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"Its not a gift."

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I woke up in a strange bed with the one I'm in love with next to me. I looked over to the bedside table and it was 7:00 am. I rolled over and saw Gerard was still sleeping, with a smile on his face I might add. I sat up carefully and straddled his hips under the covers. I kissed his lips as a light as a feather then his nose, his eyelids, his forehead and back to his lips. I made sure to make it deep to be sure I woke him up as well as grinding my hips into his and got the reaction I was hoping for.
"G'morning." He mumbled stretching his arms up and smiling with his eyes squeezed shut.
"Good morning." I whispered as I traveled my kisses down his naked chest and torso and under the black satin sheets. His breath hitched in his throat when I reached his inner thighs. My tongue darted out to lick his leg and made a trail to his limp manhood. I had never done this before but I wanted to make him feel good. I licked around the base while my hand stroked his length gently. I felt his hand tangle in my hair and heard him moan. I just shut my eyes and continued touching him but I was afraid I would hurt him or do something wrong. I stroked him with my palm a few times brushing my fingertips over his head.
"Chrys, fuck." He said pushing his hips off the mattress. I continued to stroke him before I took him in my mouth. "God yes." He moaned again which turned me on even more to know I was pleasing him. I continued to suck and squeeze until I felt him twitch slightly. I swallowed every last bit while he came down from his high. He pulled my arms from beneath the covers, up his body until we were face to face.
"Best damn way to wake up in the morning." He grinned while I giggled.
"Well, I figured you deserved it after I kept you up all night." I said kissing his neck just beneath his ear.
"You know they say whatever your doing when the New Year comes in, is what you'll be doing all year long." He smiled as he kissed me deeply holding the back of my neck until I couldn't breathe anymore.
"Well then I guess sex is what we'll be doing all year huh?" I giggled before leaning back down to wiggle our noses together.
"Are you sore?" He whispered as he ran his hands down my back and over my ass before flipping us so he was on top. I shook my head no.
"Just a tiny bit but its a good pain." I said as I stared into his eyes.
"Would you like a reminder of last night?" He whispered kissing down my throat to my chest. I pushed on his shoulders before he got to carried away.
"Gee, I did that for you." I said kissing him lightly. "I don't want anything." He rolled off my stomach onto his side then propped himself up on his elbow to look down at me.
"Its not a gift." He giggled before pulling me into his arms. "Its all pleasure." He sighed almost as if he wasn't intending to say that last word. I just shrugged it off, seeing as he moved on.
"What should we do today?" He said drawing circles over my stomach.
"Well since we were a little occupied last night how about that walk around New York? Maybe get some lunch or something?" I suggested kissing each of his fingers on the hand I held to my lips.
"Sounds good to me." He said getting up and pulling on his boxer shorts. He started walking out of the bedroom before I had time to speak..
"Gee, where are you going?" I asked as he was halfway down the hall.
"To fix coffee." He yelled back. I threw the sheets off and ran over to pick up his shirt that I buttoned up and slipped my panties on. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen and found him making coffee and pulling some bacon from the refrigerator.
"Need some help?" I asked leaning against the archway watching him.
"Nope. You just sit down and relax sugar." He said reaching into the cupboard for a pan. "Would you like some eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, waffles.." He scratched his head trying to think of more to say.
"Holy shit Gerard I'm not going to eat all of that." I laughed taking a seat on the other side of the aisle in the kitchen.
"Well I probably will." He chuckled low in his throat before looking over his shoulder and smiling. "You made me work up an appetite." He winked.
"Well, what can I say." I said blushing as I sat cross legged on the bar stool behind the counter. He smirked as he walked over bringing me a cup of hot heaven.
"Thank you." I said as we sipped from our steaming mugs before he turned back around and started breakfast.
"What time do you have to be at the club tonight?" He asked flipping a pancake over.
"8:00." I commented flipping through a magazine sitting on the counter.
"I'll drop you off because I can't make the show tonight. I have a meeting with the band." He said inhaling his cigarette.
"Oh. Okay." I said feeling a little disappointed he wouldn't be there. This would the first show he has missed even if it is only my third one.
