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Chapter Three

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The room dimly lit and only the sounds of my faint breathing, I was gradually fainting into a much desired slumber. L hasn't returned since the morning he left for work, and I'm still curious about what he wants to talk to me about. I've also been trying to occupy myself to keep it off my mind, so I've cleaned the entire place from top to bottom, window to window and floor to ceiling, and after all that... all I want is a nice sleep now that I've made the whole day pass by. It's thirty minutes past midnight, and finally, I can finally rest...
BOOM. I plummet through the sound barrier, returning home from my oh so long trip from a distant galaxy, the stars still flashing through my mind as I shoot down across the sky like a shooting star in midday. I'm getting closer and closer to the land, and I see a grinning L at the top of a hill, readying himself to catch me. As I fall into his arms, sparks fly and I immediately end up swimming in a sea of sweet, sweet soft pillows with the scent of lilacs and rose petals stuffed inside each cushion. Bliss, pure bliss. I feel a hand brush against my skin, only to see it's L, smiling above me, leaning down to kiss me. This dream couldn't get any better, I swear to god. It'd be hell if this dream was taken away from me.
Speak of the devil...
The sky turned black and as L was a lips' distance from mine, he fades away like a mosaic. My hands and feet are spread apart, and cuffed to a wall made of black brick and stone. Panicking, I'm screaming but my voice is silent and nothing comes out. All of a sudden, as my tears fall from my eyes, a howl of insane laughter pierced my eardrums. I couldn't even close my eyes in this nightmare of hell. Red eyes appear infront of me, and all of a sudden a figure, just like L's, with the same appearance-- Black spiked hair, pale skin, scrawny body, and hunched back-- walked out towards me with a knife in his hand, blood splattered face and the world's most devious smile grinning ear-to-ear. Fucking god, he scared the hell outta me, but who was he? Next I knew, the creepy L clone burst into a white flame and Raito appeared, same stance, same grin, same red eyes, but was holding a notebook. The words were a little small for me to read in the distance, but it looks like it said something like "Death Note" on the front. A pen appeared in his hand, he opened the book, and started writing. He threw the book down at my cuffed feet, and in that big fancy letter, "L" was written. I looked back up, where L was sitting in his rolling computer chair, smiling at me. A black demon poked out from behind him, jagged teeth like stalagmites and eyes yellower than a banana, with pure white skin. He laughed horrifically, and the laughter from the creepy man, Raito, and the demon were heard all about my dream as L's expression turned to shock, then to neutral, then finally collasped.
My body flung forward, and I fell off the couch entangled in the blankets. Startled, I find my balance on my hands and knees, a sharp pain penetrating my fresh wound. I get back up onto my feet and plop back down onto the sofa with my hand falling onto the tear-stained pillow. It wasn't drool, I could tell by the dampness below my eyes. I rubbed my face to be rid of the uncomfortable feeling, and laid my head back on the couch's support.
What the hell was with that dream? It was all good, it was just L and I, no one else, spending the time of our lives together. Then as it's just about to get better, an evil clone of L appears, turns into Raito with a notebook with funky lettering on the front and then all of a sudden, the man I've learned to love has died right on the spot, right in front of me, immobile. What if that was some sort of message? What if Raito's Kira? What the hell was that notebook suppose to do? And... what would Raito's intentions be exactly?
What the fuck am I thinking?! It's just a dream. Nothing big. What am I getting so worked up about? Nothing's going to happen, but I might want to keep an eye on Raito... it might've...
I shake my head and chuckle to myself. I flip the pillow over onto it's dry side and rested my head onto it's soft surface. I couldn't stop chuckling at my silliness. That was, until I heard a door open in the other room and voices, both rather deep, begin to enter the home with whispers. L and Raito first came into mind.
"I feel that we're just a few steps from bringing Kira to justice," Raito indicated. "I want to have the honor of putting this bastard in handcuffs."
"We'll just have to wait and see, Raito-kun," L replied. The talking stopped for seconds before I heard footsteps on the carpet.
"Don't be a buzz kill now Ryuzaki--"
"Sh..." L halted him. I heard nothing.
This was my Que to make them believe I was sleeping, and since I wasn't exactly facing them I was a least 72% safe. I let out little soft snores, almost cute ones if I do say so myself.
"She's asleep." Raito pointed out.
YES! I did it!
"She's quite adorable when she sleeps. I've walked out here at night and noticed her sleeping on the couch plenty of times. She's almost like a kitten as white as snow..."
Raito chuckled. "Don't tell me the almighty detective is falling for Ms. Kuninobu Naoko."
Silence. I turned over, adjusting myself and curling up into a ball. I was trying not to smile at all, either, at the boys' teasing and L's compliment.
"Don't tell me you've forgotten about Amane Misa, Yagami Raito."
"I haven't. She's been on tour for a while and I just feel a little lonely."
I smirked.
"Anyways, I've become a custom to Naoko's friendliness. I enjoy her company as much as I enjoy my sweets."
"Wow... L and Naoko, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N---"
"Anyways, I must get my sleep as you need yours. Thank you again for walking with me back home. Good night Yagami."
"Good night, Ryuzaki."
The boys hugged, and I heard more footsteps before the door creaked, and closed.
I heard nothing but L's gentle footsteps graze the soft and now cleaned carpet. As he got closer, he eyed the chair adjacent to me, and jumped onto it before sitting in his rather uncomfortable position. Trust me, I've tried.
For moments, it was silent. All you could hear was faint breathing and ticking of the clock, and then it was still pretty quiet. It was, at least, until L got back up and approached. He sat beside the bed, and pulled the blankets on me as he whispered something.
"I meant it," he said. "everything."
I tried holding back a blush. I said nothing nor did I move. I didn't smile, but was tempted to. He must've known I was awake.
"Go back to sleep," he says. "I'll talk to you in the morning."
Since then, I've been clutching onto the blanket with a blush on my face as I fell asleep.
I think... I think I love this man.
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