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8. Shock or Terror

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He pulled away and looked at me, his eyes wide and full of either shock or terror, I wasn’t sure. “Get in the bathroom and lock the door – now!”

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I walked hesitantly beside Frankie. My hand tightly clutched his to the point where the bones in my fingers hurt, and my breath was coming rapidly. The thick fog stuck to my skin and further created an atmosphere of doom and gloom. A foreboding feeling consumed my every cell as we made our way to the address given to us by the guys. “Babe, are you sure we’re supposed to meet them here?” Frankie just nodded and we trudged onwards. We stopped in front of an abandoned warehouse, a totally cliché place to get murdered. “This can’t be it, Frankie. I don’t want to go in there.” He just sighed and pulled me towards the door. As he opened the heavy metal door, the hinges creaked loudly and a bang was heard off in the distance. A smell that I couldn’t identify invaded my senses. I felt my fangs extend as a guttural growl rumbled deep in my chest.

A scream erupted from my lips as I sprung from the bed, throwing Frank to the floor in my haste to get away from the terrible dream. The feeling of terror and adrenaline was still very fresh in my system, my fangs still extended, and my body involuntarily crouched – ready to pounce. Quickly I was being encased in fleshy constraints as Frank ran to me and wrapped me tightly in his arms, cooing and shushing in my ear.

“It’s okay, Ava, calm down. It’s alright, baby, I’m here.”

My mind was racing and my body was locked in defense mode. I attempted to fight him off of me, but he was stronger, throwing me down on the bed and restraining me. Slowly, reality flooded my senses and I began to relax, and then to cry. “Oh my God, it was so real, Frankie. I could smell it! It was so real!”

“Baby, it was just a dream…only a dream. You’re safe with me, everything is okay.”

A sudden realization hit me and I turned to look into his golden hazel eyes. “No, it is definitely not okay. They’re going to go for the band first. They will trap us and we will be defenseless.”

Frank sat back and looked at me for a moment before shaking his head. “No, no - Gee’s too smart for that. It was just a dream, Ava. Nothing is going to happen to the guys.”

I nodded and relaxed a bit. Maybe I was overreacting, thinking too much into a meaningless dream. The events of the past 24 hours had been surreal to say the least, and it was just my subconscious’ way of coping. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling. “You’re probably right. Okay, I’m sorry for freaking out.”

“Don’t worry about it. But – the next time you throw me out of our bed, I’m kicking your ass.”

“Our bed? I like the sound of that.” I said with a smile and shoved him playfully.

He smiled and leaned forward to brush his lips lightly against mine, teasing me. He licked at my bottom lip. As I moved to embrace the kiss he giggled and slipped from my grasp, leaving me to fall forwards onto the bed. “Ugh!”

“I’m starving! Are you starving?” he asked as he made his way to the kitchenette. He pulled on the door to the refrigerator, the glass jars of condiments and what not in the door clinking together as the seal released. “I don’t have a whole lot…hmmm what about peanut butter and jelly pancakes?”

“What?! Are you serious?”

“No, come on! It’s good, I promise. Just sit there and I will make them for you. You will really like them. I invented them myself!”

The thought of peanut butter and jelly pancakes perplexed me. On one hand, they did sound like they would be pretty good, but then again it was such an odd combination. I threw my hands up in surrender and made my way to the couch, plopping down lazily before grabbing the leather-bound journal from the coffee table. “I wish your Ma would have told us who wrote this book, or at least where it came from.”

“I know, right.” he said as he began messily mixing the pancake batter.

I flipped through the pages, letting them fan out as I enjoyed the soft flapping of the paper and the dull ‘thunk’ of the cover slapping against the pages. I opened it back up to the first page and began to read what appeared to be a handwritten letter.

I’m sorry that I have had to leave you in this situation. Know that I love you deeply, and I do not want to be apart – but for the safety of you and our child, I must leave. I know we both knew that this day could come and what we were getting ourselves into when we started this fated romance. I never expected to feel so strongly for a woman like you, but you are special. The understanding and compassion you have showed me has opened my eyes to a new way. Maybe there is a way to stop this hatred of the species. Maybe I can convince them eventually. But for now, my love, I cannot put my family in danger. It tears my heart apart to know that our son will not know me. I promise I will watch over him, darling. I will always be in the shadows; I will not miss out on the precious milestones. And when it is time, I will return for him, and show him the way. Shelter him as long as you can, but please let him understand who he is. I am leaving you this journal so that you will have some form of guidance when I cannot be here. There are others I will send to contact you. You will be able to identify them by asking to see their birthmark. There will be a small, yet identifiable mark on their left wrist. It will look similar to a faded star. If they refuse, or do not have this marking – do NOT invite them into your home. There is so much more I wish I could tell you, but at this time I must go. I am so sorry, darling. You are a strong woman, and you are more than capable of protecting our son. I will be watching out on my side. I love you both.
With all my soul,

As I looked up from the note to Frank, my eyes began to tear. His father loved him so much and left to protect him. I closed the book and set it back on the coffee table. I stood and made my way over to Frank, circling my arms around his waist and pulling him against me as I kissed his cheek.

“What’s that for?” He turned and smiled at me, spatula in hand.

“You should really read the first page of that book your Ma gave us. It’s all about you.”

His eyes widened and he glanced over my shoulder to the coffee table then back to me. “I will, but first – we feast!” He pulled me back to the couch and handed me a plate with what looked like a burnt pregnant pancake.

I smiled and accepted the food, my stomach growling, despite the appearance. “Uh, babe…it’s a little burnt, yeah?”

He laughed and shook his head, “Nope, it’s Cajun.”

I smiled and dug in, and to my surprise it was amazing. It tasted just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but warm and gooey and buttery. “Oh wow, this is [//]good!”

He nodded, and with a full mouth said, “I know!”

After we finished breakfast, I offered to clean up while he read. He was finished before me – man was he a messy cook. I sat beside him on the couch as he sat there stunned. He looked at me, tears in his eyes and as our eyes locked it was if I could read his thoughts, feel his anguish and I began to cry as well. I pulled him into my arms and as he laid his head on my chest and cried, I ran my fingers through his hair in an attempt to sooth him. Our moment was soon disturbed by a knock on the door. Frank and I both sat up, startled and looked at each other as the thunderous knock boomed through the tiny apartment a second time. I nodded to him and stood, making my way to the door.

“Who’s there?”

“I need to speak with Frank!”

I didn’t recognize the voice; it wasn’t one of our guys. I looked through the peephole to see a dark man standing there with his head bowed. My hand shook as I placed it on the knob. “Show me your left wrist.” I demanded through the heavy wooden door. Frank appeared beside me, his hand on my lower back as he peered through the peephole.

He pulled away and looked at me, his eyes wide and full of either shock or terror, I wasn’t sure. “Get in the bathroom and lock the door – now!”
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