"I know your upset but I promise to make it up to you." He said sitting a plate of pancakes and syrup in front of me.
"Thank you." I said biting into them. He smiled and made himself a plate before sitting down next to me. After I finished eating what I wanted I got up to put the plate in the sink but suddenly the room started spinning quite a bit. I held myself up on the counter and sat the plate down. Thank god Gee didn't notice I don't think I could really explain I haven't eaten in four days aside from the ice cream and the pancakes. After the dizziness subsided I placed the dirty plates, pans and pots in the deep sink. I started washing the dishes and felt Gee come up behind me while he sat his plate on the counter next to me.
"You really don't have to wash those, I have a dishwasher." He wrapped his arms around me as he brushed my hair from my shoulder so he could nuzzle my neck.
"Momma always said its not polite to eat as a guest and not wash the dishes." I said.
"I love your southern accent. It is so adorable and hot." He nipped at my ear.
"Hey, down boy." I said pushing him away with my butt. He smacked it and I yelped out of pleasure. I turned around with soapy hands and held them up. He laughed and started towards the stairs.
"No, stop." He said as he continued running. He ran in his bedroom and jumped on the bed. I stopped in the doorway and watched his hunched figure beneath the sheets. I snickered to myself and wiped my hands on his shirt.
"That was an interesting way to get me back in bed with you. Mr. Way." I giggled and noticed he was still under the sheets laughing. I looked down and unbuttoned the shirt slowly. As I was on the last button he popped his head out from under the covers with a serious face. He stood up and sauntered over to me with hungry eyes. I tossed the sleeves around his neck and pulled him until his body was pinned against mine.
"I need to shower, care to join me?" I said popping his waistband across his pelvic bone.
"Don't mind if I do." He lifted me up by my thighs and carried me to his bathroom. When he sat me on the counter and I shrieked.
"Shit that was cold." I blushed. He died laughing at me so I threw the wash cloth at him that was lay neatly beside me.
"Ass." I said hopping down and stepping into the glass shower doors. He got in behind me and leaned back against the wall of the shower and crossed his arms. I opened one eye while soaping up my hair and saw his smirk.
"Now no funny business I want to get clean and then get out." I said as I poured the shampoo in my hands and ran it through my hair as I watched him stare at me.
"Fine, then at least let me wash you princess." He sarcastically pleaded as he reached behind me to grab the loofah. He soaped it up and began with the top of my neck and over my collar bones. It felt extremely relaxing and I leaned back to rinse my hair out. Before I could reach for the conditioner he kissed my lips lightly as he washed himself off then took the conditioner and ran it through my hair for me.
"Keep doing that." I said as he massaged my scalp. "Fuck that feels good." I said as he continued rubbing and massaging. I dipped my head under the shower head, rinsed it and waited on Gerard to finish bathing before I got out. He wrapped a towel around me and wrapped one around his waist. I hugged him to me while looking up into his beautiful eyes.
"Best night, morning and shower I've ever taken." I whispered kissing him lightly.
"Ditto." He said breathless as I pulled away. I couldn't believe that considering I had no experience and he has probably had more than me.
"I doubt that." I said leaving the bathroom to get dressed.
"Why do you say that?" He said following me into the bedroom.
"Come on Gerard. I was a virgin. I had never done anything with anyone before and I'm sure you've had way better." I said drying off before pulling on my panties and jeans. "I couldn't even give you a blowjob without feeling insecure." I saw my bra from the corner of my eye hanging on the door. He dried off as well and pulled on his jeans before coming over to me. He lifted my chin up as I clasped my bra in place.
"Don't say that. No one I've ever been with can compare to you. And honestly I haven't been with many, Alicia just made it sound that way. So there is nothing to worry about." He said kissing me quickly before I pulled on my sweater.
"Okay." I blushed as I finished watching him get dressed. "You look so hot in all black." I said breathlessly.
"Really?" He sounded unsure.
"God Gee, yes." I said laughing. "Who wouldn't want you." I said sliding my boots on and walking arm in arm with him down the stairs.

"Where to first?" He asked as we walked down the street holding hands.
