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Catholic School Is Fun For Lesbians.

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THIS IS AN AUTHOR'S NOTE!!! hello guys! I'm definately going to start writing the old fanfiction again now that I'm better (well, ish) and I wanted to know if you think I showuld continue this story AND if I should continue my old stories which I plan on doing anyway so y'know. ENJOY!!

I allowed my lips to pull back into a devilish smirk and my fringe to hand forward in my face as I swaggered confidently through the gates of the Catholic boarding school my Father had signed me up to ‘straighten me out’ like that’s ever going to happen, the idiot. I lean against the wall by the main entrance, and light up a cigarette, shaking my bangs out of my black and red outlined eyes and taking a drag, allowing the cancer gas to stain my lungs. Some snotty ass last year with more cash than brains and fake boobs walked up to me and raised her eyebrows.

“What?” I growl, licking my thin lips and flicking ash on the floor.

“You aren’t meant to smoke here.” She told me and I rolled my eyes, I can read, I saw the sign.

“I know. It’s why I’m doing it.” I shrug, dropping my dark green safety pin and band badges littered bag onto the floor.

“Are you a new girl?” She sneered, looking down her orange nose at me as if I was shit on the bottom of her shoe that’s not even worthy to have come out of her dogs backside. I roll my eyes again.

“No shit Sherlock. Have a gold star, put it on something shiny, you might loose it.” I sneer back, playing with my lip ring.

“What’s your name?”

“What’s yours Barbie?”

“I’m head girl. You’ll refer to me as that thank you very much.” She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder.

“I’m Frankie. I’m a lesbian.” I say, stubbing out my fag on the ‘Absolutely No Smoking’ sign and winked at her. She reached down her shirt with a disgusted look on her face, “Hey, just ‘cause I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to see your tits.” I laughed, and she pulled a cross necklace out and held it up in front of me! And I thought I was fucking crazy!

“You see this?” She spat, I shook my head.

“Nope, not at all, not a thing. You are in no way waving a piece of religious propaganda jewelry in my face.” She wrinkles her nose, “I know I smell bad dude, like I ever fucking shower. I’m fucking punk bitch.”

“YOU ARE IN A CATHOLIC SCHOOL!” She screeched, knocking three years off the life spans of a few passing first years.

“OH I AM SORRY I NEVER FUCKING NOTICED! GO PAINT YOUR NAILS YOU STUPID BLONDE BITCH!” I yelled back, probably getting spit on her somewhere down the line. She made a funny huffing noise and stalked off, her face red and her below-knee length skirt swishing angrily. Over reaction much?

I looked down at what I was wearing and chuckled to myself, at least I’ll bring some individuality to this school if nothing else. My jeans were skin tight, hugging my muscular legs and my red doc martens shone in the mid-morning light. My studded belt hug round my ass and the black Misfit’s T-shirt I was wearing poked out from under my all ready curry stained whit school shirt. The sleeves of which I had torn off and had only bothered doing the button up to just cover my boobs and my tie was done up somewhere down there.

I looked up across the courtyard, and that’s when I saw her. I hope to hell and back that that girl is going to be in my class. And I will make sure that she is mine.

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