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    (#) Skeff 2012-01-24 09:21:01 PM

    Here's a girl that is basically gerards BFF, and, depending if the story will involve the band or not, she will hang out with the band

    Name: Thea inskip

    Age: you choose, it's your story.

    Looks: 5'8", natural curly redhead with green highlights that go a little past her shoulders, bright green eyes, very slender, tanned slightly, and has a slightly crooked nose from a fight in her past (you can make the past up if you want)

    Wardrobe: Heavily drawn-on blue chuck taylors, usually a pair of blue (ranging from light to dark) skinny jeans, mostly plain teeshirts that have stuff written in sharpie all over them, and she has a nose pricing on her left side.

    Personality: will jokingly flirt with band members from time to time, really loud, especially around friends, and has no talent, except for drawing and painting.

    Ok, hope this helped!

    xoxo~ Leslie

    Author's response

    Thank u thank u so much! of course this helped me a lot and obviously I include your character as soon as I start to write this thing...and maybe I took her style Is just so Awesome! XD Thank u soooo much I really aprecciate it! n-n

    Cherry Bomb

    (#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-01-25 01:25:08 AM

    Althea Searlind (Althie)
    Green curly hair waist length white fringe
    Double pierced ears, right nostril ringed
    Mean girl, not a slut just painfully honest
    Plays Cello

    Yeah... If you want help with the plot and stuff, email me at

    Author's response

    Thank u very much! This is all appreciate :D And maybe I email u as soon as posible :)

    Cherry Bomb

    (#) Riddle_Of_Revenge 2012-01-25 10:19:25 AM

    Hi i wanna b gerards twin xD i just really want to be that part and is very close to both him and Mikey and hangs out with the band because everyone makes fun of her

    Name : Danielle Way

    Looks : Black curly waist length hair with electric purple tips and bright blue eyes and is skinny

    Listens to rock music and is very well trusted and can be shy but confident wears converse band tops skinny jeans and does not trust anyone with her ipod she ia very protective of it and hates being the centre of attention

    Thanks :D

    Author's response

    OK :D that was a really great idea :D thak u! and let me say that I realy like her style actully I was thinking to dye the tips of my hair purple with an electric blue on the ends for my b-day!!! XD Surely you`re character will appear Thank u!

    Cherry Bomb

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2012-01-25 03:10:35 PM

    Hope its not late! Name-Jasmine Price. Nicknames-Jazzy, Jazz Hands, Pricetag, Baby Doll, Brunie(a teacher gave me that nickname) Sunshine, Princess Jasmine, and Priceless. Age-16 or whatever fits. Appearance-long curly dark brown hair with red streaks throughout it, has a side fringe, dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, full lips, pale skin that tans easily, 5'4 and skinny. Clothing style-its punk rock/girly. I would wear hello kitty to nightmare before christmas to the looney toons. Part-anything that you think I'm good for. Personality-nice, I'm shy when you first meet me, gets pissed of easily, sassy, funny, has a sense of humor, lovable, can chicken out at times, smart, gives good advice, and a party animal. Likes-hello kitty, emo guys(they are always cute) music, giggling, weekends, roses, and random YouTube videos. Dislikes-sluts, needles, doctors, jerks, Justin Bieber, football, Mondays, and not getting my way. Anything else-NEVER TRUST ME WITH SCISORS! Hope I get in!

    Author's response

    Of course is not late maybe I start writing it this weekend ;D and I give information of the fic as soon as I can, `cuz unfortunetaly today I don`t have the time to think of anything :( but I try to do this as soon as posible and integrate the characters. I really love the dislikes it make me laugh a lot, it`s just that that part looks a lot like me XD Thank u really much!

    Cherry Bomb

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-01-25 04:47:59 PM

    Umm I don't really have any ideas for ya right now, but if I think of some I'll tell you! Also I'm going to audition to be in your story if you don't mind. :)

    Name: Tanner Riley
    Age: I'm fourteen, but you can change it to your liking.
    Looks: Short, I have olive/light tan skin, shoulder length jet-black hair- it has many layers and I have a side fringe like Frank's in the Revenge era. My eyes are a dark brown, usually wear a load of eyeliner, I have snakebites and that's about it!
    Outfitty: Dark ripped skinny jeans, white uniform shirt with a red tie on, a navy blazer, white converse with tons of writing on them. I also wear a red beany. My outfit's kinda like Frank's in the I'm Not Okay vid!
    Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, talkative, energetic, bouncy, humorous, and adventurous.
    Likes: BATS, alternative or rock music, horror movies, photography, playing bass guitar
    Dislikes: hospitals, needles, SPIDERS.
    Anything else: I can speak Italian!

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-01-25 04:49:36 PM

    Ohh, and I forgot. . is there a possibility that I could date Frank or be his best friend? Thanks again sorry!

    Author's response

    I will see what can I do with it :D but anyways thank u very much!! I was with a friend and she likes the character too! :D Love ut!

    Cherry Bomb

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