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Date Night

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Mike and Stella finally go on that date and get to know each other.

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Chapter Twenty-One: Date Night:

Stella met Mike at the end of his driveway. He met the wolf demon around six o'clock. She gave him a little smile.

"So where to?" Stella asked. Mike shrugged.

"Where ever," he said. She looked at him funny.

"Not very romantic, are you?" she joked.

"Hey, I'm old," he said with a cigarette in his mouth. Stella stuck out her tongue.

"No!" she said.

"Yes, yes," Mike replied. "I am." Stella smiled at him.

"Let's talk about this in a warmer place," she said.

"Sure," her date replied.

They went to the nearest bar. Mike paid for both drinks. Stella turned to him with her cigarette in hand.

"So tell me," she said. "I know how I got to Japan. But what about you? How was an American demon in a Japanese Hell?" Mike lit up his second cig.

"Ah. Some paperwork got mixed up," he said.

"And it never got fixed?"



"Yeah." Mike took another puff. "But, not too bad."

Stella eyed him. "Oh? How so?"

"I got to meet Emiko, Hotaru, and Kazue. Sure, they drive me nuts, but that's their job." He turned to Stella.

"And you?"

"What about me?"

Mike gave her a little smile. "Why are you here? In Japan, I mean."

Stella sat back some. "Ah, that."

"Yeah that."

"Whew. Where to begin? Well, there was a man."

"A man? What about him?"

"I was young and stupid. Met him in New York. It just kind of happened, you know?"

"Okay. And then what happened?"

Stella sighed. "My parents hated him."


She pressed her lips together. "I'm a wolf demon."

"Okay. So?"

"He's... whew-wee." Stella looked around a bit before leaning into Mike's ear. The truth only took three words to say. He gave her a funny look.

"How was that even possible?" he asked. Stella shrugged.

"Like I said," she said. "It just happened. One day, he invited me to Japan. I said yes without a thought." She curled her fingers around her cigarette as she flicked out the ashes.

"My parents cut me off. They fucking cut me off, man. But, I didn't care. I was dumb and in love." She paused for a moment.

"Let me guess," Mike said. "It didn't turn out well." Stella shook her head.

"The worst!" she said.

"Want to talk about something else?" he asked.

"Yeah." Then, Stella remembered her previous curiosity.

"Say," she said. "How old are you really, Mike?"

He gave off a nervous laugh. "Back to that again, huh?"

"Come on! You can tell me!"

"Why are you so interested in my age?"

"Just cause."

"Just cause why?"

"You said you were old and now I have to know."

"You really want to know?"


Mike flicked out his cigarette. "Fine. I died in '69."

"Okay. What year were you born?"


"Wow. So you were twenty-eight when you died."


"And you're in your sixties now?"

Sweat drop on Mike's head "Please don't remind me."

Stella chuckled. "Alright."

Felt nice for a change. No rush. No pounding. Just two adults talking. Maybe something could happen. Mike glanced at his date.

"Hey Stel," he said.

"Yes?" she asked.

"You want to get out of here?"


"Too noisy."

"And go where?"

Mike shrugged. "Anywhere. Anywhere quiet."

Stella gave him a little smirk. "Why do you want to go to a quiet place?"

"Felt like it."

She repressed a snicker. "Oh! I see. Naughty boy!"


"You know what!"

"Geez. Must everything be sexual for you and Lucy?" (A joking matter, of course.)

"Well, do you want sex or not?"

"Maybe... Depends!"

"Depends? On what?"

Mike took her wrist. "On where this date will go."

Stella didn't speak at first. She only gave him a little smile. "My place or yours?"

"Yours, definitely! I don't want those girls eavesdropping on us!"

"Fair enough. Fair enough."

"Shall we good now?"

"Hold it, cowboy! Let me finish this smoke!"

"Of course."

Stella gave him a little smirk. "Thanks, man."

Mike smiled back. "Sure."

But outside, someone watched them. Someone not happy about this date. Someone jealous of Mike. Someone who wanted to give Stella hell. Someone... Stella knew personally. They followed the couple back to Stella's apartment.
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