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So close.......

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Andy and I had stayed up until dawn talking. Steve had made us stay fully dressed, only letting us take our shoes off. Not even our socks.

We just lay under the covers, our hands tangled between us. After a while, we just fell into a peaceful silence as I relaxed in his arms. I fell asleep there, apparently.

All I remember from that Sunday morning was waking up to the covers being ripped away by an enraged Steve. I don't know what he was thinking.

I mean if we had been doing something, he'd have see us both naked. Then he'd probably freak out over Andy's awesome abs that I just wanted to lick....... Wow, I can't believe I just thought that!

Okay! Reel yourself in, Destiny. I shook myself mentally, glaring up at Steve as the cold air gnawed at my bare arms.

Excuse you.” I took the thick blanket back. He shook me roughly.

“You have school.” he murmured. I looked over my shoulder and hissed at him.

“Do not. It's a four day weekend. Besides, it's Sunday, smart one.” I buried my face in Andy's chest, trying to ignore my brother as he bounced on the bed.

“True. But we still have things to do today. You need to get up.” I groaned a no and squeezed my eyes against the harsh light as he turned it on.

“Get up!” he shouted.

“No.” I groaned again.

“Now!” he sounded like he was getting ready to do something.

No.” Andy and I groaned together.

“Okay.....” hands connected with my ass through the duvet and sheets. I yelped and jolted upright. Steve grinned and ran out of the room.

I took off after him, leaving Andy laying alone, watching me. “I'm gonna kill you!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. He laughed as he danced around the island, me right behind him.

“Oh, relax! Morgan, come on out with it!” he called down the hall. I lunged quickly, meaning to grab him from behind.

I was flipped over his shoulder, my arm twisted behind my back. Morgan looked at us and shook his head, pulling something out of a small black bag. I froze, making Steve drop his hold on me.

“What the hell is that?” I looked from Morgan to Steve. “No, really. What is that?” I took the silky fabric in my hands. Andy came around the island and kissed my cheek as I stared.

“What's this?” he looked at the foreign black bikini in my hands. The pattern was cute, actually. Black background with white skulls littering the whole piece, little bows on some of their skinless heads.

“We thought it would be a good day to go to the beach.” Morgan shrugged. “We got you something too, angel boy.” he pulled out a pair of black trunks and tossed them at Andy.

I stared at him. “What, are you two high? I just got this done last night.” I pointed to my back. “And Stella just died.” I said a little sadly.

“We know. But it's not like Stella would want us to sit around and do nothing. I know for a fact that she'd want to see your little friend here shirtless. And for the ink.......don't be such a wuss. I'll clean it for you after we get out.” Steve murmured.

My eyes narrowed at the small challenge he'd thrown out. “Fine. But I'm staying the hell out of the sun!” I took the bikini and went back to Andy's room. He followed, but I shut the door. “I'll be just a minute.” I said, stripping my shirt and bra off carefully.

I put the bikini on under my clothes and let my hair down. After a quick toss of it, I opened the door, throwing my bra and underwear into the clothes basket before he could see them.

He pouted as he walked in, placing his hands on my hips. “Now why couldn't I have been in here?” he looked down at me, his eyes sad and taunting. I laughed and leaned up, catching his lips with mine.

“Because you would have died.” I smiled and pulled away. “Do you remember how to put on a swimsuit?” he shook his head. I giggled slightly and took the trunks out of his hands. “It's just like a pair of pants. Just no underwear.”

He stared at me for a second. “Okay.” he shrugged and started to unbutton his pants. I turned away quickly, resisting the urge to look back at his naked lower half.

I'd seen his naked upper half yesterday. More than once, to be honest. I bit my lip hard, forcing myself to stay calm.

“Okay, you can look now.” he chuckled. I turned, my face red. He was standing in his trunks, making my mouth water.

“You can take your shirt off when we get there.” I patted his chest and walked past him. He hadn't even shut the door. The thought of one of the guys getting a look at his sexy ass made me want to laugh and growl at the same time.

