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Chapter Three.

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The next morning I woke up to a killer headache. I looked over and Allie and Brailey were both still passed out. I checked the clock; it was almost one o’clock in the afternoon. I slid out of bed trying not to wake Al and Brai. I walked out to the kitchen to get an Advil and water. Mostly everyone had already left, except Pete who sat on the couch watching TV.

“What are you still doing here?” I questioned as I grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and washed down the two pills.

“Didn’t feel like going home. Plus I wanted to talk to you about last night.”

“What about last night?” I had a foggy memory of what happened last night, I don’t remember much after the fifth game of beer pong.

“About what almost happened before Patrick rushed you away from me.” I tried hard to remember but could only recall bits and pieces of the night. “And by the look on your face you don’t remember anything. So I guess I’ll just go home now.” He shook his head as he stood up and shut the TV off.

“Pete wait, don’t go. Tell me I’m sure it will come back.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down onto the couch.

“This almost happened.” He said as he grabbed my face and kissed me. I was startled at first but then I started kissing him back. It felt right. He laid back pulling me on top of him. The kiss started to intensify. My head was screaming for me to stop but my heart was saying don’t stop now. I knew I had to listen to my head; I was smarter than this. We had to talk before we rushed into anything. I pulled back still laying on top of him and smiled, he smiled back and reached up to kiss me again but I sat up.

“What’s wrong?” He asked confused.

“Nothing. I just don’t want to rush into anything without talking about all this first. We’ve been friends for so long and I don’t want to jeopardize that. I care too much about you to risk our friendship for meaningless sex. Plus I just got home; we haven’t even had time to catch up on the past two years of our lives. How do we know the feelings we used to have for each other are still there. We’re different people than the stupid teenagers we used to be…” I rambled, not sure if anything I was saying was actually making sense. Pete put his hand over my mouth shushing me before I went on and on about nothing.

“First it would never just be meaningless sex with us. Secondly I’ve loved you since the day I met you and you know that. But I guess I agree we should talk about this before we ruin what we have. Come with me, let’s go for a walk.” He grabbed my hand and started for the door.

We walked, hand in hand, not saying a word. We reached a park and Pete led us towards the swings. We both sat down, but didn’t swing. Pete turned his swing towards mine and puts his hands on my legs turning me to look at him.

“Okay let’s start with what you’ve been doing with yourself for the last two years.” He smiled. That smiled could melt any girl’s heart; especially mine.

We sat there and just talked about everything and anything for what felt like hours. After a lot of catching up, we just swung and joked around a bit. It was always easy with Pete. We were so at ease with each other. There was never any awkwardness. We could sit and not say a word and be totally comfortable.

“It’s always been so easy with you, and that scares me. I feel like if we to start dating and anything were to happen I would be broken forever. I don’t think I could bare life with out you in it. You don’t realize how lost I’ve been these past two years not having you and I know that’s my fault but…” I stopped myself before I got too emotional.

There were so many times when I wanted to pick up my phone and call him but I always stopped myself. I don’t know why, I guess I thought I was doing the right thing trying to move on from this stupid high school crush. I tried dating other guys but none of them were Pete.

“That’s what makes us great, we know each other inside and out. We are perfect for each other, we always have been. We need to decide if being together is worth risking our friendship or not.” He looked at me waiting for a response but I didn’t say a word. I knew what I wanted but I was scared.

“I want everything with you Kael. High risk, high reward, Right? I know I am going to love you and be with you for the rest of my life. So you don’t need to be scared.” He stated reassuring me of everything I wanted to hear.

“Okay!” I smiled. “Okay? So you’re ready to jump into this 100%?” He asked. “Yes! I lo…” Pete placed his lips on mine before I could finish my sentence. As we pulled apart Pete whispered, “I love you” in my ear.

“Hey I was about to say that before you cut me off with that kiss.” I pouted.

“I know. I wanted to say it first though.” He smirked. “Fine.” I said as I kissed him again.

We figured Brai and Allie were up by now and probably wondering where I was, so we decided to head back to the house. We walked in the front door hand in hand to find Brailey and Allie sprawled out on the couch watching a movie. They both perked up when they noticed us walking in.

“What! What’s this?” Brailey asked jumping up from the couch and grabbing our hands.

“Brailey, I would like you to meet my boyfriend Peter Wentz.” I laughed.

“Are you serious? About damn time.” Brailey replied as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Aw, I always knew you two would make the cutest couple ever since we used to chase you around the playground and you ran away from us cause we had cooties.” We all laughed at Allies comment.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and recovering from the night before. At about 9 PM Pete decided he should probably go home since he hadn’t been since yesterday morning. Brai and I decided to head out with him, that way Allie didn’t have to drive us home later.

“Thanks Pete, see you later. Kae, I’ll be up in your room waiting for you so we can talk about this.” She smiled pointing back and forth between Pete and me. As soon as she shut the door Pete laughed and look at me.

“I wonder what she is going to say about this.” He joked imitating my sister.

“I think she’s been waiting for this to happen before I even realized I had feelings for you. She’s probably bursting inside waiting for me upstairs.” I laughed.

“It’s okay, she can wait a little longer. You’re mine right now.” He replied as he leaned in to kiss me. The kiss started to intensify until Pete pulled away.

“I wish I had my own place, cause if I did we wouldn’t be sitting here in my car right now. It’s too weird sneaking girls up to my room in my parent’s house.”

“Oh. Do you sneak girls home often?” I asked jokingly. Pete was silent.

“Pete, It’s okay. I was only joking. I know you’ve been with other girls, just like I’ve been with other guys. But we don’t have to have this conversation now.” That is always an awkward conversation, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

“No it’s alright. Way not get it out of the way now.” I was sort of scared to know how many girls he had been with. He is in a band and I’ve heard stories about what happens on the road.

“I know you probably think I’ve been with hundreds of girls since I’m always touring and what not. But truth is I’ve only had three girlfriends and one-night stands aren’t my thing. I’ll admit I’ve tried it. Our first tour I went a little crazy, it’s hard to resist when you have different girls throwing themselves at you every night. It never felt right though.” He surprised me; I didn’t know what to say.

“What’s with the shocked expression? You don’t believe me?” Pete questioned.

“No I do, you just surprised me.”

“What? You thought I was off being some kind of man whore?” he laughed.

“I mean isn’t that what normally happens on the road?”

“Well you know me, I don’t do normal.” He replied with a smirk on his face.

“This is true. Remember when you played soccer, you were so far off from the stereotypical jock, but you were the best player on the team.” I said remembering how no one ever expected him to play the way he did because of his appearance.

“Okay well I think we’ve made Brai wait long enough. Good night. See you tomorrow?” I leaned in and kissed him one last time before turning for the door, but Pete stopped me.

“Hey, don’t think you’re getting off that easy. You didn’t tell me your number.”

“Four.” I replied shyly.

“Really? That’s not bad. I thought it would be higher, being that you’ve lived in Miami the past five years.”

“Yea but you weren’t in Miami. I only ever wanted you.” I admitted.

“Well now you have me. I’m yours for forever.” He smirked as he leaned in to kiss me again.

“I love you. But I really have to go now, Brai is probably going crazy waiting for me.” I laughed as I kissed him good night and finally went inside. I walked upstairs to my room to find Brailey passed out in my bed. I decided not to wake her and crawled in next to her and fell asleep fairly fast not realizing how tired I truly was.
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