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Harry Potter and the Path of the Mystics

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Taken at a young age by the ancient Elven magus Faeron, Harold "Harry" James Potter was raised away from mortal England in Celdrasyl, the last bastion of Old Knowledge..And the last Kingdom of Old ...

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Harry Potter and the Path of the Mystics

Chapter One: Celdrasyl

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing

'Tis a story that begins a sad note, in the muggle world of England stands a woman in dark green robes. The stern looking woman looks around in a nervous way as if looking from something. In her arms is the newly orphaned and marked, Harold 'Harry' James Potter, his parents James and Lily Potter…Were now laying dead due to the killing curse used by the Dark Lord Voldemort. The woman nibbled on her lower lip as she held the sleeping baby closer, with a near silent 'POP' a tall, thin man stood before her in a earthy brown robe. Clutched is his bony long hand was a staff of oak with Celtic and Elvish runes running along it. "Minerva…You called for me?" The strange man croaked out from under his brown hood, dark green eyes staring down at the aged woman.

Minerva smiled in relief when the man appeared. "Faeron, I'm sorry for disturbing you but-.." The man's throaty laughter interrupted her. "Minnie, it's no trouble to be called by you." 'Minnie' blushed lightly, coughing quietly. "Faeron…It happened He killed them." Faeron frowned sadly. "I…Am sorry Minerva, I know how much you cared for the Potters." He pulled his hood back, a mess of black hair dropping to his shoulder. Poking out of the dark hair was sharply pointed ears barely three inches long, revealing the man's elven nature. "Is…That Harold?" At the woman's nod, the elvish man leaned down with a kind smile has his old, bony hand stroked the boy's plump cheek.

"Handsome little one, he'll break many hearts as he grows." He sighs sadly, looking back at Minnie. "Now, I must ask why you called me." Minerva shifted nervously. "I…Must ask you take the boy, take him to Celdrasyl…You know what he's destined for." She added at the elf's cautious look. "…Minnie, that's a difficult request. You know how my people feel about humans." Minnie chose that moment to glare up at the tall man, ignoring the near two foot difference in their height. 'Bloody elf, shrinking a couple feet so I can look you in the eyes.' Faeron flinched under the glare, attempting a nervous smile.

"N-Now Minnie dear-." Minerva glared some more. "Oh, don't you 'Minnie dear' me! Would you rather I leave Harry with the Dursley's?" Faeron winced grumbling softly. "Damned, guilt trips. I thought you would have grown out of them….Well, you didn't fifty years ago. Why now?" He shook his head. "Fine…Fine, I'll take the boy…I promise you'll see him when he returns to Hogwarts for his schooling…Can't know only Elvish magic if he is to be a true magus." AS he sad this, young Harold was pushed into the man's long arm, settled comfortably. "Good! I knew I could count on you Faeron."

Faeron sighed, he's over seven thousand years old and here he was being bossed about by a woman barely seventy. His parents –must- be rolling over in their graves was the man's rather frustrated thoughts. "Always can, Minnie dear." With that the elvish man leaned down, kissing Minnie lightly on her forehead making the woman giggle girlishly.

Laughing lightly at the giggle, he moved away from the woman. "See you in eleven years, Minnie." The elder man winked at Minnie before tapping his staff on the ground lightly; as he did this he vanished with a near silent 'POP'.

Minerva sighed happily, adjusting her pointed hat. She knew Faeron will train Harry right; she drew out her wand thinking of the betting pool of what house Harry Potter would end up in. It was started by James a couple weeks after Harry's birth. The old woman grinned wickedly as she apparated away to change her bet to 'Ravenclaw' and increase it by a hundred gold. After all, Harry is being raised by the man who helped train Rowena Ravenclaw. If he ended up anywhere else, the world would end.

Short yes, but it makes you want to find out more. I'm getting to work on the rest of the story soon. =3
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