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Fire at Will...

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Gerard's P.O.V

I was crying.
Frank was crying.
Mikey was crying.
Even Ray and Bob were crying.
The hospital's crowded waiting room,full of crying babies,groaning sick people and worried reletives,was no comfort to us.
To know our friend was almost dying in the room next to us was the worst feeling in the world.
Doctors were running in and out of the room where she was.
I look around to the guys.
Mikey looked like he was praying and muttering under his breath,Frank was curled up in a ball leaning on Mikey's leg crying,Ray looked normal but was shaking alot and Bob had his head in his hands.
A doctor in a weird mask with a smiley face and a line on it came into the room and everyone went quiet.
"Boys,I am sorry to say but we couldn't save her" my heart dropped.
"Noooo!" Frank screamed "She can't be dead! She can't.She's not.I don't believe you!" He said and ran towards the room that Sam had been rushed into when we got to the hospital.
He froze at the door before crumpling to the floor in defeat and into a fresh burst of tears.
We walked to the door only to see what we'd knew would be there but prayed it wouldn't.
A white sheet was draped over her so we couldn't see her but we knew from this she was dead.
I fell to the floor and all I remember was seeing the sign on the doctors mask and BL/ind before everything blacked out and all I could think from then was that she was dead.

Sam's P.O.V

"They believe she is dead,Sir Korse"
"Excellent,Now #85647374 please pick up her things from their house without being noticed"
"Yes,Sir Korse"
I woke up after hearing this conversation with an awful pain in my chest and tape over my mouth.
I opened my eyes to see my kidnapper.

To be continued...
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