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C'mon you know you wanna audition! *RESULTS UP*

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  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) EmsJayify 2012-01-15 11:12:16 AM

    Real Name: Emma Hayes (or Iero, read on to see what I'm on about xD)

    Nickname: Ems, Em

    Killjoy name: Poison Revolver

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): Whatever fits (:

    Looks: Hazel eyes, waist-length bright red hair, pale skin and slim figure

    Clothes you usually wear: Skinnies, band shirts/hoodies, studded belt, and Purple Doc Martens

    Killjoy outfit: Black skinnies, a black shirt that reads 'Lovers 91', purple Doc Martens and a purple jacket that reads 'Revolver' on the back in golden thread.
    Her raygun is black with red accents, and reads 'Venefirous' in purple, her mask is yellow with toxic green dripping down from the top, and her scarf is black & white checkerboard.

    Personality: Bright and bubbly, she loves to laugh but can be serious when needed. She's the first person someone comes to when they need to talk and she keeps secrets when she's told to. She's a very dependable person

    Who you want be with in the fic: I don't mind really haha - I know this might seem rude, but maybe I could be Frank's sister/twin? I'll explain some more in the 'Anything Else' part heh

    Allergies: None

    Habits: She fiddles with her lip ring in awkward, boring, or frightening situations and bites her lip when she's nervous/scared.

    Background: Same as Frankies, or you can make it up (:

    Quirks: She tends to laugh for no reason sometimes, and sticks her tongue out to the side a little when she's concentrating

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    tattoos/piercings: a silver lip piercing, has her ears pierced twice, and has a barbed wire tattoo around her wrist

    Height: 5'4

    Birthday: Halloween!~

    Anything else: I know its kinda rude to ask to be a character you didn't ask people to audition for, but you don't have to relate me to Frank if you don't wanna haha (:

    I hope that was okay, Happy writing!~
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) Poisoned_Medow 2012-01-15 11:12:21 AM

    Real name: Cassie Long


    Killjoy name:Poisoned Medow

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind):whatever fits

    Looks:long blond slightly curled hair, bluey green eyes, skinny

    Clothes you usually wear:band t shirts, skinny jeans, convers or doc martians, sunglass and hats
    Killjoy outfit:Purple jacket with shocking green (looks like slime going down her jaket)black top under neath with skinnies (any colour) and conver or biker boots

    Personality:very scarastic, funny, engeric but can be lazy,
    Who you want be with in the fic: either maybe mikey
    Allergies:nuts and shrimps

    Habits: ramdomly talking out loud to herself but thinks she saying it in her head, might ramdoly sing and dance to a song she loves or go outside and attempt to build a sand castel

    Background:she used to roam the desert with her brother but one day they got outnumbered and he got ghosed but she escaped but badly injured and the guys came across her and help her and she been with them since

    Sexual orientation: bi

    tattoos/ piercings: tattoos,right ear under neath is a volume button,on her side is a skull with some flowers with her killjoy name on it, and a lip pericing on a hoop over her buttom lip on the right.

    Birthday:8th march
    Anything else:can she have a dog that goes everywear she goes
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) BoomBoomJude 2012-01-15 11:16:43 AM

    Sounds neat. :)

    Real name: Jude

    Nickname: Jujubes

    Killjoy name: Opium-Vent

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): 17 1/2 [always puts on emphasis about the half]

    Looks: Short, about 110 pounds. Black hair with purple tips that are always spiked up. Clear complexion, minus the few blackheads on his nose. Eyebrows that arch like Franks. (he looks like this, but with short hair; )

    Clothes you usually wear: Old Navy tees, band t-shirts, loose skinnies, blue Converse with band names and quotes written all over in black pen

    Killjoy outfit: Blue skinnies, white long sleeved shirt underneath the MCR VENGAZA! vest, black biker gloves, studded marijuana belt, black liner around the eyes, painted-on dark blue mask with white circles, gun holster on the right leg, and a black pin that says "I'M HAPPY!" in white block letters.

