (and recieving a strange lecture about why I was calling my dad a Chris-monster). It was from Chris!

Please come over to the studio with Hotterthanyou at 4:30 -ish.
Chris xx

Naturally, I started freaking out. Luke had to come grab me on the shoulders, and smack me on the head. "We're going to be spending a year and a half with this guy, Als. If you freak out now, it will seem unprofessional. He'll kick us out for sure, then." Oh, Luke. always the sensible one.

I thanked him, and ran upstairs to my room, to grab my phone. I sent a mass text to all the band.

Hey my childrens xD
Chris just texted me, saying we all gotta meet at the studio-place-thing at 4:30 ish. I'll drive? Meet at my house in like an hour, k?

After about five minutes, they all texted saying they'll be there. Selena sent me a very disturbing reply, though.

Ohh, Als. Someone likes you. That someone goes by the name of, achem, CHRISTOFER DREW FUCKING INGLE! Oh, without the fucking part, though. I'll see you in 10. Love ya, bestie!

Bitch.... what's she talking about? Haha, diary. She's not a bitch. We call each other that sometimes. Oh crap. I just heard the doorbell ring. BITCH. That was not fucking ten minutes.

I went to answer the door. Selena stared at me for a second, before we both busted out laughing. Luke just shook his head, and walked away.

"If the rest of the band is coming in like 50 minutes, we have 50 minutes to go shopping and get you all prettied up for Chris!"

When I pulled up to the mall, I saw two faces that made me die inside. "Sel?" I asked. "Hmm?" She was texting someone, probably Joseph, her long-time crush. "I saw Caleb and Brandon... standing outside the mall." She looked at me with concern. "I'll protect the wittle Als from her ex-boyfriends" She laughed. "Just park. It'll be okay."

We walked, rather slowly, to the entrance. "Just... I don't know. Laugh?" I asked Selena. "AHAHAHA. Alex! You are almost funnier than your boyfriend!" Sel said loudly, as we passed my exes. They looked curiously at me.

"Look it's no-put-out Alex, and her lesbian friend, Selena. Have you been having fun fucking you two?" Caleb laughed. "Yeah, guys. Alex has a new boyfriend? Right. And I'm going to fucking Harvard. Who is this imaginary guy?" Brandon laughed, and shoved me. These guys are jerks, I can't believe I ever fell for them.

"His name is Chris, right Alex?" Selena shoved me. "Umm... well...." I stuttered, giving my best friend the death-glare. "Told ya, Caleb. She's a liar, and she's bad in bed!" Brandon laughed. "Yeah, I bet this Chris guy doesn't even exist!" Caleb said.

All of a sudden, I felt an arm around my shoulder. "Oh course I exist! Don't I babe?" Chris kissed me on the cheek. How did he he even fucking get here? "Always, sugar." I wrapped an arm around Chris.

I knew that would get to my exes. I used to call both of them "sugar".

"And just so you fucking know, you bastards, Alex is a beautiful girl. If you couldn't wait for her to be ready to have sex with you, then you don't deserve an amazing girl like her." Chris gave them the finger, and led both me and Selena inside the mall.

Crazy day, diary. I'm officially mind-fucked.


Chris's POV

January 5

Dear Diary,
Just to be clear, I was NOT stalking her. Alex, I mean.

I was going to the mall to buy a belt from Hot Topic, you know? I parked my truck in the parking lot, took off my shoes, and walked towards the mall.

That's when I saw her. Alex and that chick who's in her band. They were talking to some dudes! I couldn't help it; I felt a sharp stab of jealousy attack my weak, love-struck stomach.

So, being the absolute fucktard that I am, I dove into the nearby bush and well.... eavesdropped on their conversation. "Told you Caleb, not only is she a liar, she's bad in bed too! I bet this guy doesn't even exist!"

I couldn't take it anymore, I knew they were hurting her, so I walked up and put an arm around Alex's shoulder. "Of course I exist! Don't I babe?" I kissed her on the cheek, hoping she'll play along. I glanced at her friend's shocked expression and giggled to myself.

"Always, sugar" Alex told me, and wrapped an arm around my middle. I felt my knees melt. We were just acting, but suddenly I wanted it to be real, you know?

So I told those fucking jerks off, gave them the finger, and led Als and her friend inside the mall. I walked them up to Starbucks, and then released Alex out from under my arm. I couldn't help but notice, did she look a little disappointed?

"Okay, Ingle. Were you stalking us?" Her friend jabbed a sharp finger in my chest. Ow... "No. I was just coming to the mall to buy a belt, my pants sag too much. It's annoying." Alex giggled. "I saw those damn guys messing with you, so I decided to step in and help before things got... ugly." Alex's friend's steel expression softened.

"Oh!" Alex suddenly jumped. "What, girl? Did Johnny fall down the well?" Her friend cracked up. "Good one!" I said. "Selena, this is Chris. Chris, Selena." I stuck out my hand, which Selena shook briskly. "Oh, I've heard so much about you, Chris!" I looked curiously at Alex, to find her blushing and staring at her beat-up Converse.

I giggled. "Oh? Well, that's good. I really gotta go get my belt, though. I'm supposed to meet up with y'all later." Selena smiled. "Oh, well... We'll be seeing you later, won't we Als?" Alex blushed. "U-um yeah. I-I mean... w-well. Yeah. Bye Chris see you in an hour!" She dragged Selena by the hand, and they were off.

Odd. Did Alex like me? Phshaw. Not likely. I'm just a weird, nerdy, awkward little boy chasing after some angel of a girl. Now I'm gonna be thinking about her all day.

My phone rang, startling me from my thoughts. "Yo, Tay!" I yelled into my phone, as I ducked into Starbucks to get a coffee. "Chris, where the fuck are you, man? We gotta get ready for your band!" I laughed. "Whatever, man. I'm just getting a coffee, then I'll be there in about 30 minutes, k?" I could hear him shake his head. "Hurry." With that he hung up, leaving me with my thoughts, and a bunch of twelve year old girls, oogling at me.

I waved at them, and they giggled. God kill me now. I ordered my coffee, grabbed it, and got the fuck outta there. Besides, I had to go get a belt. Seriously, diary, my pants sagging really bother me.

Well... peace!

Chris X)

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