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Blossom Plans

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A walk after school, chatting a bit and making plans. Sorry, I suck at summaries.

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NOTE: Not that interesting this chapter, but I promise it'll get way more interesting later on. Trust me. Thanks for the review! Maybe there'll be gods in it.. I'll see :P Enjoy xoxo

After one hour of revising our singing and dancing skills, we got send home. Not that we went home immediately. Ray, Mikey, Bob, Gerard and me were walking around Athens, chatting a bit and searching for adventure.
“Hey guys, what if we could be immortal, just like the gods?” I asked. “That would be fucking AWESOME!” yelled Mikey enthusiastic. Gerard answered poetic: “But does being immortal mean never dying? It’ll get boring after so many years of living.” “Maybe, it would. But not around your friends. I’d love to be immortal with you guys” said Ray.
“Indeed, especially not with Gerard..” I wanted to speak these words, but I was wise enough and kept it for my own mind.
Gerard kicked a rock and said: “School is so boring. They tell us about places, but I never really learn something from it. I can bet that if you go to those places yourself you’d learn way more useful stuff.” “Then we must go away from here and travel around the world. Don’t you all think?” I asked my friends. “But.. but we need to be educated and stay here and and..” the blond nerd started. “Ah fuck that. I’m in to go away from this place.” Ray said. “I’m in too, how ‘bout you Frank?” Mikey asked me. I only answered with a single nod, waiting for what his brother would say. “Well, when are we going?” Gerard asked. “As soon as possible? Ray you’re the man with the plan, say something.” I said. Bob left us, he never has been that kind of a rebel or he just never showed it.
“Well,” Ray started after a long time of letting us waiting in an awkward silence, “if we go we need to figure out everything very clear. First of all: How are we going to survive without money? We can take money with us but it won’t be enough for the rest of our lives.” “That’s a good point..” Mikey said.
Our walk ended in the townsquare with the beautiful cherry blossoms. We all heard the voice of an angel singing. Simultaneously we all looked up and saw her, our classmate Yumi. I snapped with my fingers and said enthusiastic: “Guys! I got it! Why don’t we perform in cities? It’s a great way to earn our bread and we are pretty artistic!” “Mhh, yeah. Good idea Frankie, but what kind of things are we going to perform? I’m not an athletic person at all..” Mikey started. “Well, we can sing, dance, recite poems we learned at school, tell stories, act and for the athletic part: we can train more, because the most of us already have nice muscles.” Ray didn’t really listen to our plans anyore, he focused on the singing of the girl or the pink cherry blossom.
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