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A book and it's Cover

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CC was just your average strong minded college student with a bunch of issues. What happens when she finds people who accept her?

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The old saying 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' would fit perfectly with me.

Sup? My name's CC Kreals (Creels). Everyone says it wrong. And no, I'm not telling you my full name.

I was named by my mom's loser sperm-donor who left her when I was about two months old. Anyway, off subject.

The whole book thing really describes me. I mean, I'm blond, short, skinny and have a little tan. So, of course, at the MCR concert, I got weird looks.

I was asked if I was lost and told that this wasn't a Katy Perry concert. So, naturally, I told them all to fuck off.

Looking the way I did, people tend to think I'm some uber prep who wears pink all the time. But once the concert started, I chilled out and just focused on the music.

I screamed so hard when Frank and Gerard kissed I swear I fangirled to death. Once the whole thing was over, I was still on a high from the experience. “Hey bitch!” this guy yelled behind me.

No way he was talking to me, so I kept walking. A heavy hand fell on my shoulder, spinning me around. I shook it off and glared at the guy. “Hey, I was talking to you, bitch!”

“Yeah?” I narrowed my eyes at him. He was clearly drunk off his ass. And about three times my size.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the mall with the other cheerleaders.” his friends behind him laughed. “Or at home, working on your slut face?”

“Look, asshole, you don't even know me. I belong here as much as you do.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“What did you call me bitch?” he swung on me. I grabbed his hand and twisted it around his back, shoving his head down.

“You never try to hit a girl.” I ground out between my teeth. “Never. I don't care what she did to you. You never hit a girl.” I threw hit onto the ground.

“Hey! Do you need help?” a thin hand found my shoulder. I turned, ready to kick someone's ass, and froze.

Why was Gerard Way asking to help beat some guys ass? “” Oh, brilliant, CC!

He smiled. “We heard the noise and were hoping to see a fight. But we saw you were a girl and decided to break it up.” he looked over his shoulder.

Oh my god! My Chemical romance was standing right here, worrying about me. Maybe that guy had hit me and I was knocked out. Cause this was something I never saw coming.

“Um.....I'm fine. If you want a fight, his buddies looked pretty pissed.” they were pulling their friend off the cement, his face bloody. Yeah, looked was the right word.

Now that MCR was taking my side they looked scared shitless. I smirked at them slightly and cracked my knuckles. “Anyone else wanna take a swing at me?” I shook out my shoulders.

“Hey kid, you don't gotta fight for us.” Frank said, coming closer.

“It's not for you. It's for me. If you heard anything they said, you'd know why I wanna fight these idiots.” I turned to look at him.

Footsteps came up behind me, the air whooshing as a fist flew at my head. I ducked and turned, tripping the guy and grabbing his arm. He gasped in pain as I ground his face into the rough cement of the parking lot.

“Just a second.” I held up a finger to the guys and picked the dumbass up with his arm. I spun him around and kicked his ass.

He stumbled back over to his friends where they caught him, their eyes locked on me. “Go away now.” I hissed. They scrambled to get in and sped away. I put my hands on my hips. “Sorry, what were you saying, Mr. Iero?” I looked at him.

“Nothing!” he squeaked and hid behind Gerard. I tilted my head.

“I'm not gonna hurt you!” I laughed, realizing he was scared. “I'm not stupid.” I shook my head, laughing as the the others smiled and laughed with me.

“Hey, wanna hang out with us?” Mikey asked. I gaped at him. “We're not gonna kidnap you or anything.” he said quickly, raising his hands.

“Yeah! You're pretty cool.” Ray put out, Gerard and Frank nodding. I bit my lip.

“Uh.......I guess. Wait, kidnap? How old do you think I am?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Like fourteen? Fifteen?” I raised my eyebrow at Mikey's guess.

“No.......I'm nineteen.” They all gaped at me. I sighed and dug my ID out of my pocket. “Nineteen.” I handed it to them.

“You look like a little kid though!” Frank said, putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Oh, wow. Thanks.” I sighed and realized something.

Oh. My. GOD! I'm hanging out with MCR and Frank Iero is touching me! My face burned. Frank laughed, about an inch taller than me. “Don't worry about it. We short people have to stick together!” he shook my shoulders.

I bit my lip and smiled. “Yeah, being small has its advantages though.” I said, nodding at the ground. “When we fall, we don't have far to go.” I shrugged.

“True. And people think we're all evil elves.” we laughed. “Sorry. You're the first person we've met who's shorter than me.” he said as we got onto the bus.

“Yeah, that's for sure!” Mikey and Ray laughed. Frank slapped their back hard. Gerard just stepped out of the way of Frank's short arms.

I took off my jacket and fixed my fingerless gloves. Frank let out a small squeak and moved a little away from me. “What?” I looked at him.

“S-s-s-spider!!” he yelled, pointing at the wall behind me. I turned and saw the large black widow on the wall. With a small smile, I stood and reached a finger to it slowly. It crawled on and sat there.

