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My Chemical Romance performs their first-ever concert.

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AN: Well, here we are! The band's first show! Rate and review; you know I'm a whore for them.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

There was a panda on the ceiling.

Frank gaped up at it, his guitar hanging from his neck on its brand-new strap. A mother-fucking panda on the mother-fucking ceiling.

The club they were in was simple in design, but the whirlwind of violently-bright colors made up for the boring floor-plan. Nuclear-yellow couches were dotted around the room, looking very much like school buses that had been squished into furniture shapes. The floor was a kind of purple that would've looked too bright on fucking Adam Lambert, clashing horribly with the make-you-vomit-blue walls. Multi-colored lights flashed, and anyone who looked at them for long enough began to feel dizzy. A stage had been set up next to the bar, which was overflowing with young adults hoping to get laid.

And above it all, a giant panda-shaped balloon was spinning lazily from a rope stapled to the ceiling.

"Are we still in New Jersey?" asked Mikey, eyeing the panda as if it were planning to come down and rape him.

Bob looked around, his blue eyes huge. "I didn't think-"


The guys turned around, hindered slightly by the mass of dancing people that surrounded them. A woman, maybe 30-something, was gliding toward them with a smile big enough to put the Joker to shame. Her dark brown hair flowed freely down to her waist, feathers tied to the ends. Her top sparkled in the lights, making Frank wince with the beginnings of a headache.

A hand, warm and familiar, wound its way around Frank's waist. He looked up to see Gerard grinning nervously down at him, his lips red from being bitten so many times. Frank leaned into Gee's touch before turning his head in the direction of the woman.

"Bob, honey! It's been so long!"

Bob ruffled his hair, looking embarrassed. "Yeah," he mumbled. "Hey, Bronwyn."

Bronwyn hugged him, her feathers slapping Ray's face as she moved. Ray scrambled behind Mikey, evidently afraid of the woman that claimed to be Bob's cousin and the owner of the club.

When Bronwyn released Bob from her grip, she beamed at the rest of them. "Welcome to Pandora!" she giggled, shaking hands with an amused-looking Gerard. "I'm Bronwyn Nelson, the manager. You must be Gerard!"

Gee nodded. "This is Mikey, Frank, and-"

"OH MY GOD! Ray Toro, is that you?"

Before Ray could run away, Bronwyn had lunged forward and dragged him into what looked to be a bone-crushing hug. Frank snickered, turning his face into Gee's shoulder to keep himself from laughing. From the way Gee was shaking, he guessed that he wasn't the only one taking pleasure in Ray's pain.

Bronwyn mussed Ray's fro and stepped back, grinning up at him. "It's been years! Last time I saw you, you had your foot stuck in Bob's-"

"We should set up!" said Ray hastily, grabbing Bob's collar and dragging him to the stage. "Lots of music to play, you know. Can't keep fans waiting!"

Frank frowned. "What fans? We've never even-"

The murderous look on Ray's face was enough to shut him up.

They climbed onto the stage, Frank getting a boost from Bob, and took positions. Gee stood in front, Frank to his far right and Mikey to his far left. Ray hovered around Mikey and fiddled with his t-shirt while Bob glared at the crowd from behind his drums.

'We are so screwed,' thought Frank, tuning his guitar for what felt like the hundredth time. 'Ray looks like he's going to keel over and die.'

A scream came from Gee's microphone, signaling the start of would could be the end. Gerard grinned crookedly at the crowd below him, his face red underneath his dark hair. "Sorry, guys," he said, gripping onto the mic as if his life depended on it. "So, uh, we're My Chemical Romance! Errrr... How ya doin'?"

The response was merely a rumble of 'okay's and 'just sing already's.

Frank bit his lip ring, placed his fingers on the guitar strings, and prepared to die.


Gee was scared shitless. The band had agreed not to drink before the show to avoid doing anything stupid, but he regretted not sneaking a beer or two to calm his nerves. Bob was playing the drums behind him, the steady thump-thump keeping Gerard somewhat-grounded.

