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Isn't it awkward when your teachers like eachother? ;)

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Another Frerard with a twist :)

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Hey guys! So there's not much left of the best day ever and i will be continuing with forever is forever but i wanted to write this as i got this idea whilst playing Badminton earlier today! :)

Franks POV
"Okay sit down and be quiet please!" I called to my class of students all wide eyed and smartly dressed in their new uniforms. "Seventh Graders, Welcome to Belleville Comprehensive School." I say as falsely happy as i could muster. I was a music teacher at a school that happened to have the worst reputation in the whole city. Work was a nine to five shift, the kids were out of control and most of all, Mrs Wentz from next door enjoyed to flirt with me all the time. Despite being married to a particularly attractive guy and having three children with him, she still made it clear she liked me. But what she didn't know was i didn't play for her side of the team, i liked guys and probably always would. I just hadn't found the right one yet. Anyways, I was only twenty three, like i was in any rush.

Gerards POV
"Excuse me?" I said for the third time to the fake tanned, make up smothered, hair extension wearer in the office.
"What?!" She raised her voice slamming down her copy of US Weekly, reading some shitty story about how a cat married the neighbour's dog.
"I'm a new employee here." I say calmly, although losing my pateince quickly at this sarcastic, impolite bitch.
"Yeah? So?" She said chewing her gum in her loud unpleasant vile mouth.
"I need a teaching timetable and i need direction to where i should be right now?" I say challenging her. She couldn't be older than nineteen herself, but i mean fucking bitch!
"Your going to room 303." She sighed returning to her magazine. "And your timetable ain't gonna be ready til break so you'll have to wait in your class and see who turns up when." She smiled falsely and propped her streaky legs up on the desk.
And with that i flipped her off and walked away.
I knew i would hate this place. But i fucking despise it already.
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