"Why are you asking me? I'm the new girl here I think you should tell me where to first." I said giggling.
"Fine. How about I take you to Times Square?" He said swinging my hand up in the air with his and flopping it back down.
"Perfect." I said becoming excited.
"Yes, you are." He said with a serious tone as we continued walking.
"Gerard, stop. I'm far from perfect." I said keeping my face away from his eyes.
"Whatever you say." He said smiling. After about fifteen minutes of walking and talking we were in clear view of Times Square.
"Its gorgeous." I said taking it all in. "Oh wow Gee." I said smiling as I turned around and followed him to wherever he was going.
"Isn't it?" He said over his shoulder. We continued our adventure until he took me to Fifth Avenue. He paused and took my hand. "How about we do some shopping?"
"Oh no." I said as if it was a mistake. "Gerard I have no money and this stuff is expensive as hell. I'd rather not shop here." I said looking around and seeing Gucci, Prada Juicy Couture and so on and so on.
"Don't worry about it. I have you covered." He said smiling as he drug me into Prada.
"Gee, no. You can't." I said pleading him.
"Why the fuck not?" He said turning around and grinning at me.
"Because this shit is expensive and your not buying me anything." I said trying to get him back outside. He jerked me until I fell into his chest lightly.
"Sugar, just relax, and let me buy you whatever you want. And hey, did you already forget you get paid tonight? You must have also forgot money is not an issue for me." He said sounding a little cocky which sort of upset me.
"Yeah Mr. Rock star owns a burlesque club." I said rolling my eyes. "Thanks for reminding me what a pathetic life I came from." I whispered harshly marching out of the store. Customers and employees were staring but I didn't care. I left him there staring around and apologizing to the crowded store.
"Chrysanthemum, come on. I didn't mean it that way." He said following me down the street. "Shit I'm sorry. I just want you to be happy." He said pulling my arm around so he could hold me. "I didn't mean anything by it. I promise you." He said kissing the top of my head. I nodded into his chest before looking up at him.
"Okay, I'm sorry. I just don't like to be reminded of it." I said barely above a whisper as he nodded.
"Okay, well how about we skip the shopping today and just walk. If you need to we can talk as well." He said wrapping an arm around my waist as we continued walking.
Time flew by and it was already 5:00 that afternoon.

"Gee I'm sorry." I said as we sat at a table inside a small cafe. He sipped his coffee and raised an eyebrow at me.
"Your apologizing why?" He asked as he sat his cup down.
"I yelled at you." I said realizing how rude I can be sometimes.
"Only because I was being a cocky asshole." He said laughing.
"Your so sexy when your a cocky asshole though." I mumbled with a giggle. I scooted my chair over next to him and lifted his arm to drape over me. He kissed the side of my head and laid it down on mine.
"I wish you could be there tonight." I whispered playing with his fingers.
"I know but the band meeting is important, so I can't miss it." He said lifting his head up and pulling me up with him. We threw our trash away and walked hand in hand back to his place. Once inside and situated on the sofa, I laid down on top of him.
"I had a really nice time with you today. Thank you." I said kissing his lips gently.
"No problem sugar. Glad you love New York." He said as he captured my lips again but deeper. I pulled away with a smile thinking that isn't the only thing I love.
"I'm glad you were my first." I said nuzzling his neck before kissing it.
"I'm sorry you weren't mine." He said stroking my hair while he sighed into it.
"Gee you are eight years older than me. I would be a little surprised if you were a virgin." I giggled thinking how wrong that sounded.
"Okay, so I guess that is true." He said running his cold hands under my shirt and over my ass before his hand came down on it with a pop.
"Gerard Arthur Way!" I gasped in surprise smiling all the while. He just giggled as he brushed his fingertips up and down my backside.
"Gee..?" I whispered staring into his eyes.
"What?" He asked looking at me with sincerity that made me blush as I hid my face in his shirt. There was so much more I wanted to tell him, but could I? It would absolutely ruin everything good in the world or at least everything good about what has happened in the past few days.
"Nothing." I sighed as I settled back down on him.
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