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Auditions, Yo!

by CandyCaneEmmi 7 Reviews

I need a character for my first fic.

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  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-01-30 04:05:00 AM

    Oooh this looks fun!!!!

    Name: Alexandria Valentine

    Age (15-17): 16

    Looks: 5' 1 1/2" tall, Chinese, light tan skin, almond shaped brown eyes, jet black, choppily layered hair with a side fringe, not terribly skinny, but not fat.

    Panic! guy y'all want: Ryan :3

    Personality (may or may not be needed): She's confident, bubbly, artistic, musical, happy, smart, sarcastic, witty, nice, stands up for what she believes in, and is a bit of a rebel.

    Thanks so much!! Good luck :D
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) Kaleidoscope_Eyes 2012-01-30 04:19:00 AM

    Name:Chloe White
    Age (15-17): 16
    Looks: Long reddish-brown hair, big, brown, doe eyes, button nose. She's extremely tall for a girl like 5'8", not super skinny but not huge either.
    Panic! guy y'all want: Spencer! :D
    Personality (may or may not be needed): she's really loud and jokey, always really sarcastic. Likes to have fun and tries to avoid serious situations. She's a bookworm and a smartypants but not to the point of being annoying.

    Hope you can use it! Good luck :)
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-01-30 08:53:24 AM

    Name: Evangeline Bennett (Eva or Angel for short)

    Age (15-17): 15

    Looks: She is tall and slender, with willowy arms and extremely long legs. Her skin is ridiculously pale which often leads people to compare her to a vampire. She has wide dark browny-black eyes that are constantly observing her surroundings and taking in every last detail. She has a wild mane of blonde hair that she often puts red or blue streaks in and her fringe covers her eyes because she feels more protected when hidden behind her hair. Her favorite clothes to wear are black skinny jeans with her My Chemical Romance t-shirt and her bright red Converse high-tops. Her arms are always covered in Biro from where she likes to pretend that she has tattoos. She is never seen without thick black eyeliner framing her eyes.

    Panic! guy y'all want: Either Ryan or Jon.

    Personality (may or may not be needed): Due to a history of bullying, Evangeline is extremely shy and quiet around anyone she doesn't completely trust. But when she is with people that she trusts she can be loud and the happiest person imaginable. She has a dirty sense of humor, but often tries to hide it around the boys. She keeps her feelings and worries bottled up through fear of annoying anyone, but this usually just leads to one huge explosion of emotion. She lives with her headphones in and her favorite thing to do is go stargazing. Her biggest fear is being left alone in the dark and cats.

    I hope that was alright and good luck with your story! :)
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-01-30 09:23:36 AM

    Name: Rose Mitchells

    Age (15-17): 16

    Looks: 5'5, a bit skinny, pale-ish skin, hazel eyes, brown, shoulder length, straight haor with purple streaks, oval eyes, small dainty nose, thin pale lips, typically wears green day, black veil brides or my chemical romance shirts and hoodies with converses or vans, studded belts and bracelets, also has a lip ring

    Panic! guy y'all want: spencer or brendon

    Personality (may or may not be needed): at first she's quiet and shy but when you get to know her she's really insane and funny, also quite a prankster and always has a smile but that bubbly side to her just hides her insecurities even more because of being abandoned by friends and family, she's also very artistic, musically talented and loves a good song with an epic guitar solo, like she plays guitar and sing and music is her main passion.

    hope you like it :)
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-01-30 12:18:53 PM

    Name: Zia Baker
    Age (15-17): 17
    Looks: Extremely pale skin, short cropped hair with long fringe. Dyed white blonde, with a red streak. always wears black or red eyeliner. Green eyes, with a black tinge. Quite slim. has a few tattoos, wants more, ears pierced and a lip piercing.
    Panic! guy y'all want: Ryan! :D If not, Brendon? :)
    Personality (may or may not be needed):loud, outrageous, funny, smart, slightly insane at times, curious, quite cold but if you get to know her she's super friendly. bites nails. slight trust issues.

    Hope thats okay, good luck writing this! :D
    Minnie xo
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2012-01-30 01:05:01 PM

    Welcome to ficwad! :D

    Name: Cameron Aliss Rae

    Age (15-17): 15

    Looks: Like Ryan's Ry-hawk, but crimson red and a little longer, big doe-like grey eyes, Brendon's lips, Pete Wentz's smile, 5'2, 115 lbs, heart shaped face. Lip piercing, angel wings tattooed on her right shoulder, 'Bite me, bitch' tattooed on her left hip, a small scorpion right behind her left ear. A small scar about half and inch long behind her right ear due to a dog attack when she was 3. Usually in hoodies, skinny jeans, fingerless gloves, beanie hats, and converse.

    Panic! guy y'all want: Ryan:)

    Personality (may or may not be needed): Innocent, if someone cracks a dirty joke they'll have to explain it to her, adorably awkward, quiet, reserved, anti-social at most times, she's usually off in her own little world, she's really sassy.

    Hope you like it:)
  • Auditions, Yo!

    (#) TheAnonymous 2012-01-30 03:52:52 PM

    Welcome! I can't wait to read your story!

    Name: Hailey Campo

    Age (15-17):16

    Looks: Very average height/weight/apperence. Has green almond eyes, and long, wavy, dark brown hair. Cupid's bow lips, and is not very tan, kinda pale. Dresses relatively normal.

    Panic! guy: Mr. Spencer Smith

    Personality (may or may not be needed): Very, very shy, and quiet around most people. Though acts like herself when around Spencer, which is very sarcastic, and adventurous. She is also very naive, and holds in emotions.

    Hope you like it, I am looking foward to reading it.

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