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For the first time it what seemed like a lifetime I could breathe again

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Frank`s pov
I stare up at the tangled raven haired boy, my eyes deep chocolate pools of confusion.
“I could never hate you Frankie.” He tells me softly, his hazel green eyes glazing over with salty tears. “Never.” He repeats; slowly leaning in, our faces mere millimetres apart, so close that I can feel his warm breath on my lips, almost taste the mint and nicotine.
Suddenly Gerard`s chapped, wind bitten lips recklessly crash down to mine, tasting of the coffee he loved so much and cigarettes. My eyes widen with shock, but it didn`t once occur to me to pull away and before I know it I am kissing him back hungrily, our lips working against the others frantically as if our lives depended on it.
This is wrong, this is so very wrong. My mind tells me, but I push the unwanted thought away far, far away and continue kissing him with all the force and energy I could muster, enjoying ever sinful minute of it.
He us using you Frankie, he doesn`t love you. Stop it! The irritating, weak voice demands but I ignore it easily, happily.
Gerard`s pale, shaking hands suddenly reach around to the back of my neck, pulling me even closer to his warm, perfect body. With a sudden bought of courage I gently flick my tongue over his pink lips, earning a delightful, deep groan form the pale skinned boy, who eagerly grants me entrance into his warm, willing mouth.
A small part of em knew that I shouldn`t be doing this but I was unable to stop myself from reacting against his loving touch. I was unable to even form the will to want to even try. I was in bliss, pure bliss. Right now there past hellish months without my best friend seemed like nothing but a blurred, distant horrible nightmare, that had suddenly been overshadowed by fireworks and colour and love. I didn`t care anymore about finding out why Gerard supposedly hated me, though judging by the way he was kissing me it didn`t appear he hated me at all. All that mattered to me was the present, this perfect, amazing moment in time.
“Frankie…I-I don`t know what to say.” Gerard was the first to pull away, harshly breaking the knee melting, electrifying kiss, shattering the new found happiness and hope I had felt.
I smile shyly up at him from behind my scruffy fringe, and hesitantly place a trembling finger under his pale chin, tilting his head up to look at me.
“Don`t say anything then.” I tell him, crashing my lips to his forcefully, moaning shamelessly into his mouth when I suddenly feel his warm, wet tongue lick slowly, teasingly over my lips.
The past hellish months no longer mattered, they were not important. All that matter now was that I was here, with Gerard and we were together.
I hadn`t realised sit before, how I have no idea, but I loved him. I loved the tall, raven haired boy with the ghostly skin and cryptic, mysterious ways. He was my world, and I wouldn`t ever let him leave my side again.
“I`m so, so fucking sorry Frankie.” Gerard says after god knows how long of kissing, gasping for breath, as was I.
“For everything. For ignoring you, for being a total dick. For everything I just…”He sighs, running a shaking hand through his tangled, dark hair. “I love you Frank Iero. And I didn`t want to risk you finding out and hating me for it.” he sighs again, continuing. “I thought I was doing the best for us both, but I wasn`t. every second without you hurt like-“
“Hell.”I nod, finally understanding. “I wouldn`t have hated you Gee.” I smile up at him, speaking softly.
His eyes widen with joyful surprise, the hazel green orbs gleaming beautifully in the dimming daylight.
“I love you too Gerard Way.” he smashes his bruised lips to mine once more, and I kiss back enthusiastically, savouring every last second, wishing we could stay like this forever.
“We should go home, shouldn`t we?” He nods, squeezing my hand gently, kissing the tip of my nose, making me giggle.
We begin to walk slowly out of the park where ewe had met so many years ago, and stroll back in the direction of my house, hands still intertwined. I used to think that the best memory here was meeting him that fateful day, but it wasn`t anymore. It was today, this moment, when I finally realised my true feelings for the other boy. I know how cheesy this may sound, but this was really the best day of my life.
“What do we tell everyone?”
He shrugs his shoulders carelessly. “The truth. What does it matter if they don`t accept it? I love you and that’s all that matters.” I stop walking to slowly kiss his pale, soft check, having to use my tip toes to reach him.
“How did I ever deserve you?” Gerard muses and we carry on walking hand in hand, not a care in the world for the first time in so many years of fighting to be accepted in this bleak, cold world.
For the first time it what seemed like a lifetime I could breathe again, my smiles were no longer fake and plastered on, they were genuine. All because of the beautiful boy stood next to me. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought, we knew how we felt and that was enough, more than enough.

"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships--the ones that last-- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is...suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with."
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