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  • Voice Upload

    (#) xXLaylaxX 2012-01-25 10:01:40 AM

    I really want to see that video and recording now lol xD

    And yesh her accent= smexy P:
  • Voice Upload

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-01-25 10:05:13 AM

    I wanna watch it!!!!!


    Or no update on Die For You ;)

    Ooooh I like blackmailing it's fun ;)

    Rosie :)
  • Voice Upload

    (#) AdnarimSmada 2012-01-25 10:15:58 AM

    Yo bro, I would really like to have a face and voice to match to the person I have been admiring for so damn and will respect for the rest of my life.

    -Adnarim Smada
  • Voice Upload

    (#) ShadowSouls 2012-01-25 10:39:45 AM

    Well, since my recorder is still open, Imma do a voice review xD ignore the doorbell and yelling in the background
  • Voice Upload

    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-01-25 11:25:06 AM

    Omg please upload them!! It would be lovely to put a face (and voice) to the amazing author we all loved! haha i really want to her an accent now....Darn all of you with accent's......American ones are so boring :D
  • Voice Upload

    (#) PineappleExpress 2012-01-25 03:00:51 PM

    Please upload! It would be really cool to hear the genius behind the stories. XD
  • Voice Upload

    (#) ShinyMonster69 2012-01-26 03:02:32 PM

    Oh God, I love the voice posts. It's really awesome to have a voice to go with the person whose writing I have become slightly obsessed with.
    Flaps hands like a fangirl.
  • Voice Upload

    (#) AdnarimSmada 2012-01-26 03:21:35 PM

    "They'd have to deaf, but hey, swings and roundabouts, eh?"

    "I don't know grammar or whatever all I know is that if I wrote like I talk ye'd all be fucked."

    -Lornaigh Ni Ionnrachtaigh

    Wow. I fucking think I'm in love.

    Permission to fan girl. RIGHT NOW DUDE.

    Granted?! GOOD.

    God dang. She is a rose. Le sigh Bloody Hell.

    I would put that on my Ipod if there was a way and I knew how. I'll probably try and copy to my computer, you know, so I'll always have the inspiration. Well, I'd have it anyway but you get my point. I'm just feeling a little emotional right now after hearing that.

    I wish I could have gotten to know her, I can't say it enough.

    What a great piece of technological sound. She'd make a great audio book, I must say.

    Then again, this just makes me all the more intrigued as to know what this fucking unreal chick looks like...

    -Adnarim Smada
  • Voice Upload

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2012-01-26 04:58:35 PM

    I'm jealous of anyone who has an accent.

    I'm sorry if there are mistakes, I can't type today.

  • Voice Upload

    (#) ShadowSouls 2012-01-26 11:01:57 PM

    I always loved Irish accents, they're freaking hot, definitely my favourite. Also my eyes were tearing up when she read the part when Frank died ;__;

    -Poison Ivy

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