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A Hole in Your Chest a Shot in My Back

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"If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought you were a drac too"

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Sci-fi - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-02-06 - Updated: 2012-03-22 - 736 words

Darkness engulfed the giant complex around them and the only sounds were the cries of surprise and one of pain. Two lights blinked on from somewhere around the fence and it took Mikey a moment to realize that they were the headlights from Dr. D's van. An amplified voice boomed across to them, “Get a move on, fat cats! Fence is clear!” It seemed that all electricity had been knocked out in the area.

He took the lead with Gerard following up behind the group before someone's call stopped him. “Hey!” He head Dr. Clark scream. He turned to see her lying on the ground, her body partially twisted around as she tried to cradle her injured back.

“Party Poison!” He yelled, indicating for the killjoy at the back of the group to go back and help her. To his horror, however, he watched as his brother took one glance back and turned away from her. The once-redhead ran past the sickened Mikey who then nodded to Ray to get the woman. The taller man was already on his way to her and scooped her up, the dracs now only a few feet away. Mikey tried to give cover when he noticed that his ray gun did not work now, none of them did.

Ray finally ran past them and Frank moved to help lift the wounded woman over the fence while Mikey stood ready to hold off the dracs with his own fists if he had to. Thankfully, this last defense was not called for as it was now his time to climb over. He saw through the fence that everyone had made it into the van as he began his ascent. He had finally reached the top when an unsettling whirring vibrated through the air. He paused at his perch and looked behind him with a stifling sense of dread. The lights of the complex were flickering on at sporadic intervals and the fence beneath him was starting to heat up.

Not waiting to see what else would gain its power back, Mikey jumped down and landed more in a clumsy heap that a well executed roll. He never had been the coordinated type, he mused as he limped his way to the awaiting van. With a rattling sigh of relief, he eased back into the interior wall of the brightly painted vehicle as it sped of into the dark desert.


Ray sat in the seatless rear of the van with Dr. Clark's head in his lap. He gently squeezed her shoulder as Frank tried as carefully as possible to care for the shot wound that left a burning hole dangerously close to her spine. Hopefully she would have nothing more than temporary paralysis as her nerves tried to reboot and remember how to work. Hopefully.

They had all discarded their Drac masks and the once-fro-endowed guitarist glared at the singer in the front passenger seat. “What the hell man!” Gerard turned back in confusion to see who was addressed and only stared back at Ray. “You left her to die!” Across from him, he could see Mikey nod his head in the dim lighting. “Damn straight,” the bassist agreed.

Gerard blinked at Ray for a moment and replied in an un-bothered manner, “She was slowing us down, we could've died.”

“But we didn't!” Ray was trying very hard to control any physical signs of his anger lest he further hurt the doctor. Thankfully, Dr. Death Defy covered for them all by reaching over and slamming Gerard's head into the dashboard with a startling crack. “If I didn't know any better, Party,” the radio personalty switched to Gerard's killjoy name with snarky emphasis, “I would've thought you were a damn drac too.”

Gerard straightened up from the dashboard and rubbed his sore forehead. Everyone in the van waited for Gerard's expected blowup but it never came. He simply stared at each of them in turn before turning his gaze back to the desert before them. “Oops. My mistake,” he shrugged and paid no mind to the now whimpering woman behind him. Ray never felt so confused in his life as he did when he stared at his friend wondering what had happened to their leader.

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