    Personality: Laid-back, very casual, friends with everybody that isn't an asshat. Loves to create music and artwork, but will ditch it for soccer anytime. Very accepting. Takes pride in making sure people are safe and happy. Has a low tolerance for children.

    Who you want be with in the fic
    (Mikey or Ray or just a killjoy. sorry this is a Frerard): How about I be with Mikey? Whatever works ^_^

    Allergies: 80's music, meatloaf, seafood, and lasagna

    Habits: Making his bed 4-5 times each morning before being satisfied with it, going to WalMart (only to leave a huge cart of food laying around), twisting his hair causing lots of split ends.

    Background: Grew up in a boring place called Carlisle, had lots of friends as a child and still does. The one you go to when you want to cuddle and make cookies. Will do anything for you.

    Quirks: The odd nose fetish.

    Sexual orientation: Gay

    tattoos/ piercings: One eyebrow piercing and a tattoo of a serpent on the back

    Height: 5"3'

    Birthday: October 22nd

    Anything else: There will be death if you smoke around him.

    Have fun with your story! :D

    xoxo Jude
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) xXLaylaxX 2012-01-15 11:33:09 AM

    Real name: Layla Price

    Nickname: Don't have one but if you want to make up one feel free to.

    Killjoy name: Deadly Vendetta

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): 15

    Looks: Lightly tanned skin. 5'8''. Short choppy black hair. She gives herself her own haircuts and she sucks at it. Red, purple, white, and blue streaks in it. Blueish greenish eyes.

    Clothes you usually wear: Purple and black stripped tank top. Black half jacket. Either skinny jeans or bootcut black jeans. Either combat boots or converse. No jewerly.

    Killjoy outfit: Same as above ^^

    Personality: She hates anything associated with Bl/ind. She is cold and mean with people that she doesn't know but nice and loyal as a freaking dog with friends. You fuck with her friends and she fucks you. She is always cracking jokes and sex puns.

    *Who you want be with in the fic:
    Mikey or Ray or just a killjoy.
    sorry this is a Frerard* Anywhere you wanna put me =]

    Allergies: Sulfer

    Habits: She cracks her knuckles and bites her fingernails and lip when she is nervious.

    Background: Her whole family lives in Battery City. When she was around 10 years old, her and her sister ran away. They lived on their own for a couple of years until her sister was killed by Dracs. Ever since then she hates anything to do with Battery City or BL/ind. She takes pleasure in killing.

    Quirks: Sorry but I don't really know what your asking for here. I'm really fucking dense P:

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    tattoos/ piercings: She has snakebites, she wears plugs in her ears. She has 'Love-Hate-Sex-Pain' on her right forearm. A treble cleft on the palm of her right hand. A base cleft on her left hand palm. Random musical notes on her right forearm. 'Love' on her fingers of her right hand. 'Hate' on her fingers of her left hand. 'SIAD' on her neck.

    Height: 5'8''

    Birthday: June 27

    Anything else: She has A.D.H.D. she plays bass. She likes writing annnnd I can't think of anything elsse.

    Feel free to change whatever you want to. And finally a Frerard killjoy story YAY! lol xD

  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) xXLaylaxX 2012-01-15 11:35:08 AM

    Oh and she always wears her fingerless lace-up gloves that reach to her elbows. They are her prized possesions and she rarely lets anyone wear them lol
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) Falcon_Dance 2012-01-15 11:47:09 AM

    Hey, I'm Falcon, and I'm a bit of a newbie here. I keep seeing people asking for auditions, so I thought "What the hell, could be worth it." Anyways, I don't know anyone 'round here. So yeah, I guess I'm auditioning.