Steve and Morgan were waiting in the living room by the stairs. They were both already dressed and grinning. “All the stuff is in the van already. We even have towels and a beach blanket.” they beamed.

“You got rocks?” Everyone who's ever gone to a beach knows you gotta weigh the blanket down so it doesn't blow away. Or worse, blow away with all your shit on it. They nodded, throwing a glance behind me.

Andy's strong hand took mine. We walked over to the guys and went down the stairs. I noticed that none of us were wearing shoes.

Even Andy and I had taken our socks off. The cold tile of the shop bit at my feet. One good thing about living in Florence was the beach. The warm waters were pushed up from California up to Oregon and Washington so the water was never cold.

“I say we hit Heceta. It should be pretty dead.” the guys nodded from the front while Andy and I held on for dear life in the back.

“Good idea. If we park along Foulweather, we can just stick on Heceta Beach and be there in about thirty minutes!” Morgan said, taking a left. I zoned in and out as we drove, blasting Bullet For My Valentine the whole way.

So when we parked, I was a little confused. Until I glanced out the window and saw the beautiful spread of the ocean and sand before me.

I grabbed Andy's hand and dragged him out of the van, taking my shirt off as I stepped into the soft sand. The rocky peaks of the land stood in rough contrast to the oddly sunny day.

As I had predicated, we were all alone here. We picked up the big beach bag and carried it almost all the way to the ocean's edge. Chills wracked my body as I watched the tide pull in and out.

The second we'd laid out the blanket and set everything down, I was stripping, tugging my shirt and pants off. “Wait!” Steve shouted before I could shoot into the blue waters. He grabbed my shoulders and pealed off the bandage from last night.

He rubbed something over it. The soothing effect didn't ease my excitement and bouncing as I tried to stay still for him. “Okay, that should keep the salt out.” he moved his hands and let me run free.

The second my knees got wet, I dove in and swam into the deeper waters. The warm water washed around me, making me smile and laugh as I came to the surface. “Come on, guys!” I yelled out to them, waving my hand in the air.

They all took their shirts off and ran forward. Morgan and Steve dove right in like I had. Andy froze as the water licked at his legs.

“Andy?” I came closer to him. “Come on. I'm right here.” He took a deep breath and shook himself.

He jumped in and struggled over to me. I grabbed his hands and floated there with him. “Kick your legs and move your arms.” I let go slowly.

Once he'd gotten the hang of it, we swam out into the deep waters. I dove down to the sand and grabbed a shell. Andy was waiting at the surface as I rose the fifteen or twenty feet up to him.

I pushed my hair out of my face and handed him the shell. “Cool, huh? Wanna try diving?” he nodded, a smile on his face. “Okay. But first you need to practice holding your breath. Now I'm gonna take you deeper and deeper until we hit the bottom, okay?” he nodded again.

With a deep breath, we took each other by the shoulders as I stopped him from kicking, wrapping my legs around his. We sank a good six feet before air bubbles rose out of his mouth.

I threw him up with as much force I could. As he broke the surface, I kicked twice and was next to him again. “Its a little awkward at first. You just gotta relax under there. If you panic, you drown.”

He nodded, his hair flopping into his eyes. “Yeah. I've never swam before so this is all new.” I looked at him. “And no, not in my first life, either.” he grinned at me.

“So you've never done this? Ever before?” he shook his head. “At least you're not dying yet.” I shrugged and beamed at his shocked face. “Come on.” we dove again and again until our feet touched the soft sand.

Well, his touched first, tall bastard. God I love him. We bent and grabbed the same shell before we kicked off, slicing through the water and to the surface.

We swam back to shore and walked over to the blanket, the sand getting between our toes. The shell we'd grabbed had looked like an oval in the water. But when we turned it, water dripped out of the jagged heart shape.

The look on my face must have been amazing because Andy pulled me into a gentle hug. “See. Told ya God was still with me.” he kissed my forehead.

I tipped my head back, looking into his icy eyes. A small laugh escaped my lips as I kissed him.

And chapter 6 is done! How loves me? EVERYONE!!! Lol jk.

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