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You Are The Love Of My Life

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California, 2019. A man stumbles across a disused diner in the middle of the desert. He goes in, looking for shelter, but finds so much more...

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Jet's POV

It's so empty here... I used to love the desert, but I'm sick of it now... Stupid, pointless, sandy waste of space! Why can't I just get ou-hey, wait... Is that a building up ahead? Thank fuck, I found some shelter! Oh cool, it's one of those old diners! I wonder if there's any food inside? I hope there is, I've not eaten since I left the city... I'll go see if there's any food...

Kobra's POV

Ugh, I'm so hungry, I wonder if there's any food left... I'll go check... oh my god! Some dude's collapsed on the diner floor! Poor guy, he looks really sick, I wonder how long he's been wandering? Ooh, he looks really cool... He's kinda cute too... Focus, Kobra, focus! I gotta help him...

Jet's POV

Oh. Wow. I must have passed out in the diner, because I just woke up and there was this guy checking my pulse and stuff, and he's just... Wow. I couldn't believe anyone could be so gorgeous and-oh god I'm doing it again... For god's sake, Jet, stop being so freakin' gay! He's probably straight anyway... Shit, I just realised I've been staring at him, and he's noticed... I should introduce myself.

"H-hey, I'm Jet. Jet Star. Thanks for, uh, helping me."

Oh god, I sounded so stupid... Curse you, brain! Ooh, he's speaking, I better listen...

"Hey I'm Kobra Kid, and it was no problem. Are you hungry? You look like you haven't eaten in days... We've only got tinned food, it's alright, I guess. Help yourself, if you wanna, I'm gonna go tell my brother you're here, he'll want to talk to you, y'know, see if we can trust you and stuff..."

Holy crap, his voice is so sexy... And his hair's so gorgeous... Mmm, even the way he walks is hot... Anyway, I think I'm going to get some food while he's gone, and try to act like a normal human being, instead of a total dumbass. Right, calm down, Jet, otherwise you're gonna freak out when he comes back... Deep breaths... HOLY SHIT! Who was that?

Kobra's POV

Oh god, he's so adorable! I just wanna hug him, he's so sweet! I better find Party, he'll want to speak to Jet. Where is he? Ugh, why is it I can never find my brother when I need him? I better check out back, just in case he's the- Ok. Yup. He's there. With Ghoul. I'm just gonna run away and hide. Ugh, do they have to do that? Especially when they know I'm around... Oh shit, I just realised, I ran straight past Jet... Shit, he's shouting on me... He must think I'm mental...

Jet's POV

"Uh, hey." 

Oh shit, Kobra just walked in... What do I say?


Nice going, idiot! Make him think you're an airhead, why don't you?

"Sorry about that Jet... It was just that I, uh, accidentally saw something I really shouldn't have seen, and freaked out a little, and, uh, yeah... Sorry."

"It's ok, although I was wondering what was going on... Uh, could you show me where the bathroom is?"

"Sure, it's just down that hallway and it's the door on the left."

"Ok, thanks."

Kobra's POV

Holy crap, he's just so gorgeous, but he's a little shy, I think... I wonder if Party and Ghoul are done yet? They should be, it doesn't take that long to... Y'know... Well, anyway, I should go and see if they're decent...

Party's POV

"Hey Kid, what's up?"

"Well, 1. I'm now scarred for life cuz I walked in on you and Ghoul, and 2. There's a new guy... He's called Jet, and he seems pretty cool."

Hm, Kid's blushing, I wonder if... No, he's never liked guys before... But you never know... I'll ask him subtly...

"Oh, sorry about that, bro, we prolly shoulda warned you... Really, a new guy? Cool! I'll go see him in a bit. So, what's he like? Does he seem like Killjoy material?"

"He seems awesome, and yeah, he could probably be a Killjoy. Come speak to him if you want, he should be out the bathroom now..."

Jet's POV

I wonder where Kobra went... He's probably gone to see his brother... Kobra's so awesome, and he seems like a really good guy... Shame he's most likely straight... Goddammit, I can never catch a break!

Ghoul's POV

Ooh, a new guy! I wonder if he's cute, not that I'd ever try anything with him, since I've got my Party... It's so obvious Kobra likes him... Well, we'll see how this develops. I better go and see what this guy's like...

