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Coming Unglued IVc

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After the events of Asylum, the Kents help Clark deal with what has happened.

Category: Smallville - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Clark Kent, Other - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-06-23 - Updated: 2006-06-23 - 418 words

Lana sat on her bed, her injured leg extended straight out in front of her. She was re-reading some of her old journal entries and going through boxes and boxes of pictures, some of which were hers, others that Chloe had given her to look through. Chloe's pictures showed her the dynamic that used to exist between Pete, Clark, and Chloe before she had become a part of their group. Chloe had a tendency to photo-document even the most mundane of gatherings, and she often wrote witty commentary on the backs of the photos. So far, she had found three pictures of Clark staring off into space, with the caption, "Clark and his Lana-gazing." Even though she was alone, she found herself blushing furiously. She had not known how long Clark had had a crush on her.

She had also discovered just how many of her journal entries contained something about Clark, several of them detailing various times that he had rescued her from danger. Tears hung in her eyelashes at the memory of the deep sadness in his eyes as she turned her back on him for the second time. Why did he even like her? What had she ever done for him? She was the one who attracted danger, Pete had been right. Clark showed up time and time again to stop it.

All of those rescues, and she could not think of a single thing she had ever done to help him. Had she ever even bothered to check up on him after he risked life and limb to save her? How many times had he been upset and she had done nothing helpful? How many times had he limped away to tend his hurts alone? Did his parents know how much danger their son had been in all because of Lana? She remembered standing with him after the explosion on the Kent farm that had precipitated his running away to Metropolis. He was the one having a crisis, and all she had managed to do was cry. How many times had she become angry with him undeservedly? He had made one request of her - to bring food for Lex, and even then, he had called for her help only when he was at the end of his own wits. It had been pure chance that things had turned out badly, not Clark's fault. Now she knew that, but did she have the strength to make amends? Lana sighed. She wasn't sure that she did.
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