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Olivia was dreading today infact. She was dreading the new year in a new school. Many questions were lingering through her mind as she stood in the shower. Would they accept her? Would she make any...

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Authors note: This is just a random story I wrote. I actually began to really like it so I uploaded it on here. I have a few ideas on how I would like to continue this story and I am pretty sure that the next chapter of this story will be up quite soon. I do not really intend to make this story explicit but I am thinking about it ;).


The sun was shining through the curtains in Olivia’s Room. She sat up in her bed and stretched her arms out. It was a fresh start, new year, new home, new school... Yeh... new school.

Olivia was dreading today infact. She was dreading the new year in a new school. Many questions were lingering through her mind as she stood in the shower. Would they accept her? Would she make any friends? No. Olivia was different. She was the complete opposite of a normal school child. She had a strange and sometimes dirty mind. You would often find her in her bedroom daydreaming rather than watching television.

She got out the shower and wrapped her body in a towel. She looked at herself in the mirror and gave out a sigh. She brushed her teeth for what seemed like half an hour before her mother called her down the stairs. “Olivia get your fucking arse down here! You are going to be late for school.” Shit... Olivia spat out the toothpaste, rinsed and ran into her bedroom. There was absolutely no way Olivia was going to make it in time. It had seemed Olivia had been daydreaming again. She ran to the banisters to shout down to her mother, “Mom, I am going to be late. I’ll take the bus.” There was a very long pause, her mother was most likely having a mental breakdown. Like herself, it was also her mothers first day at a new job. “I don’t know why I bother with you sometimes... I have left you a bologna sandwich on the kitchen counter.” Her mother appeared suddenly on the stairwell, seeing her daughter trying to apply eyeliner. “Oh darling,” Olivia’s mom ran upstairs and began smudging the eyeliner off of Olivia’s eyes. “you don’t need to wear makeup to give a good impression. Just be yourself and I am sure you will make friends in no time.” Olivia rolled her eyes and watched her mother rush out the door. “Have a great day honey!”

After her mother had left, Olivia made her way back to her bedroom and started apply the makeup back on that her mother had wiped off. The bus would arrive soon. Olivia put on a pair of jeans with a nice simple, plain top. She then put on her favourite pair of worn out converse.


Jessica spread out her arms in her double bed, realising that her boyfriend, Joey was next to her. “Arghh,” he shouted “You hit me in the face, what was that for?”
“Sorry.” Said Jessica as politely as she could. Jessica wrapped a blanket around herself and walked to the bathroom. Once she had finished, she entered her bedroom again to see her boyfriend all ready and dressed. “So you are not even going to bother having a shower then are you?” said Jessica.
“Nope, and I don’t need to, I am not going in.” He replied firmly.
“What? It’s the first day of a new year, you have to go in!”
“Who says?”
Jessica had to think for a moment. She decided not to answer that one. She walked over to her wardrobe and picked out an outfit to wear. Purple top with black skinny jeans... “So anyway, why are you not going in.” She turned to the mirror on her wardrobe and put the top up to herself along with the jeans.
“Not in the mood. Anyway, I am failing anyway.”
“The only reason why you are failing is because you can never be bothered to get off of your fucking arse.”
“You know you love me” said her boyfriend, leaning in for a kiss.
“No Joey, not now, I am getting ready.”
“Aww come on. Just one kiss?”
“I said no.”

Once Jessica had slipped on her top and skinny jeans, she ran downstairs. Joey was on his computer. Facebook. Jessica decided not to argue, she would never win or achieve anything. Her boyfriend had to be always right. Always. Jessica walked out to the backyard with a slice of toast and a cigarette in the other hand. Every drag she took seemed sickening. The bus beeped outside. Jessica dabbed out her fag and went inside to grab her bag.
“I’ll talk to you later.” She said to her boyfriend, giving him a peck on the cheek. “I love you.”


“Wake up you fucking ass!” Shouted Daniel’s sister in his ear. “You are going to be late for school again.” Daniel had been playing videogames all night again. “Have you been playing videogames all night?” asked his sister.
“No,” lied Daniel “Have you been sneaking out all night?” Yes.

Daniel stepped in the shower. Got out. Brushed teeth. Rinsed mouth. Gelled hair. He was now ready to go. Daniel ran downstairs to find his mother laying on the floor with a bottle of unfinished vodka in her hand. She had been out all night again.
“Rachael.” Said Daniel. Daniel did not bother calling his mother Mom. He called her Rachael. She hated it but Daniel did not care. Afterall, it was easier and he knew deep down that his mother didn’t give a fuck about him.
“Rachael wake up!” Daniel was now kicking at his mothers shoulder. “Up, up, up, up, UP!”
“What?” said his mother.
“I need dinner money.” There was a long pause, his mother was thinking about something. His mother often did this which Daniel found irritating.
“Well you can’t have any, I spent it all last night.” His mother giggled. She was obviously still pissed.
“Let’s get you back to bed.” Daniel tried to take the bottle of alcohol out of his mothers grasp but she held onto it like a child holding on to it’s favourite teddy bear.

Once Daniel had dragged his mother up the stairs and cleaned up the sick on his t-shirt. Daniel left for the school bus.
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