Jet's POV

Here comes Kobra... I wonder which one's his brother, the redhead or the black-haired one... I think it's the redhead, he looks kinda like Kobra... Wow, all three guys are hot in their own way, but the other two have nothing on Kobra, he's just extraordinarily gorgeous, and sweet... Oh god, you're doing it again, stop staring at him, could you BE any more obvious?!? Oh, the redhead's speaking, I better listen, otherwise I'll look like even more of an airhead... Like that's possible...

"So, you must be Jet. I'm Party Poison, and this is my boyfriend, Fun Ghoul. I see you've already met Kobra. It's great to have you here and I hope you like it enough to stay!"

"Thanks, and don't worry, I'll be here for a while, if that's alright. There's nowhere else I can really go, and it seems really great here."

"Yeah, sure! Stay as long as you want. We'd be glad to have you!"

"Ok, well, I'm kinda tired, and it's getting dark, so I'm gonna go to bed, I've had an eventful day, to say the least! Where can I sleep?"

"Well, we've got some old camping stuff that we use, but there's only 3 sets. However, I think Ghoul and I could share for a while. That won't be a problem, will it hun?"

"I've no problems with that at all, Party. It'll be good having you keep me warm tonight..."

"Anyway, let's head to bed, shall we?"

God, Kobra's so cute when he's blushing... I wish he were keeping me warm tonight like Ghoul is with Party... Stop it Jet! You're getting carried away again! Cut it out before someone else makes an unwanted appearance...

"Sure! Just show me where the bedding is, and I'll sort myself out..."


Oh god, he is so gorgeous when he's sleeping... He's perfection personified... Oh, I wish he was gay, then I might have a small chance... Aww, he's mumbling in his sleep! How sweet! I wanna hear what he's saying, maybe if I shuffle a little closer...

"Oh, that's good... Oh god, yes..."

Oh my god, he's having a sex dream! Ooh, I wonder who he's dreaming about...

"Mmmm, yeah, right there, Jet, right fucking there!"

WHAT!?! did he just say what I think he said? Oh my god, does this mean...? He likes me back! Wait, does he? He did say Jet, didn't he?

Kobra's POV

Ok, I'm not actually asleep, but I couldn't think of any other way to tell him I liked him other than by "accident". I hope he doesn't feel too awkward being around me after this...

"Pssst, Kobra? You awake, man?"

Oh god, he's checking to see if I'm sleeping. What should I do? I'll pretend to still be asleep...

"Kobra! I need to talk to you!"

"Mmph... Jet? Is there a problem?"

"Well, not a problem as such, But, uh, you were talking in your sleep, and I heard some of it..."

"Wh-what was I saying?"

Moment of truth...

"Well, you sounded like you were experiencing a lot of, uh, pleasure, and then you said... my name..."

"D-did I? Oh shit, man, I'm sorry... It's just, you're the first guy I've seen in a while that wasn't my brother or his boyfriend, so it was just a reaction to that..."

"Oh, uh, right... So does this mean that you like guys then?"

"Uh, yeah, it does... But don't tell my brother, I've not told him yet. I think Ghoul knows, but he wouldn't tell Party without asking me first... How about you? Do you like guys or g-girls?"

"I-I like guys too... And there's this one guy in particular that I like..."

"Oh really? What's he like?"

"Well, he's really sweet, and caring, and I know he'd look out for me no matter what... He's also kinda shy, and isn't good about expressing his feelings, so he tells the guy he likes that he likes him by pretending to be asleep and moaning his nam-mmmmmph!"

Ohmygod, this is actually happening! He actually likes me!!! 


Party's POV

Mmph... Ugh, Ghoul's fallen asleep on top of me again... Y'know, for someone so small, he's kinda heavy... I wonder how Jet and Kobra are... Oh, well, it seems they got on swimmingly, seeing as they're laying in each other's arms! Awww, they're too cute together! I hope he doesn't hurt Kid, otherwise I'll break his face...


A/N: well, this was actually the first fic I wrote, so it's kinda iffy... Hopefully, I'll find somewhere to go with this :) I'll update my other fic, "No Way Is He My Dad!" as soon as possible, meanwhile please check it out and r&r! I'll give you cookies and skittles if you do!
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