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The result of a collision :)

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Hey kids! :)

Franks POV
"Um.. er...huh?" I mutter out, hoping for a comment really smooth to fill the awkward air between us.
"Sorry?" He asks me, emerald irises shining in the overbearing fluroscent lighting.
"Um nothing." I give him my best false smile to try and hide my nerves.
" Ok ok then." He shakes his head laughing a little. "I'm Gerard Way, new Art Teacher." He holds out his pale white hand and i shakily take it firmly.
Don't fall Frank. Remember your last relationship?
"Frank Iero. Frankie if you'd rather." He flashes me an amused smile. "Music Teacher, out of control students who hate me, pathetically clean suits dresscode, you know the drill." I find myself giving him my life story of hating my job.
"God tell me about it, my class pelted me with art instruments just now. All i did was walk through the door!" He rants and raves, his voice rising steadily in pitch. I can't help but smile at his feminity. I guess this is what my friend talk about when they're bitching about their wives. It doesnt seem so bad to me in all honesty..........

Gerards POV
I flail my arms around in exxageration before noticing this interesting stranger is suppressing laughing at me. I stop mid rant and eye him curiously. "You know what sounds good right now?" I announce to his beyond confused and so pretty face. "Going home early?" He says shrugging. God, i would rather he'd tried to push up on me than that see through shirt wearing bimbo. I wouldn't have said no in a hurry, if you get what i'm saying. No Gerard shut up! He's probably straight with a wife and kids! Plus sex in the staffroom and thinking of having sex with him right now will get you in deep shit. Hmm. True story.

"Nope, good guess but sadly we're not allowed. Coffee?" I say as the headteacher enters the hallway.
"Sounds good." The headteacher beams at me ushering me away to go and make it.
Urgh. Motherfucker! "I'll be right there Gerard." Frank calls after me conversing with the headteacher. And suddenly, i don't mind serving as the school waiter.
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