    Real name: Destiny Azalee
    Nickname: n/a
    Killjoy name: Death Destiny
    Age: about 16?
    Looks: Short black hair, pale, gray eyes
    Clothes you usually wear: Band tees, bright colored/animal print skinnies, Sharpied Converse, chokers, gloves
    Killjoy outfit: Handmade Black Parade vest with symbol* and The End on back, black jeans, american widow tee, gloves
    Personality: Loner, creepy, sneaky, good in school, hyper, apathetic, spastic, random
    Who you want be with in the fic: a girl Killjoy or Showpony (aka Ricky Rebel), possibly alone
    Allergies: Pollen
    Habits: Singing lyrics, 'lyricing' people, obsessing over favorite bands
    Background: Lives with father, mother passed away when she was 11, recently moved, has visions of death as well as hers ever since toddler years
    Quirks: Talking/drawing/writing about blood and murder and death, scaring/creeping out people, paranoia, odd outfits
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual
    tattoos/ piercings: Ear piercings, lipring, Japanese symbol for love on chest and Killjoy spider on shoulder
    Height: 5'2"
    Birthday: 3/11
    Anything else: *Symbol is Roman numeral clock with Killjoy spider hanging from it

    Here's my info, have fun with it! I'm sure I'll be pleased with the results.
    ~Keep writing~
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-01-15 12:13:55 PM

    Real name: Hollie Nicole Bareham
    Nickname: Hozzie, HozDog, Hollieflower, Hoz (Call her Hols or Holz and she'll kick your butt ;3)
    Killjoy name: Artistic Accident
    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): 15
    Looks: Bluey black hair wavy just past shoulders, blue eyes, pale skin, long nails that people think are fake but are not they're currently painted red with black dots to look like ladybugs :D, size 6 feet, quite short :)
    Clothes you usually wear: Band tee-shirts (Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, Green Day, Give Chase and We Are The In Crowd), baggy jeans of any colour, white converse, odd socks :3
    Killjoy outfit: David & Goliath 'Toast' tee-shirt, pink tartan jeans, rainbow leg-warmers and pink doc martins :3
    Personality: Shy around new people. Won't shut up around friends. Gullible. Usually does what she's told unless she knows it's wrong. Doesn't really know how to stand up for herself, however if someone is being homophobic or racist then she will instantly start arguing about discrimination and stuff.
    Who you want be with in the fic:
    Allergies: Nothing :L
    Habits: Hiding behind hair when shy. Biting lip when worried. (She doesn't know how to bite her nails which is why they're so long :3)
    Background: Lives with her Mom and Step-Dad. Used to see her Dad on Friday's but then he started working for BLI and her Mother forbid her from seeing him. She hates her step-dad but loves her Mom.
    Quirks: I don't actually know what a quirk is but I'll look at everyone else's answers and guess :D - Laughing the longest at any joke even if it's not funny
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) missfunghoul57 2012-01-15 12:18:23 PM

    Real Name: Eva Beck

    Nickname:E, Cowgirl, Evey

    Killjoy name:Lethal Melody

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): 17 or whatever works!

    Looks: Very light skin, not too short and not to tall (so a happy medium of the two), very slim but still has some muscle, dark brown hair that has a little curl to it, clear complexion, alluring beauty, and big blue eyes

    Clothes you usually wear: shorts, or jeans, converse or boots, tanks tops and hoodies!

    Killjoy outfit: jean shorts, with bright tights underneath them (tights usually have some holes in them), black converse and a black tank top. Always wears various pieces of string or bracelets around her wrist

    Personality: Can come across as very hard and tough at first, but once you get to know her she softens up. She has a very thick skin and and doesn't get upset too often but, under all of that, she has an honest heart of gold and is a great shoulder to cry on! She loves to laugh and have fun, but when she feels like her family and friends are being threatened, the badass in her comes out.

    Who you want be with in the fic: Mikey....please?!?? :)


    Habits: humming, writing song lyrics on her hands, knotting and braiding pieces of string

    Background:Grew up a cowgirl with her family, who was very normal. But after her brother and her mom died in a car accident, she and her father moved to (wherever this story is taking place) She tries to be a normal teenager, but is forever haunted by her childhood, and made fun of because of her accent.

    Quirks:She has a very thick southern accent, hence the nickname "Cowgirl", and she has medical knowledge so she acts as a nurse.....

