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To The End

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I closed my eyes, and opened them. I changed my mind, and closed them again. That was not a sight I wished to see. "ALicia, Bob, Ray... Mikey. What the HELL are you doing?" They were all laying on my small bed, wearing nothing but towels. "We are here to intervene." Alicia stepped off the bed. "How do you plan to do that?" I asked her sarcastically. "You are going to follow us to the couch. You are going to sit your butt down and we are all going to have a little talk." Mikey stepped off the bed and started shaking his finger at me. "No." I said stubbornly.

"We thought you might say that, Bob?" Ray said. Bob stepped off the bed, and stood next to Mikey, Ray, and Alicia. "What are you guys gonna do?" I asked. "You're gay, right?" Mikey asked. "Yeah... why?" I replied hesitantly. "Alicia..." Mikey gestured to her. She slowly slipped off her towel. "Whoa, whoa, what are you going?" I asked, repulsed by her lady-parts. "Go to the living room, Frank." She said. "NO." I said.

"Are you attracted to Mikey, Bob, or Ray?" Alicia asked. "Um, no. They're like my brothers." I said. "Go to the living room, and sit down, or we are all going to take off our towels and start dancing on you." Mikey threatened. "WAIT! Wait, towels stay on. I'm going, jeez." And with that, I walked off.

"Hey Frankie." Gerard met me on the couch. "Gee?" I asked. Awkward. "Hey. I'm here, too." Jamia joked. "Oh, I didn't see you, Jamie. Sorry." I apologized. "Eh, no problem. I'll leave you two here to CHAT. Remember, Frankie. Gee. If anyone of you get up, I'm going to tell Ray to come in your rooms at night naked and to the Sexy and I Know It dance. The WIGGLING one." She glared threateningly, and retreated from the room.

"So um, how've you been?" I asked him awkwardly. "Pretty good until Mikey took off his clothes." He made a face. I laughed. "I know right? That is not a sight I want to see." I said. He nodded. "I know.... So Frankie, I haven't um talked to you in a while since..." He trailed off. "Since you broke up with me." We said at the same time. And then we looked at each other. "Wait, what?" He asked.
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