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Red Head

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Just something I wrote a while ago. I guess it could be Drama too, but not too sure......

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Walking. Just walking. I didn't really have a destination in mind.

I just needed to get out here, into the snow. It didn't matter that all I had on was a tank top, jeans and a jacket. The jacket wasn't even closed.

The harsh wind slammed into my face, making my fiery red hair dance around. It felt nice, the wind lashing at me like an angry cat.

When the pavement ended and snow covered rocks crunched under my feet, I looked around. I'd walked through heavy traffic in a main street and ten side streets all the way to the old park I would come to as a kid. And was still alive to smirk about it?

So the universe has a sense of humor. And a cruel one, at that. Well, as long as I'm here......

I made my way to the icy rope swings and sat in one. My hands gripped the old ropes as my legs moved automatically.

Swinging always relaxed me. Even when I first learned and had fallen off a lot. My hands clenched, the ice stinging my palms, my legs swinging out harder.

I was high. Higher than I'd ever gone as a kid.

What made me go higher? I really don't know. But here I am, high enough to grab a snow covered branch from a tree.

Something gripped me to let go of the ropes at the highest point in the swing. I flew off the swing and into the air.

Though I was only falling for about two seconds, it felt like I was falling for years. I didn't even bother trying to land on my feet.

The air in my lungs was slammed out of me as I landed hard on my back. My hair was spread out all around my head in the snow. If someone were looking down at me, it'd look like a halo of fire, probably.

I stared unblinkingly at the gray shy, the snow falling on my face. My back throbbed. A sharp pain registered in my head.

Slowly, I lifted my hand and touched it. My fingers were wet when I pulled them away from the slight heat my head produced.

Blood. It covered my fingers. But it didn't scare me.

A small smile touched my lips. Well, universe, ya got me. Before she'd died, my mom would always tell me that doing what I loved would kill me.

Of course, she'd meant me not being home schooled like all the other snobby rich kids. About how I wanted to live a normal life, wear normal clothes and meet normal kids. Or about how I didn't want to bleach my natural fiery hair or let it grow out.

Maybe it was her doing this. To get back at me for not being her perfect little barbie doll.

My head felt heavy. I can't move. Not that I'd want to. A small thud told me that my numb hand had fallen to the cracked ice under me.

“Pay no mind what other voices say. They don't care about you. Like I do....” slipped through my lips. My favorite lines from my favorite song. I stared up at the gloomy sky.

The icy fingers of the wind touched my face one last time as I faded away.

Just something I wrote a while ago. No idea why it's taken me so long to put it up.

Hugs and Barcodes,
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