    Sexual orientation:Straight

    tattoos/ piercings: The words Country Strong are tattooed on her wrists, and she has a little music note behind her ear, her ears are pierced


    Birthday: October 20th

    Good luck with the fic! Can't wait to read it so please post soon!
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-01-15 12:43:01 PM

    Real name: Rosie Walton

    Nickname: Rose, Blood (call her Rosie and she'll gouge your eyes out)

    Killjoy name: Blood Bunny

    Age (they're in highschool so keep that in mind): whatever fits

    Looks: straight, shoulder length purple hair, paleish, a little bit skinny and hazel eyes

    Clothes you usually wear: skinny jeans, vans or converses, band tees and tank tops

    Killjoy outfit: white skinny jeans, purple tank top, purple converse, a red ripped leather jacket with no sleeves that says "blood bunny" on the front

    Personality: at first she can come across as easily aggressive but shy and quiet but is really just a nice kind person who likes the occasional joke. but when her friends are in trouble she becomes a hardcore badass but is actually quite sensitive

    Who you want be with in the fic: just a killjoy

    Allergies: none

    Habits: smokes, doodles on everything

    Background: grew up in the north east of england (Newcastle) but was picked on because she didn't have the "accent" and she got called posh. She seemed normal and just brushed of the bullies until she had enough and started fighting back but then she'd go hame in tears, her brother died when she was 13 (jason aged 15 at time of death, suicide). she was then a target not because of her looks (ugly, fat, freak etc.) she got labeled the "weirdo with a dead suicidal brother who is going to die soon" she attempted suicide twice, because of the bullying and abuse at home (her family hates her and blames her for her brothers death).

    Quirks: she hums to black veil brides songs when she is sad

    Sexual orientation: bi-curious

    tattoos/ piercings: a lip ring and a tattoo on her left wrist that says "jason foREVer" in memory of her brother who loved avenged sevenfold, and a tattoo on her right wrist that says "sixx" in memory of her killjoy best friend (sinful sixx) who is still out there.

    Height: 5'5

    Birthday: march 14th

    Anything else: she sings, plays guitar and draws

    hope you like it :)
  • ~~~~!!AUDITIONS!!~~~~

    (#) TheLittleSinner 2012-01-15 02:00:34 PM

    Real Name: Linnea Hawethorne

    Nicknames: Nay, Naya

    Killjoy Name: Mechanical Crow

    Age: 15

    Looks: blue and purple choppy hair. Goes down just last the shoulder. My hair is always in my face. Big gray eyes, in a heart shaped face. Scarily pale. :)

    Clothes you usually wear: My black anthrax tee shirt. My ripped skinny jeans that are covered with buts and pieces of my own (really really really dark) lyrics. I also wear my battered combat boots.

    Killjoy outfit: My Killjoy outfit is kinda weird... I've modeled it off a pirate a little bit. :3 Anyway, it's some saggy black jeans, that sag down to right above my hips. I wear my usual combat boots, as well as a sorta loose white blouse. I don't have a chance to wash my clothes a whole lot, so it's kind of dirty. :) I also wear a big worn down coat. Its old fashioned army style, with lots and lots of hidden pockets. (think Captain Jack Sparrow) Oh! And um. This may sound dorky of me. But my mask is a tiger with black x's spray painted onto it's eyes.

    Personality: Not really smart, but very wise. Sarcastic as FUCK, my cynicism knows no end, I have an uncanny love of fire (I've been diagnosed with pyromania) as well as mischief. Oh yeah. I fucking LOVE mischief. And I am HIGHLY morbid/disturbed. I don't trust easily, but nice I consider you a close friend, I am very loyal. I have a fascination with the unusual. Eg, death, murder, disease, bones, etc. I also love my comic books, and doctor who. :3

    who you want to be: Just a killjoy please.

    Allergies: none

    Habits: Smokes, (ALOT) I play with my tongue and lip piercings too much. I also bite my lip. Sometimes u til it's bloody.

    Background: My e tire family tried to pretend that I was either normal. Or just not there. My entire family was perfect, and I was the fucking black sheep.

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