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Chapter One.

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Kaelin moves home to Chicago after 5 years, not sure what to expect.

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Kaelins POV:
It had been five years since I left home (Chicago) for school (Miami), and two years since I had last been home. It hadn’t been as easy as I thought it would be to find a job after graduating, and I didn’t have the money to stay in Florida as much as I would have liked. So now here I am sitting on the plane going home, forced to move back in with my parents until I find a job.

I was extremely nervous about going home. I hadn’t seen let alone talked to any of my old friends since the last time I was home two years ago. No one but my family even knew I was coming back. The remainder of the flight I thought about how weird it was going to be being back home, living in my old bedroom that looked exactly the way it did when I was sixteen.

Before I knew it the flight attendant came onto the overhead speaker and instructed everyone to prepare to land. Fifteen minutes later I was anxiously walking off the plane looking for my family. I was surprised to find only my dad. He had a huge smile plastered on his face as he waved and walked towards me embracing me in a bear hug.

“Hey dad.” I breathed out as he loosened his grip.

“Hi Sweetie, I’m so glad your home. Let’s go get your bags.” I smiled and followed him to the baggage claim.

“So where’s mom and everyone else?” I wondered out loud.

“They’re at home.” “Oh.” I sighed a little upset that they didn’t come to meet me.

The car ride to our house was spent catching up. Dad mostly talking about what the family had been up to lately while I talked about school and my life back in Florida. It was about 2 ½ hours till we pulled into the familiar neighborhood. I got a little excited as we pulled up to the house; I hadn’t realized how much I missed home until now.

“Man it feels good to be home.” I smiled, stepping out of the car.

“We’re glad you’re finally home. We’ve missed you Kae.” My dad replied grabbing my bags from the trunk, walking through the garage as I followed.

My dad opened the door and walked through the dark house, which I thought was odd but didn’t think much about it. We reached the living room and he finally turned on a light.

“SURPRISE!” I jumped a tad frightened. I glanced around the room noticing my family and all of my old friends. I hadn’t expected to see any of them considering I hadn’t talked to most of them in almost two years.

“Wow” I said slightly speechless. I walked to greet my mom first.

“Mom, I don’t know what to say, this is the best welcome home present ever. I love you!” I muttered out as I hugged her. Sitting on the couch next to where my mom stood was my younger brother who was sixteen and looked like he would rather be anywhere but here.

“Welcome home sis, its nice to see you.” I said sarcastically as I pulled my brother Spencer up into a hug. He wrapped one arm around me quickly before sitting back down.

“Well unlike him I’m totally excited your home, I missed you so much.” I heard my twin sister Brailey’s familiar voice from behind me. I turned around and smiled as I gave her a big hug. As we let go of each other she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me over to our friends. I didn’t know what to expect as we joined their circle.

“Hey guys, thanks for coming.” I said awkwardly not know what to say.

“We’re only here because Brailey begged us to come and threatened to not let us backstage at The Metro anymore.” One of my old friends, Kirsten, replied.

“Don’t mind her, she’s still a little butt hurt that we haven’t heard from you in so long.” My old best friend laughed as she pulled me into a hug, which surprised me.

Other than Kirsten, everyone forgave me for not keeping in touch and things pretty much went back to how they were before I left. The rest of the night was spent catching up and reminiscing on old times. My parents had gone upstairs to bed a few hours ago letting us catch up. Before I knew it I was dozing off, I was extremely tired after traveling all day.

“Okay well I’m about to pass out, so I think I’m going to go up to bed. We’ll have to hang out and catch up some more soon.” I said as I stood up and hugged all of my friends.

“Don’t worry we already have just about your entire summer planned out.” Allie joked as she said goodnight and left with the rest of my friends.

Brailey and I walked upstairs together before saying goodnight and going off to our rooms. I opened the door to my room looking around, just like I suspected nothing had changed. I found my bags lying on my bed; I grabbed my pajamas and moved the bags deciding to unpack tomorrow. I climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.
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