"We could be perfect one last night!
And die like star-crossed lovers-"

Gerard soon got into the first song, slipping his eyes closed briefly as he got used to the people staring at him. He'd performed a little in high school, but these were his songs, not someone else's. These were his thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams-

He heard a scream from the crowd, followed quickly by another. People were clapping, yelling, cheering. Gee allowed himself one more second of darkness before opening his eyes.
Some of the audience was standing, looking interested but not interested enough to start jumping like maniacs. Others really were jumping like maniacs, cheering for this new band with the different sound.

By the third song of the night, Gee was pleasantly buzzed from the crowd's approval.

Frankie was playing the guitar like a mad man, rolling on the ground and still not missing a note. Ray was a little less hyper, but his wild hair was becoming a brown blur as he got into the performance. Mikey still looked bored, but Gee could tell that he was excited by the way he jerked his shoulders as he played. Bob looked possessed as he beat the drums, his eyes closed but his movements sure and presice.

They finished 'Headfirst for Halos', each player reveling in the crowd's roar of approval. Kids were going insane, hollering together as the band started picking in what Gee liked to call an 'interlude'. No song, no lyircs; this was Gee's time to talk to the crowd.

"Alright!" he screamed, his voice somewhat muffled to his own ears from the loud music. "Are you having a good-fucking-time?!"

There was a deafening "HELL YEAH!" from the audience.

"Fuck yeah, you are!" Gee screamed back, shoving a hand through his hair. "Now listen up, 'cause this is where shit gets real!"

Ray made his guitar scream, creating the perfect accent to Gee's sentence. The band then began to play in softer tones, slow and thoughtful. Frank was standing up, his face serious as he prepared for the next song.

Gee smiled at his boyfriend and turned back to the audience. "This song is dedicated to a VERY special person in my life!" A few guys in the back of the club wolf-whistled. Gee cleared his throat and continued. "This one person changed me in ways that you'll never understand. This one fucking person saved my life, you know?"

Gerard could feel Frank's eyes boring into the side of his head, but he refused to look. "This song is called Demolition Lovers, and I mean every fucking word of it!"

The crowd cheered again as Frank and Ray started playing, Bob and Mikey adding little notes every now and then to keep the song interesting. When the guitars picked up for that brief second, Gee started to sing in a hushed voice.

"Hand in mine,
Into your icy blues,
And then I'd-"

Bronwyn had stopped the colored lights, leaving the band submerged in almost complete darkness. Tiny stage lights surrounded My Chemical Romance, making them look almost like ghosts. Lighters were starting to swing through the air, sending chills up Gee's spine. It was so beautiful that it was almost eerie.

"All we are,
All we are,
Is bullets,
I mean this!"

The guitars launched into a haunting solo, accented perfectly by Bob and Mikey playing their heart out. Frank was a sight to behold, his red eye-liner smeared underneath eyes that shone with determination and tears. Gerard wondered if he was thinking of Henry, of the gun that nearly tore them apart. His throat threatened to close, his voice cracking briefly, but somehow Gerard kept going.

"And as we're falling down..."

Gerard felt the pain again. A bullet meant for his head slamming into his shoulder like it was nothing.

"And in this pool of blood.."

There had been blood. Lots of it. Too much, actually. Gee blinked and kept singing.

"I'll see your eyes!"

Frank was playing not too far from him, tears shining in the stage lights.

"I mean this! FOREVER!"

Without thinking twice, Gerard grabbed the front of his boyfriend's shirt and crashed his mouth against Frank's. The crowd went nuts, screaming in shock and delight. Gerard ignored them, kissing Frank furiously as their song ended. Frank's mouth was searing hot against his, soft and yet sturdy as the younger man kissed him back.

They broke apart with a strangled gasp, grinning like idiots. Someone in the crowd whistled, followed by a few laughs as the audience howled. It hurt, but Gee untangled himself from Frank's arms and staggered to the front of the stage.

"Give it up for Frank fucking Iero!" Gerard yelled. "God knows how much I love you, Frankie!"

The crowd 'aww'ed, making Gee's grin become impossibly wider. He felt on top of the world at that moment, unafraid of anything as long as he had Frank next to him. Their concert was over; they had saved the best song for last and now no one could forget them.

So of course, that's when all hell broke loose.
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