“What are you, Scooby Doo?” I rolled my eyes at Frank and tried to open a window with one hand. Frank fell off the couch and hid behind Gerard and Mikey, who were watching me with wide eyes. “What?”

“Aren't you scared?” I shook my head and held my hand out the window. The spider jumped off and onto the glass.

“No. Spiders like me. Oh, I'm CC, by the way.” I closed the window a lot easier than I'd opened it. Frank looked like he was about to cry. “ he okay?” I asked, looking at him on the floor.

“Yeah. Frankie doesn't like spiders.” Gerard said, helping his small friend off the floor.

“Clearly.” I shrugged and watched it crawl slightly down on the window. “I got it Frank. How come you don't like spiders?” he came back and sat next to me.

“I got bit by a huge motherfucker when I was little and just plain old don't like them.” he glared at the window. “Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I know you want to.”

I shook my head. “I understand. I've lived in ST. Louis since I was ten. But before that I lived up in Kansas with my aunt. They had the hugest spiders up there. They're called Kansas Orb weavers. Those fuckers are three to five pounds each and once I saw one catch a bird.” I shivered.

“But you still like spiders?” Frank asked, his eyes huge with fear.

“I didn't at first. But one night, I woke up to an orb weaver on the wall over my head. It climbed down the wall and crawled over my shoulder.” Frank gulped.

“You didn't scream?” Gerard asked. I shook my head.

“I was too scared. It sat right on my chest and just stared at me. I didn't sleep that whole night. My aunt was wiccan and the next morning when she came in and saw the spider, she knew I was special. She started teaching me more and more about them.”

“So she thinks the spider chose you?” Mikey asked, leaning forward. I nodded, pointing a finger at him.

“Thought, but yes. She taught me that a spider was a work of art made by nature, and that if you watch them, you can see it.” I looked at the widow again. “See? The lines and the color and just everything about them. It's beautiful.” I sighed and looked at Frank.

“I get it.” Gerard set on my other side and looked at the spider. “I've never thought of it like that before, though.” he watched it with me then gave me a smile. “What's that?” he pointed to my neck.

I pulled the neckline of my shirt down so he could see my tattoo. The funny thing was I'd gotten a black widow and then I just saved one. Gerard grabbed my shoulder and shirt. “Oh wow!” he gasped. “Frankie, look at this!!” he pulled him over to me.

Frank gasped the the artwork on my skin. “Wow. That looks so real! Guys, come check this out!” They each took turns drooling over my inked skin.

It wasn't all that amazing, though I loved it. Just a simple black widow and a web. The only color on it was the small diamond on the spider's back. “Now this is a spider I like.” Frank smiled at me.

“Okay, okay. That's enough gaping. I gotta wipe the drool off of my skin now.” I stuck my tongue out at the as I fixed my shirt.

“Ya know, you're pretty fuckin awesome CC!” Ray smiled at me. I grinned back and sighed.

“I should probably get back. My dog's probably done tore up the house.” they all let out little whines. “What?” I stared at them, confused.

“Do you really have to go?” Gerard begged. Frank's arm clamped over mine.

“Please don't go! You might need to save me again!” he hugged to my arm like a kid.

“Yeah. We need another midget around here so Frank doesn't feel so alone.” Mikey murmured. I looked around at their faces.

It seemed they really didn't want me to leave. I bit my lip. “Uh..... If I don't get back my roommate's gonna freak. She's uber paranoid about us getting abducted. It must be a college thing.” I shrugged.

They didn't seem to budge. “Fine. I'll stick with you guys for a little longer. But I have school Monday.” I warned. They all smiled and nodded.

I'd ended up spilling my guts about everything going on in my life to Mikey at about three in the morning after getting the world's most random phone call ever from my roommate. I bit back a lot, though.

But everything else flooded out. Like how my drunken mother had kicked me out at sixteen and how she'd tried to commit suicide which was why my aunt had taken me as a baby. Or how when I was about eleven how my sperm-donor had tried to take custody of me and my mom wouldn't let him though he was sober and had a good job.

I even let slip when I tried to kill myself at fifteen. That was the hard one. The same shit happened as when I usually told someone that.

My eyes burned, my stomach clenched, my heart race and my hands went cold. The saddest thing about that was it wasn't my mom who had found me.

No, she was passed out drunk in the living room. It had been my boyfriend at the time. He'd known that I'd pick up the phone no matter what.

In the shower, even if I was asleep or driving. So, he knew something was wrong and had come to check on me.

The people in the ER had told him that I was about another twenty minutes away from dying when he'd brought me in. But, they pumped my stomach, put me on antidepressants and right into a self help group.

Mikey had listened, his eyes glistening with tears. “Is that why your mom kicked you out?” he whispered, shifting closer to me on the couch.

“No. she'd been spending all her money on scotch and hadn't pair the rent. So it was either get rid of me or stop drinking.” I laughed darkly. He pulled me into a hug, shocking me.

New shit. And no, it's not a oneshot and I have no idea where this is going.

My hands are cold as fuck and I gotta do the dishes real quick.

Hugs and Crackers,
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