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Call Me Mister Benzedrine part 2

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I must have passed out because I awoke on a small cot in a grey brick room.It smelt like a hospital mixed with chemicals,dangerous chemicals that is."Dear God,did I finally get admitted to an insane asylum? Where the fuck am I?" I keep asking myself these questions until I hear a voice come from everywhere and nowhere at once."O-ho no,you are not in any asylum Patrick,infact,this is most likely to be much worse!",a happy hypnotic British voice at that.A door opens from God only knows,I did not see a door anywhere in here.A man in a canary yellow suit with a top hat and a feather attatched with a white painted face with what looks like a little heart painted on the center of his lips comes walking in through said door.A predatory smile shows up on his face,"It is so good to see you up Mister Stump!" still looking down at me with that creepy smile,stop it,my face goes pink as I look up at him."Uhh,hi? Could you please tell me where I am and who you are?"

I couldn't help but flinch as he held out his white glove covered hand,for me to shake I presume."Well,I haven't introduced myself yet now have I? That is quite rude,is it not? My name is Mister,or Doctor,whichever you choose,Benzedrine! And you my good sir are in my laboratory,I had Sandman bring you here." I shake his outstretched hand with uneasiness,smiling awkwardly up at him,he's still staring at me like a vultor capturing his prey.He,Benzedrine,Patrick he has a name,pulls his hand back and I rub my neck not knowing what to do next."So,uhm,who is Sandman? Is he your friend or something?" I ask Benzedrine this awkwardly,he looks back at me and smiles once more,Jesus I tell myself I think he is the one who needs to be put into an asylum with a mask and straight jacket."Oh yes,indeed he is.We are quite close really,even if he does drive me up the wall with his crazy antics and braying annoying laughter,and that smile Jesus how could one have so many teeth? But,that's what makes me love him I guess." He tells me this as he walks back to the door.Sounds just like Pete,I suddenly start crying.Benzedrine looks back at me as he hears a sob rip through me and frowns,but doesn't move."Where are you going?" my voice breaks at the end of the sentence,he looks back again and says,"Work,I have more research to do." Before he could close the door I asked,"So you're just going to leave me here then?" "Yes." His voice floats through the crack and then it closes,the door disappearing along with him.I lay back down and cry more,for what reason I do not know.Soon it gets hard to keep my eyes from falling shut and I see him,Pete,and I fall into a deep slumber with a smile on my face.

Benzedrine smiles at the sight of Patrick sleeping through the glass and looks at Sandman."You are always so good at that Sandman." He smiles again as said man comes up and hugs him from behind.Sandman smiles,"Of course I am,Benz,I'm the master of sleep I have to be good at what I do." Benzedrine turns around and kisses him,his left hand holding one of Sandmans hands and the other laces through his hair."Mmm,and that you are Sandman.You know what else you're good at?" Benzedrine asks him teasingly,smirking at the other mans confusion and then a knowing smirk appears on his painted on mouth."I could think of a few things,but what did you have in mind Benz?" He smirks as one of his hands snakes down to squeeze Benzedrine ass,Benzedrines eyes widen but then smirks."No,not that Sandman.Go and get me more tester's,please." Sandman frowns as he pulls away and sulks off,"Come on Benz you're no fun." He states this as he pulls his hood over his head,Benzedrine walks off smirking calling back,"Yeah,and you definitely wont like me if you don't go and get a move on it!" "Jesus,demanding aren't you? That's how I like you Benz." He laughs as he leaves,lightning striking overhead lighting up the whole den.Benzedrine sighs and gets back to work,there is so much to do in so little time.
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